RBI Grade B Manager (Phase-II) Exam Result Out

Dear Readers,
Reserve Bank of India has published the written exam result of the Phase-II Examination for the post of Officers in Grade - B (General) – DR - Batch Year- 2016.
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Computer Quiz for IBPS & Banking Exams (Set-18)

1. Applications are often referred to as
a) data file
b) executable files
c) system software
d) the operating system
e) none of these
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Notice with Regards to the Challenges for SSC CGLE-2016

Dear Readers,
SSC has published a notice regarding challenges for SSC CGLE-2016. The challenge receiving is over at 5:00 p.m on 26.09.2016. Those who have not submitted challenges
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General Awareness Quiz - Set 97

1. The International Literacy Day is observed on which of the following dates?
a) 5 Sep
b) 6 Sep
c) 7 Sep
d) 8 Sep
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Current Affairs Quiz: 26 September 2016

current affairs
1. The prime minister’s 7 Race Course Road is renamed as
a. 7 Lok Kalyan Marg
b. Mahatma Gandhi Marg
c. 7 Lok Kalyan Road
d. Gandhi road

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Monetary Policy Committee in India

In the recent past anyone who has been abreast with the happenings in the banking and financial sector of India knows that the Government and the RBI have not been on the same page when it comes to determining the Monetary Policy of India.

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Data Sufficiency Test for IBPS PO Pre

data sufficiency

Directions :

Each of the questions below consists of a question and three Statements numbered I,II and III given below it. You have to study the questions and all the three statements are sufficient to answer the questions.


What is the speed of the train ‘A’ ?
(I) Train A crosses 200 metres long train B running in opposite direction in 20 seconds.
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Most Confusing GK Pointers - Part 72

# 1.

  • In 1984 – First Metro train was introduced in Kolkata (West Bengal) 
  • In 1990 – Konkan Railway has been started between Goa , Maharashtra and Karnataka 
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Smart Vocabulary Builder - Part 9



Meaning: वसीयत नाम कर जाना, The act of giving or leaving personal property by a will
Key: Request
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Current Affairs: 26 September 2016

Race Course Road renamed as Lok Kalyan Marg

  • The Prime Minister's residential address will now be 7 Lok Kalyan Marg and not the famous Race Course Road with the authorities has approved the renaming of the iconic British-era road in posh Lutyens' Delhi. 
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