Current Affairs Quiz: 22 April 2017

Published on Saturday, April 22, 2017

1. World Earth Day is observed annually on
a. 24 April
b. 23 April
c. 21 April
d. 22 April

2. What was the theme of Earth Day 2017?
a. Water Wonderful World
b. Environmental and Climate Literacy
c. Trees for the Earth!
d. The Face of Climate Change

3. According to Supreme court of India, how much alimony a man is to pay his wife after divorce?
a. 25 per cent of his net salary
b. 20 per cent of his net salary
c. 15 per cent of his net salary
d. 30 per cent of his net salary

4. Which of the following is not one of the three initiative launched by law ministry under Digital India initiative to provide digital delivery of services?
a. Nyaya Mitra
b. Tele Law
c. Pro bono

5. Vesak Day is also known as 
a. Good Friday
b. Buddha Poornima
c. Thai Pongal
d. Ramadan

6. In which city of China will the 2017 BRICS Film Festival be held?
a. Guangzhou
b. Lanzhou
c. Fuzhou
d. Chengdu

7. Who among the following Indians has secured a place in Time's 100 most influential peoples' list along PM NarendraModi?
a. Rajeev Suri
b. Vijay Shekhar Sharma
c. Amit Jain
d. Karan Bhagat

8. Which Airlines has become the first carrier to adopt a satellite flight-tracking system?
a. Air Asia
b. Qatar Airways
c. Malaysia Airlines
d. Air Canada

9. UN Peace Prize for 2017 was given to
a. Giusi Nicolini
b. Gyusi Nicolni
c. Gyuisi Nicolini
d. Guisi Nicolin

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