Current Affairs Quiz: 26 August 2017

1. Nuakhai Juhar is mainly celebrated in
a. Eastern Odisha
b. Northern Odisha
c. Southern Odisha
d. Western Odisha

2. Quit India Movement began in
a. 1943
b. 1942
c. 1937
d. 1931

3. The panel mandated to review the National Mineral Policy, 2008 is headed by
a. K Rajeswara Rao
b. M Rajeswara Rao
c. L Rajeswara Rao
d. P Rajeswara Rao

4. The 2018 ITTF Team World Cup will be held in
a. Toronto
b. Manchester
c. London
d. Montreal

5. The income limit defining ‘creamy layer’ for OBC reservation has been raised to
a. 5 lakh per annum
b. 8 lakh per annum
c. 9 lakh per annum
d. 6 lakh per annum


1.  d. Western Odisha
2. b. 1942
3. a. K Rajeswara Rao
4. c. London
5. b. 8 lakh per annum

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