Current Affairs Quiz : 19 January 2017

1. According to World Economic Forum's Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) City Momentum Index lof world's most dynamic cities , which of the following city is at the top?
a. Bengaluru
b. Delhi
c. Mumbai
d. Chandigarh

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NIACL Administrative Officers (Generalists) Scale-I Main Result Out

Dear Readers,
NIACL has published the result of online main examination of  Administrative Officers (Generalists) (Scale-I) Main Exam. Link is given below:
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Government Schemes 2016-17 - PDF

Hi readers,
In banking and SSC exams, many questions are asked from government schemes their purpose, the budget allocated, authorities and responsibilities. In this PDF, I am sharing all the important bites related to Government Schemes recently launched in India
government schemes
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Probability Concepts with Examples

The word PROBABILITY is used to indicate an unclear possibility that something might happen. It is also used simultaneously with chance.

Definition of Probability

If an event ‘E’ can happen in ‘m’ ways & fail in ‘k’ ways out of a total of ‘n’ ways, & each of them is equally likely, then the probability of the happening of ‘E’ is .
P(E) = m/(m+k) = m/n,     where n = (m+k)
In other words, if a random, experiment is conducted ‘n’ times & ‘m’ of them are favorable to event ‘E’, then
P(E) = m/n

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Public Funds in India: All You Need to Know


  • Public Funds in India are the Accounts for the path of different transactions in which the Government role is like a banker.
  • These Public Funds are also called Public Account.
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Basic Rules of Nouns for Error Spotting: Part 1

Hi Readers!!
Error spotting set in banking exams cover almost all the grammatical rules of English language and one must have the deep-rooted knowledge and practice of all the rules. Thus, we have accumulated some basic rules of noun in this article for better understanding of the concept and the other parts of the same topic will help you to fortify your grammatical skills. 
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South Indian Bank Probationary Officers and Clerks 2017 Notification Out - Apply Now

Dear Readers,
South Indian Bank has published a recruitment of Probationary Officers and Probationary Clerks  for the year 2017. Details is given below:
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Computer Awareness Quiz - Part 107

1. 601 error code identifies a - 
1. Motherboard problem
2. Floppy drive problem
3. ALU problem
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Depositor Education and Awareness Fund (DEAF) Scheme


Depositor Education and Awareness Fund Scheme was established in 2014 and was inserted in the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 empowering the central bank. All banks are required to transfer money lying in accounts that have been inoperative for at least 10 years to the DEAF according to specific guidelines. As per the latest announcement, banks have to list out inoperative accounts every month and transfer funds lying in these accounts along with interest accrued, by the end of the each month.
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Banking Awareness PDF: Free Handwritten Notes

In a series of sharing useful study material for upcoming banking exams. Today I am providing Banking Awareness handwritten notes in PDF format.
Number of pages - 37 + 122 + 55 + 91+94
Number of question - 328 + 623 + 358
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