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Current Affairs Quiz: 15 August 2017

1. The first South Asian Youth Summit-2017 will be held in
a. Pune
b. Bhubaneswar
c. Jamshedpur
d. New Delhi

2. A limited edition silver coin on Lord Krishna was released on Janmashtami on August 15 by the _______ in commemoration of the 5,244th birth anniversary of the Hindu God.
a. Republic of Maxico
b. Republic of France
c. Republic of Costa Rica
d. Republic of Chad

3. In 2017, the UN World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Somalia free from which of the following diseases?
b. Bird Flu
c. Polio
d. TB

4. Laureate Guglielmo Marconi was the inventor of
a. Radio
b. Television
c. Telephone
d. Radar

5. Who has been given the additional charge of Rajya Sabha TV CEO after Gurdeep Singh Sappal resigned from his post?
a. Shashi Shekhar Vempati
b. Shashi Shankar Vempati
c. Shahi Shekhar Vempati
d. Shahi Shankar Vempati


1. b. Bhubaneswar
2. d. Republic of Chad
4. c. Polio
4. a. Radio
5. a. Shashi Shekhar Vempati 
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