SBI Associate PO - Descriptive Paper Preparation Series

Today I am starting preparation series for SBI Associate PO Descriptive paper. This paper carries 50 marks and it's a decision maker section. Many of you might not be sure of cracking cutoff of online paper. I recommend all those people to skip this exam and prepare hard for next few months. If you are going to appear for this exam then you should have confidence of cracking online exam cutoff and should be sure that your descriptive paper will be checked.
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Internet Technologies - Important Terms for Bank Exams

As per the ongoing exams and paper patterns of exams which have already happened this year, questions are being asked based on modern computing technologies; very rarely, if not at all, will there be a question on generation of computers!

Today’s topic is internet, and I’m sure all of you know the concept of Internet, the LANs and MANs and topologies etc., so my objective is to introduce some new terms and their meanings…

1. Intranet : is a network of computers within an organization.
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Daily Vocabulary Dose - 21 October

Vocabulary dose for today :-
1. Audacious – extremely bold/ courageous/ daring/ fearless/brave
antonym = timid/fearful/intimidated
ex.: Rakhi Sawant’s audacious behaviour shocks everyone.

2. Abashed – embarrassed/humiliated/ashamed
antonym = unashamed/shameless/
ex.: He was left completely abashed by his election loss.
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Important Topics for SBI Associate PO - Marketing

Marketing section of SBI Associate PO carries about 15 marks. It's very easy to score high in this part. Basic knowledge of every topic will fetch you high marks.

List of important topics for Marketing section of SBI PO 

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Current Affairs Update for 21 October

Current affairs update for today 


  • BJP MLAs to meet at Chandigarh to make a decision on Haryana Chief Minister.
  • NCP gave outside support to BJP in Maharashtra
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7 Tips to get the maximum marks in Reasoning paper

50 questions of reasoning ain't a joke! 20 questions of reasoning time no more!

No I am not introducing poetry in reasoning! What I’m actually trying to say is, “Do you plan your reasoning section?”

Reasoning is a very likable topic; I’m sure most of you spend a lot of time practicing reasoning questions, from puzzles to logical deductions.

But how many of you attempt all 50 questions?
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Current Affairs Update for 20 October

Current affairs update for today


  • Union Environment Ministry launched the National Air Quality Index under the recently launched Swacch Bharat Mission. 
  • Home Ministry of Government of India announced
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GA questions asked in IBPS PO-IV 19-10-2014

GA questions asked in IBPS PO-IV 19 -Oct-2014 IBPS PO-IV (Evening Shift Paper)

List of questions

  1. What is the Capital of Afghanistan- Kabul
  2. What does 'A' stands for  in ATM - Automated
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GK questions asked in SSC CGL 2014 - Tier I - 19/10/2014

This was the first time I’d given SSC CGL and without any SSC specific preparation, and I found it easy.

Reasoning had some mistakes in 1-2 questions, other wise was very easy. I attempted 34.

Maths was easy too, I could attempt 40.

English was difficult, questions made me think, I attempted 40.
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Current Affairs Update for 19 October

Current affairs update for today


  • No majority government in Maharashtra. BJP government in Haryana.
  • Diesel price deregulated, cheaper by Rs 3.37
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Verbs and Tenses – The action and drama of English Grammar

‘Verbs’ is the most easy grammar topic and the most interesting as well! After all who does not like a bit of action! 

I’m sure every one of you is an expert at identifying the verb in any given sentence; the problem arises when identifying errors in a sentence when coupled with tenses!

From the exam point of view, verbs are tested on in sentence corrections/error detection; but verbs are the life line of any sentence as verbs show the happening of anything – it is the action grammar.
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GA questions asked in IBPS PO-IV 18 -Oct-2014 (Evening Shift Paper)

List of questions asked in IBPS PO-IV 18 -Oct-2014 (Evening Shift Paper)

General awareness questions asked

  1. NSDL - National Securities Depository Limited
  2. CPI full form - Consumer Price Index
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