Current Affairs Quiz: 8 June 2017

Published on Thursday, June 08, 2017

1. World Oceans Day is annually observed on
a. June 8
b. May 8
c. July 8
d. September 8

2. India's first human milk bank is situated in which of the following hospitals of New Delhi?
a. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital
b. Primus Super Speciality Hospital
c. Acharya Shree Bhikshu Hospital
d. Lady Hardinge Medical College

3. The war memorial which has been dedicated to the men of 5 Guards, who fought during the Indo-China war is located in which of the following districts of Arunachal Pradesh?
a. Kameng
b. Changlang
c. Lohit
d. West Siang District

4. The two-day National Level Conference on "Capacity Building of SDRFs-2017" was held in
a. Mumbai
b. Jaipur
c. Delhi
d, Chandigarh

5. Which of the following countries launched the first World Pest Day?
a. Japan
b. China
c. South Korea
d. Mongolia

6. Which three countries are considered to be the most prospective destinations for foreign direct investment (FDI), predicted the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)?
a. US, UK and India
b. US, Russia and India
c. US, Japan and India
d. US, China and India

7. India signed an agreement with Sri Lanka to provide USD 318 million as line of credit to develop the Sri Lanka's
a. Railway Transport
b. Road Transport
c. Infrastructured
d. Information Technology Sector

8. According to BMI Research 2017, which of the following combinations five countries represent five favourite consumer markets in Asia?
a. China, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India and Indonesia
b. China, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, India and Indonesia
c. China, Sri Lanka, Combodia, India and Indonesia
d. China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India and Indonesia

9. How much charges will be levied on the transactions from Rs 1 to Rs 25,000 through UPI of HDFC bank?
a. 5 Rs.
b. 2 Rs.
c. 3 Rs.
d. 4 Rs.

10. Which bank has announced to launch biodegradable prepaid gift cards and what will be the maximum validity of pre-paid gift card?
a. HDFC Bank, 4 Years
b. Axis Bank, 3 Years
c. ICICI Bank, 2 Years
d. None of the above

11. Sahithi Pingali the name of a 16-year-old schoolgirl from Bengaluru, whose concern and work towards the city's polluted lakes has been given to a
a. minor planet
b. endangered bird
c. a lake of Karnataka
d. None of the above

12. Scientists have discovered a new species of flying squirrel in North America which is also knwon as
a. Battuta's flying squirrel
b. Kropotkin's flying squirrel
c. Humboldt's flying squirrel
d. Wallace's flying squirrel

13. The world's first hybrid "aeroboat" capable of travelling on land, water, snow and sand that has been built by a joint venture of India and
a. Japan
b. Russia
c. USA
d. Other than the given options

14. Phalke Brave and Beautiful Award 2017 was conferred to
a. Madhuri Dixit
b. Ravina Tandon
c. Sonali Bendre
d. Manisha Koirala

15. For which victory was Bengaluru FC conferred with a special award at Asian Football Confederation’s?
a. Federation Cup title 2017
b. South Zonal Champions in the AFC Cup 2016-17 season
c. Champions League Title 2017
d. i-league football title

16. Who has been appointed the High Commissioner of India to the Republic of South Africa?
a. Ruchira Kamboj
b. Ruchika Kamboj
c. Ruchita Kamboj
d. Ruchila Kamboj

17. Who has been appointed the Director General of National Water Development Agency (NWDA)?
a. Sunil Jain
b. Sharad Jain
c. Satish Jain
d. Sujeet Jain

18. Who been appointed as Registrar of Copyrights?
a. Tej Bahadur Singh
b. Harbilas Singh
c. Tejinder Singh
d. Hoshiar Singh

19. Who among the following have been appointed as Independent Directors of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB)?
a. K V Karmakar and Gauri Shankar
b. K M Karmakar and Gauri Prasad
c. K G Karmakar and Gauri Shankar
d. K G Karmakar and Gauri Prakash

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