Current Affairs Quiz: 6 May 2017

1. India opened its first private small arms manufacturing plant at Malanpur, Madhya Pradesh in a joint venture with which of the following countries?
a. Israel
b. Russia
c. Iran
d. France

2. Who among the following is the chairman of Technical Committee constituted by The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI)?
a. Nand Lal Sarda
b. R. B. Barman
c. Pulak Ghosh
d. V. G. Kannan

3. How many levels will be set up in the no-fly list proposed by Civil Aviation Ministry?
a. five
b. four
c. three
d. two

4. In eVIN, I stands for
a. Integrated
b. Intelligence
c. Implementation
d. None of the above

5. In which of the following states facebook's Express Wifi is not launched?
a. Uttarakhand
b. Gujarat
c. Rajasthan
d. Punjab

6. Which of the following companies acquired Zimmber?
a. Quickr
b. Magic Bricks
c. OLX
d. None of the above

7. Who among the following has been appointed as the chairman of the Tea Board?
a. Prakash Kamal Bezboruah
b. Prabhat Kamal Bezboruah
c. Prabhas Kamal Bezboruah
d. Prabhan Kamal Bezboruah
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