Current Affairs Quiz: 28 July 2017

Published on Friday, July 28, 2017

1. In which year was Ministry of Earth Sciences established in India?
a. 2008
b. 2006
c. 2009
d. 2015

2. OnGo, India’s first mobile ticketing system is to be launched by
a. Delhi Metro
b. Mumbai Metro
c. Kolkata Metro
d. Chennai Metro

3. Which country of the following countries sent its first uranium shipment to India for testing purposes?
a. Australia
b. America
c. Israel
d. Indonesia

4. State-owned Punjab National Bank (PNB) and _____________ have signed an agreement for the distribution of insurance products through the branches.
a. Peerless Group
b. Sun Life Financial
c. Aviva India
d. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

5. Which of the following stock exchanges has joined hands with Egyptian Exchange (EGX) for cooperation in exchange of information across business areas?
a. Bombay Stock Exchange
b. Indian stock Exchange
c. Banglore Stock Exchange
d. India International Exchange

6. Which of the following awards in known as Asia’s Nobel?
a. Cesar Award
b. Independent Spirit Awards
c. Juno Awards
d. Magsaysay Awards

7. To which of the following designations has PV Sindhu been appointed by Andhra Pradesh government?
a. Deputy Superintendent of Police
b. Deputy Collector
c. Section Officer
d. Collector

8. Who has been re-appointed as MD&CEO of Axis Bank for three-year term from June 2018?
a. Shikha Sharma
b. Shikha Vyas
c. Shikha Chaudhary
d. Shikha Vats


1. b. 2006
2. b. Mumbai Metro
3. a. Australia
4. d. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
5. a. Bombay Stock Exchange
6. d. Magsaysay Awards
7. b. Deputy Collector
8. a. Shikha Sharma

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