Best Quantitative Aptitude Books for Bank Exams

My review on popular Quantitative Aptitude books

1) M.Tyra - It's very complicated. You'll find 10 methods of solving the same question. Learning 10 methods to solve same questions is a bad strategy. This book claims to teach to Vedic maths but it's a marketing gimmick which worked for them.
2) Sarvesh Kumar Verma - I purchased this book 6-7 years ago and solved it thoroughly. The difficulty level of the book at par with SBI PO or IBPS PO. (My personal favourite)

3) Nishit K Sinha - It's extremely difficult, I don't think it's meant for Bank PO.
4) Arun Sharma - I don't like this book personally. Detailed explanations aren't available.
5) RS Aggarwal - It's outdated. Avoid it at any cost.
6) Ramandeep Singh - With the help of GK Digest Editorial team, we update all our books on the monthly basis. A lot of ebooks are available for free here and we upload a lot of study material and quizzes on GK Digest App here

7) Study kits from Coaching institutes - Avoid them. They are meant for classroom teaching. They are extremely easy so that their low paid teachers can solve those questions. FYI - I provide study kits to various institutes and they instruct us to keep the level of questions lower than the actual exam.
Many other books are available in the market but they aren't updated regularly.

Note - Above mentioned review is based on my personal opinion.

Written by Ramandeep Singh
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