October GK Digest - Download Now

Today I am presenting October GK Digest. In previous editions many readers complained that some parts of digest are not properly categorized and many times download links doesn't work. This time I solved all these problems.

October GK Digest
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MS Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many shortcuts, mostly the ‘common shortcuts’ which are same in MS Word as well as MS Excel. But not all shortcuts work here!

Please note, sometimes the shortcuts may differ because of OS or the version of OS or the version of MS Office. The shortcuts I am listing are MS EXCEL 2003 ones (which are compliant in the latest versions as well) – they are most commonly asked.

If you have a different version, you can check for shortcuts from ‘HELP’ option.
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General Awareness Quiz for 1 November

General awareness quiz for today


1. The longest serving CM after Mr.Jyoti Basu is

2. India’s 1st Economic Census was started in 1977 whereas the 6th Economic Census was started in

3. The World largest Solar Power Project (4000 MW) is in …
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Current Affairs Update for 1 November

Current affairs update for today :-


  • Devendra Fadnavis (full name Devendra Gangadharrao Fadnavis) sworn-in as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The oath ceremony held at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is the 27th Chief Minister of the State but became 18th person. 
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SSC Examinations Calender for 2015

Today SSC released calender for 2015 examinations.

Name of the Exam
Date to Apply
Date of Exam
CGL Examination 2014 (Tier-II)
18thJanuary 2014 to
24thFebruary 2014
SI in CAPFs, ASI in CISF and SI in Delhi Police -2015
28thFebruary 2015 to
27th March 2015
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Time, Speed and Distance: Revision Questions

Who thinks Time, Speed and Distance (TSD) is tough? No one I hope!

IBPS PO had TSD, IBPS Clerical will have TSD and SBI Associates PO may have TSD too. Is a very easy chapter – and hence getting this correct in every exam that you appear for is a given and a must!

Quick Revision of the theory of TSD will be followed by some good revision worthy questions (picked up especially for you from here and there and there and here!)
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Daily Vocab Dose - Character G

Daily Vocabulary dose for today

1. Gesticulate– communicate or express through movement/gesture
    ex.: From the other side of the bridge I saw her gesticulate me to hurry up.

2. Grimace – frown/scowl – to make a face
     ex.: He grimaced in pain and the nurse injected a syringe into his arm!
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General Awareness Quiz for 31 October

General awareness quiz for today

1. In BASEl III, the Conservation Buffer deadline for implementation of 2.5% is Jan 2019, whereas RBI has fixed at …

2. ICC Umpire of the year was won by Richard Kettleborough whereas ICC T20 performance of the year was won by

3. Who has been appointed as the Commander in Chief of Strategic Forces Command replacing SPS Cheema?
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Current Affairs Update for 31 October

Current affairs update for today :-


  • Taiwan banned its government officials from higher studies in China. 
  • Guy Scott, Vice-President of Zambia appointed as Acting President of Zambia due to the death of President of Zambia. 
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Free Test Panda Quiz App for Android Users

In a series of providing useful learning platforms, today I am launching Test Panda app for my readers.

It is free and will always be free.


  • Updated tests
  • 2500 questions database
  • 20 questions in each test
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How to solve Reasoning Puzzles Quickly

Puzzles are a curious thing; they solve so easily when solving them at home and almost always let us down in exams. Why? Have you asked yourself?

Why at home we can solve hundreds of questions without mistake and in exam we can’t even make A or B sit in the correct order to actually get an answer!

Sometimes you might have encountered a situation where having solved a puzzle
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Various Payment Systems in Banks in India

In a series of providing useful material for Banking Awareness section of various banking exams. Today I am explaining various payment systems available in banks in a very simple language.

1. RTGS: Real Time Gross Settlement

  • It is a centralized payment system through which inter bank payment instructions are processed and settled, on GROSS basis, in REAL TIME. 
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