Current Affairs Quiz: 12 July 2017

1. Malala Day is observed on
a. 12 July
b. 11 July
c. 13 July
d. 10 July
2. NABARD was established on the recommendations of B.Sivaraman Committee on
a. 12 July 1983
b. 13 July 1982
c. 13 July 1983
d. 12 July 1982

3. Who is the chairperson of National Green Tribunal of India?
a. Shubha Dixit
b. Shubhinder Kaur
c. Swajeet Kumar
d. Swatanter Kumar

4. Which of the following states has become the first state in the country to provide women an injectable contraceptive for free?
a. Haryana
b. Himachal Pradesh
c. Odisha
d. Maharashtra

5. Which of the following islands of Japan has been declared a World Heritage site by the UN's cultural body Unesco?
a. Okushiri
b. Okinoshima
c. Notojima
d. Odaiba

6. Where is the head office of International Labour Organisation situated?
a. Geneva
b. Madrid
c. Paris
d. Vienna

7. Who among the following has taken over as director-general of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, the premier agency that tackles smuggling and black money?
a. Debi Dash Prasad
b. Debi Prasad Dash
c. Deb Prasad Dash
d. Deb Dash Prasad


1. a. 12 July
2. d. 12 July 1982
3. d. Swatanter Kumar
4. d. Maharashtra
5. b. Okinoshima
6. a. Geneva
7. b. Debi Prasad Dash
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