15 Days Study Plan For IBPS Clerk Pre Exam

Published on Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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Hello Reader,
We are back again with a very important and useful article for those aspirants who are going to appear for the upcoming IBPS Clerk Pre exam. Since, you are left with few days and scarcity of time, therefore,
we are going to share a study plan of 15 days for you. Following this plan will help you revise your whole syllabus and score good marks.

Must get

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Before you start following this plan, make sure you have completed your syllabus. Reason being that without completing your syllabus you will not be able to completely adhere to this study plan as it is meant for revision purpose only.

Daily Practice

  • Read The Hindu, Tribune or Times of India
  • Focus on business, economy, national events and achievements, business deals and sports events. while going through the newspaper, you must look for sentence structures, difficult words and paragraph syntax as this is going to help in English Section.
Learn Tables & Squares: You must learn tables up to 40 as calculation take a lot of time when you start solving maths problems. Practice table and learn short cut tricks to memorize them. The second thing you should learn is squares and square roots up to 40 or as far as your brain allow you to remember them.

Practice Session

#Day 1

Vocabulary - As the difficulty level is high of IBPS papers, it demands for a great and extensive vocabulary. You must take at least 8 quiz tests off vocab section. Search new words and phrases online. Try android apps and solve online puzzles.

Syllogism - Being the easiest and least time consuming section of the paper you should practice syllogism questions on the first day. You can take a less difficult section of your choice with this. We recommend you to adhere to Venn diagrams for solving syllogism questions. There are other methods and tricks to to solve them but the most reliable and easy is Venn Diagram methods. 

Time and Work - There are two methods to solve time and work questions, i.e. efficiency method and traditional method. Practice both as the you will have to choose the best according to the questions you get. Must practice as much questions as you can with both the methods.
Efficiency method

#Day 2

Profit and loss - The easiest topic of maths will take only few hours of the day to practice as you will have to revise all the formulae of profit and loss that you have been doing from your school time.
Simple and Compound interest - As this topic consumes 2-4 questions of hard level. You must give this topic at least 5-6 hours for revision because compound interest sometimes become tricky and confusing. You can check these questions from our e-book bundle. 

Data Interpretation (Charts) - This section requires fast calculation and critical understanding. You must at least give 2 days to this section. We have shared some tricks that will help you to take less time for solving DI questions. Calculation tricks here

#Day 3

Vocabulary - Vocabulary demand regular practice therefore you must take few vocabulary test everyday and do read newspapers and magazines for at least an hour.

Data interpretation (Tables) - DI questions based on tables, graphs and pie charts are always difficult to understand and solve. There are no short cut tricks but we have tried to make this section easy for you. Check out the following link. trick here.

#Day 4

Vocabulary - Try online quiz and apps to practice vocab section. Take 25-35 Vocabulary quizzes. Research about all the words online.

Grammar - Must learn all the grammatical rule of English as error spotting, fill ups and sentence completion sections are generally based on grammar error. You can prepare grammar from this link download here

Data interpretation (Double Diagram) - You will only get double diagram DI questions. This is quite baffling for students as they find it difficult to refer two diagrams. Don't worry what we suggest you to start practicing at least 5 DI double diagram questions and you will master this section. We are sharing some example of these question. Try them and go for it.
Example of DI sets 

#Day 5

Vertical seating arrangement - Simple, easy and marks catching section will not gallop your precious time. Try to give this section 3-4 hours of the day and in these hours solve at least more than 50 question to test your speed.

Revise Vocabulary Quiz series-
No matter how difficult section you get each day, do not miss to practice your vocab quiz any day.

# Day 6

Circular seating arrangements - It is sure that you will get one question of circular seating arrangement. And keeping in view its simplicity we have share some tricks to solve these questions here.

Reading Comprehension-
Practice at least 3-8 reading comprehension because this section is unexpected and any kind of passage can be served to you. Try our reading comprehension workbook.
Download free Reading Comprehensions Workbook here

#Day 7

Series - Follow the 5-6 techniques to solve this section. Series questions can vary in difficult level but you must be a master to solve all kinds of tricks. Check the following links to get the techniques.
techniques here

Reasoning puzzles - This section comprises Blood relations, Problems based on ages, Direction test. We advice you to solve as much questions as you can in this day because the other two topics of day 7 are not time consuming.
Practice 3 Reading comprehensions

#Day 8

Inequalities - Dedicate this day to inequality based questions of reasoning section. Don't skip this section thinking that its easy and simple. Big no! Nothings is easy. It demands practice. You can refer to our notes here.

Practice 5 Reading comprehensions

#Day 9

Try to solve maximum 5 model test papers of IBPS Clerical level as it will give you a clear vision of you speech and the section in which you lack. Check your performance.
Download SBI PO Prelim Model papers here

Download and read Quantitative Aptitude cheat sheet. If possible, take printouts.

#Day 10

Again dedicate this day to model papers. Try to make up your drawbacks that you had noticed on day 9. This time your speed should be better than it was on day 9. 

#Day 11.

You have already got the idea of your speed and mistakes. On day 11 revise the topics in which your speed is slow and the formulae that you forgot while practicing on day 9 and day 10.

#Day 12

This day should be divided into 4 sections according to your convenience. Spare fist four hours for reading comprehension, error spotting, cloze tests etc. After taking a break of 15-20 minutes, start another section of 6 hours dedicated to Quantitative aptitude. Try to solve maximum questions based on double diagrams. The next two sections should be assigned to maths and reasoning considering your speed of solving the questions.

#Day 13

This day should be your general awareness day. Revise all the static GK and the information of previous months. Learn the people who had been awarded in the year and some facts and general awareness topics. You should get these thing on your tips.

#Day 14

The second last day should be a mock drill day. Take a model paper. You can download and print model papers from internet. Close yourself in a room and set your watch for one hour. Now train your mind that you are in an examination hall and the paper is in your hand. Solve it. No! NO! no cheating. Be honest with yourself and just stop solving after one hour. You will now be able to know you actual speed. Repeat this process for 5-6 days. 

#Day 15.

You should separate this day to revision of all the topics and if you get some spare time practice more model papers. You must relax your mind and body. Go through all the tricks and short cut methods.
Revise QT Cheatsheet


  • Stay calm and positive.
  • Never skip any topic.
  • Don't adhere to a particular book.
  • Search online for new methods and tricks.
  • Read newspapers daily without fail.
  • Try to use stop watch to calculate your speed for each section.
  • You diet will help you stay healthy and you must not skip your meals.
  • Give at least half hour to yourself and for introspection.
  • Remember this is not the last test or exam of your life. 
  • Never stress your body and mind.
  • The last and most important thing Practice! Practice and Practice! 

"Practice is the best of all instructors."

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