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Current Affairs Quiz: 15 July 2017

1. World Youth Skills Day is observed on
a. 14 June
b. 13 June
c. 15 July
d. 14 July

2. What is India's rank in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Global Index 2017?
a. 116
b. 98
c. 105
d. 125

3. Which country topped the 2017 Global Index of Sustainable Development Goals?
a. Finland
b. Denmark
c. Sweden
d. France

4. Which state's/city's police will be the first state police to get ‘super cop belt?
a. Chandigarh
b. Delhi
c. Lucknow
d. Jaipur

5. Bastille Day is celebrated in
a. France
b. Russia
c. America

6. Mukesh Kumar Jain is the managing director and chief executive officer of
a. Luxmi Vilas Bank
b. Dena Bank
c. Yes Bank
d. Oriental Bank of Commerce

7. President’s Lady’ book on President Pranab Mukherjee's wife Suvra Mukherjee is authored by
a. Sunita Ghosh
b. Sangeeta Ghosh
c. Sudipta Ghosh
d. Sanjita Ghosh


1. c. 15 July
2. a. 116
3. c. Sweden
4. b. Delhi
5. a. France
6. d. Oriental Bank of Commerce
7. b. Sangeeta Ghosh

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