Double Filler Quiz For SBI PO 2017

Published on Saturday, April 01, 2017
(1) The RBI doubled the daily _________ limit from ATMs to Rs. 10000 but_________ the weekly ceiling at Rs. 24000.
(a) take away, released
(b) take back, reserve
(c) withdrawal, retained
(d) stay, lose
(e) encash, free

(2) National Flag represents hopes and_________ of the people of our country and hence should_________ a position of honour.
(a) desires, idle
(b) aspirations, occupy
(c) wishes, monopolize
(d) directions, absorb
(e) objective, involve

(3) Plastic Bags are not____________, they do not ________ for a long time. 
(a) non-biodegradable, combine
(b) degradable, unite
(c) biodegradable, decomposed (d) ecological, separate
(e) harmful, distill

(4) Two_________ judgements raise questions about the judiciary’s__________.
(a) new, non-discriminatory
(b) contemporary, statute
(c) earlier, status
(d) recent, impartiality
(e) old, equity

(5) Iraqi forces_____________ Islamic State_______ Tigris river in Mosul.
(a) negotiating, close
(b) contest, nearby
(c) ravage, side-by-side
(d) encounter, for
(e) battle, near

(6) UK architect____________ 5th century Vishnu temple which is a famous_________ in Nepal, destroyed in the recent earthquake.
(a) cleaned, trip
(b) rebuilds, pilgrimage
(c) washed, tour
(d) administered, expedition
(e) touch down, place

(7) ____________on digital payments to_________ report within a week.
(a) panel, submit
(b) group, take
(c) forum, propose
(d) Minister, conceal
(e) officer, dissuade

(8) ___________could help with many of the region’s problems, but too many__________ still stand in their way.
(a) entrepreneurs, obstacles
(b) people, problems
(c) richie, disadvantage
(d) women, advantage
(e) men, disadvantage

(9) Russian officials___________ in Ankara to_________ the Ambassador’s murder, a very serious tragedy.
(a) land, investigate
(b) take off, enquire
(c) arriving, inquire
(d) came, observe
(e) went, watch

(10) Executive Board of the institution___________ its full confidence in chairman’s _________ to lead. After the economic breakdown in the country.
(a) deny, aptitude
(b) reaffirms, ability
(c) continues, impotence
(d) freshen, inability
(e) stress, strength 

Answers with explanation

1. Answer key: (c)
Here, the RBI is doubling the limit of something from ATMs. And ATMs are used for withdrawing the money. So, option c is correct. Also, for the second blank ‘retained’ is the correct word. Encash can be confusing but it means conversion of money from a cheque, money order, bond,etc. 

2. Answer key: (b)
Here, option(b) is correct because one cannot idle, monopolise, absorb or involve a position of honour. In accordance with the sentence “National Flag should occupy a position of honour”. And for the first blank ‘aspirations’ is also correct in context of the sentence. 

3. Answer key: (c)
Biodegradable- capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other organisms
Decomposed- make or become rotten;decay
So, option(c) is the correct option in the context of the sentence and scientific assumptions. 

4. Answer key: (d)
The judiciary is best known for its ‘impartiality’ and also the given sentence is in simple present due to which ‘recent’ is the most appropriate word for the first blank. So, option(d) is correct. 

5. Answer key: (e)
The most suitable option in the context of the sentence is (e) because Iraqi forces are in a continuous battle with Islamic State. Option(d) encounter is also used in armed conflicts but it is not a continuous war. Also, ‘near’ is suitable for second blank. All other options for second blank are incorrect. 

6. Answer key: (b)
As the temple was destroyed in the earthquake. So, option (b) rebuilds is correct for the first blank. Also, temples are pilgrimage for Hindus. Thus, option (b) also satisfies second blank. 

7. Answer key: (a)
Panel- a small group of people brought together to investigate or decide on a particular matter.
Submit- to give(a document, proposal) to someone so that it can be considered or approved.
So, option(a) is the most appropriate in accordance with the sentence. 

8. Answer key: (a)
obstacles means a thing that block’s one’s way.For example, obstacles stands in the way of runners.So, option (a) is correct for the second blank.Also,it satisfies the first blank as entrepreneurs have money to help. 

9. Answer key: (a)
option(b) take off is incorrect because take off cannot be used with preposition ‘in Ankara’. So, only possible option for the sentence is (a) land, investigate
Land- come down through the air (when in aircraft)
Investigate- carry out a systematic inquiry 

10.Answer key: (b)
Reaffirms- confirm the validity of (something previously established)
Out of the 5 options for the first blank (b) and (c) are suitable but the second word of option (c) is not suitable in the context of the sentence (as impotence means inability). Board is reaffirming its confidence in chairman. So, option(b) is correct.

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