Reasoning Puzzles Questions for IBPS PO

Here the puzzle question. Try to solve this and share your scores. Keep practicing !!

Before solving this set, read How to solve Reasoning Puzzles Quickly

reasoning puzzle
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Current Affairs Quiz - 8 October 2015

Current affairs quiz for today :-

1. Which famous personality also known as ‘The Wizard’ ?

2. National Thermal Power Corporation Limited has achieved a record of highest single day electricity generation of over ____ units ?

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Coding Decoding Shortcut Tricks

Coding Decoding is simplest and scoring chapter of Reasoning. Whenever you face these type of easy questions never skip them.
  • First of all we should know the positioning (in numerical value) and opposite of all alphabets. The below given diagram explain itself:

coding decoding
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Current Affairs Updates for 8 October 2015

Noble Prize in Chemistry announced

  • Tomas Lindahl of UK, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar of USA awarded with Nobel Prize in Chemistry for DNA studies on 06th October 2015.
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Seating Arrangement Questions for IBPS PO

Important seating arrangement set for IBPS PO 
seating arrangement

Before reading this post I recommend you to read - Circular Seating Arrangement – How to Solve Quickly
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Computer Awareness - Expected Questions for IBPS exams

Computer Awareness Quiz :-
computer quiz

Q1. MS Power Point was officially launched on:
a) May 22, 1990
b) May 25, 1990
c) May 27, 1990
d) None of These

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Key Economic Indicators in Indian Economy

In India, we say that, our banking system is one of the robust and rugged systems. Do we have to believe that or not that’s later part of discourse? But before that, we need to comprehend some economic vitals to gain an insight into what actually is going around us. For that matter, we don’t need to be an expertise in number crunching rather general knowledge would do a way better.
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General Awareness Quiz - 7 October 2015

General Awareness Quiz for today :-
current affairs

1. Which is the highest environmental award and given by which organization ?

2. The communication satellite ARSAT2 launched by which country ?

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Chandigarh Administration Department Vacancies - Apply here

Chandigarh Administration and Education Department has invited application for the recruitment of different posts such as:
  1. Clerk
  2. Lower Division Clerks
  3. Steno Typists 
(On Contract Basis)
Online Application Registration start from 12th October 2015 and Close on 2nd November, 2015.
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Square Seating Arrangements - Practice Set

In the series of providing Seatimg arrangement problems. Today I am providing Square table seating arramhement set.

Must read ==>> Technique to solve Seating Arrangement problems

Eight friends Prem, Queen, Rajan, Sooraj, Taksh, Vaani, Waqar and Yousuf are sitting around a square table. Out of eight, four persons are sitting at the corners of the table and other four are sitting at the mid - points of each side of the table. Persons at the corners are facing the center while the persons at the mid - points of side are facing outside. Sooraj is third to the right of Prem.
Prem is facing the center. Yousuf is not sitting beside Prem or Sooraj. Taksh is third to the right of
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