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  • SSC CHSL (10+2) 2016 Educational Qualification Changed

    Dear Readers,
    Candidates who have applied for CHSL Examination, 2016 may please refer to the Corrigendum uploaded on the website of the Commission on 05.04.2017 under the ‘Latest News’ and ‘Notice’ title,
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    SBI PO Descriptive Paper - Step by Step Exam Strategy

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    Current Affairs Quiz: 27 May 2017

    1. The maximum limit of transactions through mobile wallets of co-orporative banks will be
    a. 20000
    b. 15000
    c. 5000
    d. 10000
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    Probability Concepts with Examples

    The word PROBABILITY is used to indicate an unclear possibility that something might happen. It is also used simultaneously with chance.

    Definition of Probability

    If an event ‘E’ can happen in ‘m’ ways & fail in ‘k’ ways out of a total of ‘n’ ways, & each of them is equally likely, then the probability of the happening of ‘E’ is .
    P(E) = m/(m+k) = m/n,     where n = (m+k)
    In other words, if a random, experiment is conducted ‘n’ times & ‘m’ of them are favorable to event ‘E’, then
    P(E) = m/n

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    Concept of Bad Bank


    • Bad bank is an idea to solve the alarming problem of Non Performing Assets (NPA) existing in Indian banks 
    • NPA is a major hindrance for PSBs in India
    • The current method of recapitalization will not clear off the bad debts and NPAs 
    • Recapitalization has Indian financial capabilities limitations 
    • RBI has suggested the idea of Bad Bank formation to solve NPA issue 
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    Ratio and Proportion Concepts with Examples



    • Ratio is the relation in which one quantity bears to another of the same kind, the comparison being made by considering what multiple, part or parts; one quantity is of the other. 
    • The ratio of two quantities ‘a’ & ‘b’ is represented as a: b & read as ‘a is to b’.
    • In a ratio a: b, ‘a’ is called antecedent & ‘b’ the consequent. Since the ratio expresses the number of times one quantity contains the other, it’s an abstract quantity & thus has no units.
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    Rules of Conjunction For Error Spotting: Part 3

    1. As soon as/As long as:

    As soon as: जैसे ही/वैसे ही
    As long as: जब तक

    "As soon as" is used in the meaning of "at the moment that." 
    "As long as" is used in the meaning of "While."

    In these types of sentence, we have two parts of a sentence.
    i. Subordinate clause
    ii. Main clause
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    SBI PO Descriptive Paper Preparation Guide

    sbi po descriptive paper
    As many of you might know that I have started preparation series for SBI PO Descriptive section. Today I am writing down all my posts related to this section at one place.

    How to

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    Quadratic Equations for SBI PO 2017: Part-1

    1. In the following question two equations (A) and (B) given. You have to solve both:
    a. 21a² - 20a -9=0
    b. 7b² -23b +18=0

    1. If a > b
    2. If a<b
    3. If a = b or C.N.E
    4. If a > b
    5. If a <
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    Percentage Tricks With Examples Part-2

    1.  If the price of any foodstuff is decreased by 'a%' then the consumption of it will be increased by % so that the expense of this item is remaining same. 

    The price of tea is decreased by 15%. How much % consumption of sugar is increased so that the expenditure of sugar is same?
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