Current Affairs Quiz : 17 January 2017

current affairs
1. Barack Obama proclaimed January 16 as
a. Religious Freedom Day
b. World Peace Day
c. Anti-Terrorism Day
d. Global Harmony Day

2. Who among the following women boxers won the gold medal for India in the 6th Nations Cup 2017 in Serbia?
a. Sarjubala
b. Pooja
c. Priyanka
d. Neeraj

3. Who took charge as interim CEO of the public broadcaster Prasar Bharti after S C Panda?
a. Sumit Khurana
b. Rajeev Singh
c. R. Keshvan
d. Sudhanshu Malhotra

4. With which of the following organisation was a financing agreement for IDA credit of US$ 48 million (equivalent) for the ‘Nagaland Health Project’ signed?
a. WHO
b. IMF
c. World Bank

5. What is the rank of India global index of talent competitiveness according to list released by INSEAD?
a. 92
b. 93
c. 91
d. 89

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