Current Affairs Quiz: 28 August 2017

Published on Monday, August 28, 2017

1. Who among the following won the first edition of Miss Transqueen India 2017, a beauty pageant for transgenders which took place in Gurugram?
a. Loiloi
b. Nitasha
c. Ragasya
d. Purnima

2. From which of the following countries has the government of India restricted imports of gold and silver items?

a. South Korea
b. China
c. Kuwait
d. Iraq

3. Imports of gold from non-Free Trade Area countries, attract ______ customs duty.
a. 5 per cent
b. 15 per cent
c. 20 per cent
d. 10 per cent

4. What is the name of Taiwan's first homegrown observation satellite?
a. Astrosat-4
b. Formosat-5
c. Primosat-1
d. Indigosat-6

5. The medals won by PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal at World Badminton Championships 2017 are
a. Silver, Bronze respectively
b. Silver, Gold respectively
c. Gold, Silver respectively
d. Bronze, Silver respectively

6. As per the new policy on theme-based currency notes, the Rs 200 bill bears motif of _________ to depict India's cultural heritage.
a. Taj Mahal
b Red Fort
c. Agra Fort
d. Sanchi Stupa

7. The Insuranace Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has launched a Central Database of all Insurance Sales Persons in the country. Name of the database is
a. Agent
b. Envoy
c. Consul


1. b. Nitasha
2. a. South Korea
3. d. 10 per cent
4. b. Formosat-5
5. a. Silver, Bronze respectively
6. d. Sanchi Stupa
7. b. Envoy

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