Current Affairs Quiz: 31 May 2017

1. Sankhyiki Bhawan is the office of
a. Planning Commission
b. National Informatics Centre
c. National Sample Survey Organisation
d. Bureau of Indian Standards

2. The following scheme, started by Congress Government in Goa, has been relaunched by the BJP Led Goa Government is related to 
a. to screen newborn babies for detecting metabolic disorders
b. to screen newborn babies for detecting Endocrine disorders
c. to screen newborn babies for detecting Hemoglobin disorders
d. Other than the given options

3. Darwaza Band campaign to end open defection is supported by
a. World Health Organisation
b. World Bank
c. International Monetary Fund

4. Jhalawar district, which has been adopted by Venkaiah Naidu under Sansad Adarsh Gram ojna is located in
a. Chattisgarh
b. Maharashtra
c. Haryana
d. Rajasthan

5. Hospital Linen and Laundry Service Programme’ is launched by which of the following states?
a. Telangana
b. Andhra Pradesh
c. Uttar Pradesh
d. Madhya Pradesh

6. Before PM Narendra Modi who was the first Prime Minister of India to visit Spain over the last 30 years?
a. Rajiv Gandhi
b. Charan Singh
c. Indira Gandhi
d. Jawaharlal Nehru

7. India-Pacific Islands Sustainable Development Conference was hosted by India in
a. Micronesia
b. Kiribati
c. Fiji
d. Samoa

8. Where was the first India-Sri Lanka Joint Research Symposium in
a. Kandy
b. Mumbai
c. New Delhi
d. Colombo

9. 5th India Morocco Joint Commission Meeting (JCM) was held
a. Meknes
b. Rabat
c. Agadir
d. Kenitra

10. What is the name of Afganistan's first women TV channel?
a. Zan
b. Man
c. Ran
d. San

11. Who among the following Indian has not been included in the ESPN's 100 most famous athletes?'
a. Virat Kohli
b. MS Dhoni
c. Shikhar Dhawan
d. Suresh Raina

12. Who has become the first Indian woman to play in Kia Super League also called Women’s Cricket Super League?
a. Karu Jain
b. Mithali Raj
c. Poonam Raut
d. Harmanpreet Kaur

13. Who won the European Golden Shoe for a record-equalling fourth time?
a. Lionel Messi
b. Cristiano Ronaldo
c. Neymar
d. Gerard Piqué


1. c. National Sample Survey Organisation
2. a. to screen newborn babies for detecting metabolic disorders
3. b. World Bank
4. d. Rajasthan
5. b. Andhra Pradesh
6. a. Rajiv Gandhi
7. c. Fiji
8. d. Colombo
9. b. Rabat
10. a. Zan
11. c. Shikhar Dhawan
12. d. Harmanpreet Kaur
13. a. Lionel Messi

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