Current Affairs Quiz: 8 July 2017

1. July 25 will mark the celebration of Kanyashree Utsav in
a. Odisha
b. Bengal  
c. Meghalaya
d. None of the above

2. Jigyasa, a student- scientist connect programme was officially launched in the national capital
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), has joined hands with ________ to implement this programme.
a. Indian Certificate for Secondary Education.
b. Central Board of Secondary Education
c. Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations 
d. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

3. The 2016 Anti-Hijacking Act replaces a __________, according to which hijackers could be tried only in the event of death of hostages, such as flight crew, passengers and security personnel.
a. 1983-vintage law
b. 1982-vintage law
c. 1984-vintage law
d. 1985-vintage law

4. The Malabar naval exercise involves
a. India, America and Japan
b. India, America and France
c. India, America and Russia
d. India, America and South Korea

5. What is the rank of India in the second Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI), released by the UN telecommunications agency International Telecommunication Union (ITU)?
a. 22
b. 25
c. 24
d. 23

6. Sports Illustrated (SI) India Magazine's Sportsperson of the Year’ 2017 was given to
a. PV Sindhu
b. Deepa Malik
c. Gaurav Gill
d. Kidambi Srikanth

Answers with Explanation

1. b. Bengal
2. d. Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
3. b. 1982-vintage law
4. a. India, America and Japan
5. d. 23
6. a. PV Sindhu
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