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Current Affairs Quiz: 9 September 2017

1. The Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill, 2017 has been referred to a Joint Parliamentary Committee of both the Houses, under the Chairpersonship of
a. Bhupender Yadav
b. Dupendra Yadav
c. Narendra Yadav
d. Surendra Yadav

2. Nestle's Food Safety Institute is located in
a. Panipat
b. Gurugram
c. Manesar
d. Hisar

3. In which category of PSU does the State-run Bharat Petroleum Corporation(BPCL) fall?
a. Navratna
b. Maharatna
c. Miniratan
d. Miniratan II

4. Who among the following won Gold Medal at the World Cadet Wrestling Championship in Athens, Greece?
a. Babita Phogat
b. Sakhsi Malik
c. Sonam Malik
d. Vinesh Phogat

5. Who among the following was appointed interim chairman of the goods and services tax network (GSTN) after GSTN’s first chairman Navin Kumar completed his term?
a. A.B. Pandey
b. R.B. Pandey
c. K.B. Pandey
d. M.B. Pandey


1. a. Bhupender Yadav
2. c. Manesar
3. b. Maharatna
4. c. Sonam Malik
5.a. A.B. Pandey
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