Questions asked in SBI IT Officer Exam: Previous Year Questions

Hi readers,
Today I am sharing Professional Knowledge questions asked in previous SBI SO IT Professional knowledge paper. Must go through IT Officers notes here
  1. Full form of CIDR - Classless inter domain routing
  2. Simplest SDLC model - Waterfall
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Parajumbles for IBPS PO Pre: Hard Level

Directions: In the following exercise, the first and last sentence of a paragraph is given as S1 and S6. The remaining sentences of the paragraph are jumbled in various parts,
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Current Affairs Quiz: 24 September, 2016

Ques 1. Which campaign is launched by PM Narendra Modi through which people can send their Diwali greetings and messages to the soldiers to boost their morale?
a. #Message2Army
b. # Sandesh2Jawans
c. #Sandesh2Soldiers
d. #Greetings2Soldiers
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Cloze Test For IBPS PO Pre: Moderate Level

cloze test
Directions (1-10): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered.
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Smart Vocabulary Builder - Part 19



Meaning: भ्रमणशील, Traveling from place to place, especially to perform work or a duty
Key: इतनी रात
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Important Rules of Voices

Good knowledge of rules of grammar and their correct usage in right perspective,
Is the only way of attempting the questions relating to the spotting errors.

How to Change Active Voice into passive Voice?

1. Make the object of the active sentence—Subject of the passive sentence.
Example : I write a letter. (Active Voice)
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Expected Data Interpretation Set for IBPS PO Pre Exam

Direction  : Study the followings pie-charts carefully and answer the questions given below:

The pie-chart given below represents the number of students appeared for IBPS from different states.
 Click on the image to zoom in
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Important Oracle database questions - Specialist Officers (IBPS & SBI)

oracle database
Hi Readers, 
SBI has previously asked some database questions specific to oracle. Today, we'll see some important questions pertaining to that. Version 10g & 11g is what most of the systems run today & Oracle has come up with 12c as the latest one. 
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Current Affairs: 23 October 2016

PM launches #Sandesh2Soldiers campaign

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a campaign through which people can send their Diwali greetings and messages to the soldiers to boost their morale. 
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General Awareness Quiz - Set 118

1. With which of the following state is The Muziris Heritage Project, the largest heritage conservation project in India associated?
a) Gujarat
b) Rajasthan
c) Kerala
D. Andhra Pradesh
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