Union Budget 2015-16 Quiz

List of important questions from Union Budget 2015-16

Questions :-

1. What is the effective rate of service tax ?

2. What is rate of corporate tax ?
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Current Affairs Updates for 2 March 2015

Current Affairs Updates for today :-

Arun Singh appointed as India’s Ambassador to US

  • On 01st March 2015, Arun Singh became India’s Ambassador to the US. 

Jagmohan Dalmia elected as BCCI chief

  • Former ICC head who held top positions during 2001 to 2004, is back to game. Dalmia elected as head unanimously.
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Union Budget 2015-16 Summary - Download PDF

Finance Minsiter Arun Jaitley introduced Union Budget 2015-16. It was a budget for corporates as corporate tax reduced from 30% to 25%. Further decreased custom duty on raw materials. Tax benefit on hiring on employees base also widened.

There was nothing for middle class. Service tax increased from 12.36% to 16%. 80C limit and Tax slabs remained unchanged. Although tax benefits under 80D increased but that's for health insurance. Health insurance is not so popular and people in middle class don't avail policy of Rs.20,000 per annum.
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GK Quiz for 28 February 2015

GK Quiz for today :-

1. To build and implement the Andhra Pradesh Enterprise Architecture Programme, Andhra Pradesh signed an agreement with which company ?

2. Who awarded with Doctorate of Automative Engineering by Clemson University, South Carolina, USA ?
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8 Facts about Union Budget in India

Facts about Union Budget

1) First budget in India was presented on 7th April 1860 by James Wilson East India Company

2) First Budget of independent India was presented on 26th November 1947 by R. K Shanmukham chetty

3) First budget of republic India was presented on 28th Feb 1950 by John Mathai
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Union Budget 2015 - A Budget for Big Corporations

Today Finance minster Arun Jaitley presented Union Budget. There was nothing for common man.

Yoga exempted from Service tax and corporate tax reduced to 25%. So it is a win-win situation for Ambani's, Adani's and Yog guru Ramdev.

It was a budget for "Big Corporates". There was nothing special for "Middle Class Aam Aadmi" who was expecting revision in tax slabs and 80C limit.
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Current Affairs Update for 28 February

Current Affairs Update for today :-

Former CM of Haryana Hukam Singh died

  • Hukam Singh, the former Chief Minister of Haryana, died on 26th February 2015. He was remained Chief Minister of Haryana in the year 1990-91 (total 248 days). 

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GK Quiz for 27 February 2015

GK Quiz for today :-

1. 3rd Tortoise Festival organized on 21st February 2015 in which State of India ?

2. Abdul Jabbar sentenced to life imprisonment for which crime ?

3. Which is the most prestigious literary honour in India ?
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