GK Updates for 24-04-2014

The Supreme Court set up a four-member committee for framing guidelines to prevent misuse of public funds by the government and its authorities in giving advertisements in newspapers and television to get political mileage. The court ruled that substantive guidelines are needed to regulate such advertisements at the cost of public exchequer. The order to constitute this committee was passed while the apex court heard public interest litigation (PIL) by two NGOs. Which two NGOs are these? – Common Cause and Centre for Public Interest Litigation (CPIL)

supreme court

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SBI PO 2014 Last Date to Apply

Today is the last date apply for SBI PO exam. If you haven't applied yet then apply now.

Click here to apply.

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Important Dates

Registration of application: 07.04.2014 - 25.04.2014
Fees (Payment) - online: 07.04.2014 -  25.04.2014
Fees (Payment)  - offline: 10.04.2014 - 28.04.2014
In case of any query, post a comment below or discuss in IBPStoday.com

I am planning to start DI preparation series this week. So stay updated.
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GK Updates 23 April 2014

1. In an important development the Supreme Court on 22 April 2014 appointed a panel to suggest measures to prevent road accidents and to ensure accountability. Which three persons were nominated as members of this panel? – Justice K.S. Radhakrishnan, S. Sundar and Dr. Nishi Mittal

2. Which state has achieved the highest rate of increase in the number of electors in the country in the past five years as stated in the electoral data released early this year? – Tamil Nadu

3. Which international Drug Company on 22 April 2014 announced a multi-billion dollar revamp plan in which it will swap assets with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and will sell some business to Eli Lilly? – Novartis AG

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SBI PO Essay Sample - Role of Education in Economic Development

Essay Topic - Role of Education in Economic Development
Education is the basic need of a society to develop it's mental ability and thinking capacity. Educated people can implement the ideas and technologies better than illiterate people.

Society and should be committed to ensure that all children, irrespective of their gender and social category, have access to primary education. An education that enables them to acquire the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes necessary to become responsible citizen of India.

The Right to Education act, 2009 makes education a fundamental right of every child between age group of 6-14. It's government 's duty to provide education to all children in specified age group.
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SBI Descriptive Paper Precise Writing Sample

Precis Writing is an important part of SBI PO descriptive paper. In precis writing you need to summarize the a paragraph into one third part without skipping any idea or any important part.

Important points to consider while writing precise writing

  • Never rewriteIt means never pick and rewrite important lines from the paragraph.
  • Follow the format - Precise should be one third of the paragraph.
  • Never skip any idea or flow of opinions
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SBI PO Essay - Delinking Politics from Sports in India

As every coin has two faces, each and everything has some good effects as well as some bad effects on other things. In the same way Politics has good and bad effects when it is linked with sports.

My answer to the topic is “No” It can’t be delinked from Indian sports because sports also have an administration committee and their members are elected by polling system and the committee is also governed by a person who is elected by its members. When there is such election and polling system where politics can’t be delinked from anything.

If we are going to choose the captain of our team then he is also going to be elected by the team and the administrative committee also.
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SBI PO 2013 Question Paper with Solutions and Analysis

SBI PO 2014 exam is getting closer and many readers asked me to share SBI PO 2013 question paper.

Download SBI PO 2013 paper here


Total number of questions
Number of sections
Questions per section
Negative marking
Number of options

Section – Data Interpretation and Analysis

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GK Updates for 21 April 2014

1) U.S.President Barack Obama signed a law on 18 April 2014 that allows Washington to deny visas to anyone (including United Nations envoys) who has engaged in terrorist acts against the United States. This law would apparently deny a visa to Iran’s designated ambassador to the New York-based United Nations. What is the name of this Iranian diplomat? – Hamid Abutalebi

2) In a surprising development Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on 17 April 2014 announced backing out from hosting the Asian Games of 2019. Which Vietnamese city was to host the 18th edition of Asian Games? – Hanoi
Hanoi Asian games 2019

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