Current Affairs Quiz : 11 February 2017

1. Which of the following institutes prepared the Braille atlas for visually impaired children?

2. Mission XI Million is related to which sport?
a. Hockey
b. Cricket
c. Football
d. Rugby

3. Who has become the first batsman to score four double-centuries in four straight series?
a. Ajinkya Rahane
b. Virat Kohli
c. MS Dhoni
d. Suresh Raina

4. FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017's mascot Kheleo represents which species of leopard?
a. pardus
b. amur
c. panther
d. clouded

5. Which of the following types of wood is to get GI (geographical indication) tag of World Trade Organisation (WTO)?
a. Dahat Teak
b. Nilambur teak
c. Tectona Teak
d. Bojonegoro Teak

6. What is the full form of TAMRA?
a. Transparency, Action Monitoring and Resource Augmentation
b. Transparency, Auction Monitoring and Resource Allocation
c. Transparency, Auction Monitoring and Resource Augmentation
d. Transparency, Auction Monetising and Resource Augmentation

7. Sir Peter Mansfield whose name is associated with MRI scan died recently. He won Nobel prize in which field of science?
a. Biology
b. Physiology
c. Psychology
d. Epidemiology

8. Who has been appointed as the Managing Director of state-owned Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India?
a. Rajeev Singh
b. Gopal Krishnan
c. Pranav Chauhan
d. Hemant Bhargava

9. "Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future" is the theme of 
a. BRICS Summit 2017
b. G20 Summit 2017
c. APEC Summit 2017
d. ASEAN Summit 2017

10. What does 3As refers to in Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Kendras Scheme?
a. Actability, Availability and Affordability
b. Ability, Availability and Affordability
c. Activity, Availability and Affordability
d. Authenticity, Availability and Affordability

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