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Current Affairs Quiz: 1 July 2017

1. National Doctors day in India is celebrated on
a. July 3
b. July 2
c. July 1
d. July 5

2. President of Asian Development Bank is
a. Takehiko Nakao
b. Donald Tusk
c. Dan Coats
d. David Beasley

3. The Mizo Accord was signed on June 30 in
a. 1989
b. 1988
c. 1987
d. 1986

4. In which of the following countries is the same sex marriage not allowed?
a.  Ireland
b. Morocco
c. Spain
d. France

5. Which of the following government applications has won the GSMA Asia Mobile Award 2017?
a. eVIN
b. MyGov
c. Pinakin
d. CBEC Mitra

6. The Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2017 has selected which movie as its opening film for the event?
a. Bahubali 2
b. Dhanak
c.  Lipstick Under My Burkha 
d. Masaan

7. Who has been appointed as the Attorney General of India?
a.  KN Venugopal
b.  KR Venugopal
c.  KK Venugopal
d.  KV Venugopal


1. c. July 1
2. a. Takehiko Nakao
3. d. 1986
4. b. Morocco
5. a. eVIN
6. c. Lipstick Under My Burkha
7. c. KK Venugopal
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