Current Affairs Quiz :4 November 2016

1. In how many tiers will the Goods and Service Tax be levied?
a. four
b. three
c. five
d. two

2. What is the tax structure of Goods and Service Tax?
a. 5%, 13%, 18% and 28%
b. 4%, 12%, 18% and 30%
c. 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%
d. 5%, 12%, 18% and 26%

3. What will be interest rate of ICICI Bank for women borrowers on Home loans up to Rs.75 lakh?
a. 9.16
b. 9.14
c. 9.13
d. 9.15

4. From which microblogging network did Parminder Singh resign as Managing Director for India?
a. twitter
b. tumblr
c. Dipity
d. Friendfeed

5. Who chaired the board meeting of Indian Hotels Company (IHCL) held at Bombay House?
a. Ratan Tata
b. Cyrus Mistry
c. Nadir Godrej
d. Deepak Parekh

6. With which Indian department has Google tied up for 360 degree virtual tour of 280-odd monuments across the country?
a. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)
b. Ministry Of Tourism
c. Ministry Of External Affairs
d. The National Survey and Mapping Organization

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