Ratio and Proportions - 6 basic concepts you should know!

Ratio and Proportions is another important topic from banking exam point of view; it can come as an individual question and it can also come as a part of data interpretation.

RPs (short for Ratio and Proportions) are easy enough if we could just get the hang of the basic concept. Today my effort will be to revise the basic premise of RPs and tackle some short cut concepts too.

Basic Concepts

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Daily Vocab Dose - Alphabet C

Daily Vocab Dose - Alphabet C

1. Cavil – evasion/raising pointless objections
ex.: Some MPs always cavil about pointless issues.

2. Corpulent – excessively fat/obese
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SBI Associate PO Marketing - Market Segmentation

Today onwards I am starting preparation series for SBI Associate PO Marketing section. Within next few days I will provide more useful study notes.

Market segmentation means segregating a market based on certain factor so that the marketers are able to evolve effective marketing policies and programmes.

Market is nothing but an aggregate of consumers of a particular product, it is quite possible that segments may occur within this whole heterogeneous (mixed/diverse) market. These segments are homogeneous (same/uniform) in characteristics on the basis of factors of segmentation.
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Current Affairs Updates for 24 October

Current Affairs Updates for today :-


  • CEO of ‘Total’, Christophe de Mergerie died in a plane crash. Total is a famous oil and gas company. 
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What is Computer VIRUS ? Everything you need to know

When I first read about computer virus, I was surprised to know it is not ‘virus’ – but VIRUS!

VIRUS is actually an acronym for Vital Information Resource Under Siege

Everyone says computer technology is changing every day – true – so are viruses changing and evolving every single day; thus it only makes sense we know a little about these mischief makers.

To help with the MCQs, I have italicized and bold-ended the proper terms.
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Current Affairs Update for 23 October

Current Affairs Update for today


  • Narendra Modi visited Siachin to wish Diwali to soldiers
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Happy Diwali to all my readres

Wishing you a happy and safe Diwali.

Happy Diwali

Avoid crackers and sweets. Donate some money to needy people.
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Playing with Percentages - 7 Techniques to Learn

The old idiom goes, ‘there are no shortcuts to success’; we have probably heard this one at least a hundred times in our life already.

But times are changing and in our present situation, where we are students and candidates of competitive exams…shortcuts are the only way to success!

Think Math – think shortcuts; whether the shortcuts are your own methods or taught by someone, or learnt from a book – they need to be remembered and inculcated into your normal ‘mathematical’ thought process.
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Best IBPS Clerk Books for CWE IV

IBPS Clerk CWE exam is coming closer and this competition is harder. Candidates are very confused regarding the study material. Many students fails to crack IBPS exam due to lack of quality study material. I have already provided study notes and previous question papers but students need quality books.
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Daily Vocab Dose - 22 October

Daily Vocab Dose for today

1. Brittle – easily breakable
antonym = unbreakable
example : Chalks are very brittle.
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RBI Assistant Result Out

RBI has declared result for Assistant grade.

Check your result here

Share your result in the comments
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Current Affairs Update for 22 October

Current Affairs Update for 22 October :-


  • On 19th October 2014, Lynda Bellingham, British actress and presenter, died due to cancer.
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