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Current Affairs Quiz: 22 July 2017

1. Bicentenary celebration of the heroic Paika Rebellion is celebrated in which of the following states?
a. Karnataka
b. Odisha
c. Haryana
d. Madhya Pradesh

2. FINA is the world governing body of
a. Squash
b. Badminton
c. Swimming
d. Tennis

3. Which bank has entered into an agreement with Directorate General of Supplies & Disposal (DGS&D) for extending various banking services to Government e-Marketplace (GeM)?
a. State Bank of India
b. Bank of Maharashtra
c. Bank of India
d. Bank of Baroda

4. Which company topped the Fortune 500 list of 2017?
a. Apple
b. Walmart
c. Google
d. Verizon

5. Who has been appointed as the managing director (MD) for Adobe Systems in India?
a. Shanmukh Natarajan
b. Shanmugh Natarajan
c. Shantunu Natarajan
d. Shanjoti Natarajan

6. Who has been appointed as the first female president of the UK supreme court?
a. Brenda Hale
b. Bilinda Hale
c. Brettiny Hale
d. Belini Hale


1. b. Odisha
2. c. Swimming
3. d. Bank of Baroda
4. b. Walmart
5. b. Shanmugh Natarajan
6. a. Brenda Hale
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