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Current Affairs Quiz: 29 April 2017

1. Word Dance Day is observed on
a. 26 April
b. 27 April
c. 28 April
d. 29 April

2. The first electric taxi trial in the country is going to be launched in
a. Chandigarh
b. Nagpur
c. Raipur
d. Patna

3. The first-ever athletics meet for transgender persons was organised by
a. Tamil Nadu
b. Chennai
c. Maharashtra
d. Kerala

4. Which of the following has become the first country in the world to ban the mining of metals?
a. Estonia
b. El Salvador
c. Kenya
d. Libya

5. Who has become the first Indian actor to speak at TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment and Design talks) in Canada?
a. Shahrukh Khan
b. Amitabh Bachchan
c. Ranveer Singh
d. None of these

6. Which of the following artificial intelligence is launched by Infosys?
a. Mia
b. Kia
c. Lia
d. Nia
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