Current Affairs Quiz: 12 October 2016

current affairs quiz
Ques 1. After winning ICC Test Championship against New Zealand, India’s position in tests ranking is
a. 1st
b. 2nd
c. 3rd
d. 4th

Ques 2. How many districts are added in redrawn map of Telangna and what is the total number of districts after the addition?
a. 23, 33
b. 22.32
c. 21, 31
d. 24, 34

Ques 3. International Day of the Girl is observed annually on
a. 14 October
b. 12 October
c. 13 October
d. 11 October

Ques 4. Which bank has announced a tie-up with Uber under which its credit cardholders, across six countries, will get a cash-back of up to 25 per cent for hailing cabs from the app?
a. Foreign lender Standard Chartered Bank
b. HDFC Bank
c. Antwerp Diamond Bank
d. Credit Industriel et Commercial

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