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Current Affairs Quiz: 15 March 2017

1. Who was given the additional charge of the defence ministry after Manohar Parrikar resigned to take on the new role of Goa chief minister?
a. Arun Jaitely
b. Rajnath Singh
c. Kalraj Mishra
d. Vijay Goel

2. Krishi Unnati Mela 2017 was organised in
a. Jaipur
b. Mumbai
c. Delhi
d. Chandigarh

3. Commonwealth Day is celebrated annually on
a. 13 March
b. 14 March
c. 12 March
d. 11 March

4. Who has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Reliance Commercial Finance?
a. Ketan Khanna
b. Mohit Reddy
c. Pratap Chauhan
d. Devang Mody

5. Mission Fingerling is launched to achieve
a. Brown Revolution
b. Black Power Revolution
c. Blue Revolution
d. Grey Revolution

6. Which Indian city has emerged as the best city in terms of living standards among Indian cities according to Mercer's Quality of Living rankings 2017?
a. Chennai
b. Hyderabad
c. Pune
d. Mumbai

7. Who is the president of World Bank?
a. Jin Pe Kim
b. Jin Yong Kin
c. Jim Yong Kim
d. Jim Yung Kim

8. What is the tagline of Indusland Bank?
a. We Make You Feel Richer
b. A Tradition of Trust
c. Relationship Beyond Banking
d. Good People to Grow With


1. a. Arun Jaitely
2. c. Delhi
3. a. 13 March
4. d. Devang Mody
5. c. Blue Revolution
6. b. Hyderabad
7. c. Jim Yong Kim
8. a. We Make You Feel Richer
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