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60 Days English Course - Second Week Report

Hey Readers/Students
In our 60-Day Basic to Advanced English Course, we have completed the 11 video-lectures and 5 worksheets. The details of the same are given below
Till now, we have conducted 11 video lectures and provided 6 worksheets with solutions. These video lectures consist of basic to the advanced conceptual knowledge of English Grammar. With these lectures, we tell you how to attempt error spotting using grammar rules and how to frame sentences correctly.

Plan for Next Week

For the next week, we have planned to do Adjectives, Conjunction, Prepositions. Along with these 2 special video lectures on "How to Write Paragraphs" and "How to Improve Speaking Skills"  will be provided. 

Whatsapp Group

Along with these video-lectures, we are constantly in touch with our students through our WhatsApp group. In this group, we have following activities
  • Doubt Clearance related to video lectures
  • 10 New words every day to be used in sentences
  • Students write small paragraphs and that help them to improve their writing skills.

Students' Improvement

  • We are regularly taking follow-ups from students and keep an eye on their improvement. 
  • This course helps our students to overpower the difficulties they faced while writing English and gradually brushing up their skills.
  • Students who were not able to frame a single sentence properly earlier are now able to write a small paragraph and we help them to improve by rectifying their mistakes. We are confident that in these 60-days, the students will be able to have a great command over the language. 

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