Current Affairs Quiz: 10 July 2017

Published on Monday, July 10, 2017

1. A three-day Babasaheb B.R. Ambedkar International conference on social justice was held in
a. Jaipur
b. Chennai
c. Hyderabad
d. Bengaluru

2. FSB, an international body for global financial system stands for
a. Financial Stability Board
b. Financial Statutory Board
c. Financial Sustainability Board
d. Financial SecurityBoard

3. _________has been declared India’s first World Heritage City?
a. Jaipur
b. Lucknow
c. Ahmedabad
d. Mysore

4. Which of the following is not a member of Asean?
a. Brunei
b. Myanmar
c. Indonesia
d. Sri Lanka

5. Former martial arts star Khaltmaa Battulga has won the presidential elections of
a. Indonesia
b. Mongolia
c. Romania
d. None of the above

6. Who has been appointed Director General of Goods and Services Tax Intelligence (DG GSTI)?
a. John Joseph
b. John Smith
c. John Simon
d. Andrew Mathews


1. d. Bengaluru
2. a. Financial Stability Board
3. c. Ahmedabad
4.  d. Sri Lanka
5. b. Mongolia
6. a. John Joseph

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