Current Affairs Quiz : 12 December 2016

current affairs
1. What is the toll-free number to be issued by Central Government to provide support related to cashless transactions?
a. 19911
b. 14141
c. 19991
d. 14444

2. What is the name of the TV channel launched by Govt. Of India to educate people about digital payments ?
a. DigiCash
b. 'DigiShala
c. DigiBank
d. DigiMoney

3. Who among the following became the first Indian to win a medal at the Mr Olympia event 2016, after securing a silver medal in the event?
a. Wasim Khan
b. Pavan Shetty
c. Iqbal Sayed
d. Deepak Tripathi

4. United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF), to bring life-saving aid and protection to children was founded on
a. December 11, 1946
b. December 12, 1946
c. December 11, 1945
d.December 12, 1945

5. The world's longest tunnel was officially opened on for regular rail service in
a. Australia
b. Germany
c. Switzerland
d. Austria

6. Who among the following took over as the Prime Minister of Italy and formed the new government in 2016?
a. Sergio Mattarella
b. Paolo Gentiloni
c. Carlo Calenda
d. Giuliano Poletti

7. The campaign to end child labour '100 Million for 100 Million Campaign' launched by President Pranab Mukharjee is organised by
a. Ravi Kumar Narra
b. Narayanan Krishnan
c. Nileema Mishra
d. Kailash Satyarthi

8. Biju Patnaik Rural Hockey Championship, a hockey tournament featuring 1,458 teams involving 25,000 tribal youth was flagged off in
a. Rourkela
b. Puri
c. Cuttak
d. Chandipur

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