Current Affairs Quiz : 12 April 2017

Published on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

1. Hrudaya Deposit scheme is associated with which of the following banks/finance company?
a. Au Financiers
b. ESAF Small Finance Bank
c. Disha Microfin Pvt Ltd
d. Janalakshmi Financial Services

2. An individual or a legal entity can join the Hrudaya Deposit Scheme with a minimum deposit amount of Rs.___________ and for a minimum period of__________.
a. 15 Lakh, 2 years
b. 10 Lakh, 3 years
c. 5 Lakh, 5 years
d. 20 lakh, 4 years

3. The book "Hope in a challenged democracy; An Indian narrative" is authored by
a. Pradeep Das
b. Sanjeev Sehgal
c. Ashwini Kumar
d. Biswas Roy

4. Hindi Sevi Samman of The Ganesh Shankar Vidhyarthi Award for Hindi journalism 2017 was given to
a. Rajat Dev and Baldev Bhai Sharma.
b. Rahul Dev and Baldev Ram Sharma.
c. Ramesh Dev and Baldev Ram Sharma.
d. Rahul Dev and Baldev Bhai Sharma

5. A new web portal nakshe" was launched on
a. 100th anniversary of Survey of India(SoI)
b. 250th anniversary of Survey of India(SoI)
c. 150th anniversary of Survey of India(SoI)
d. 200th anniversary of Survey of India(SoI)

6. Which book of Colson Whitehead has won Pulitzer prize for fiction 2017?
a. Zone One
b. The Noble Hustle
c. The Underground Railroad
d. Electric Literature

7. ‘Adarana’, a scheme of Andhra Pradesh is designed for improving
a. road safety
b. women labourer's conditions
c. agricultural methods
d. traditional occupations

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