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IT Officer Professional Knowledge Study Material

Published on Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Dear Aspirants,
it officer guide
As you all know, SBI SO notification is out and application dates are open. The salary structure and perks offered to employees in SBI are no less than any competent private organization. But as usual, the competition for this exam is going to be tough with a lot of engineers from Computer
Science/Information technology background competing with each other for Assistant Manager (systems) profile. So let’s start our preparation right away and give due importance to the Professional Knowledge section which is the basis for entry to interviews.

I’ll soon be starting a series on Professional Knowledge section (Systems) which will explain the relevant topics.

==>> Download SO IT Question bank and notes here

==>> Download SO IT Model paper

I’m providing a broad list of the topics and subtopics below which will be covered in upcoming days:

Database Management System - Introduction, Relational Model, Normalization, Data modelling with ER Model, Introduction to SQL, ODBC, JDBC, Database Administration, Data Warehousing, Client-Server Database, XML database, Distributed Databases, Object-Oriented Database, Object-Oriented Data Modeling.

Operating system

Part 1: Basics
Part 2: GUI, Process state and types
Part 3: Threads
Part 4: Sections and scheduling
Part 5: CPU Scheduling
Part 6: Memory management
Part 7: File system

C Programming - Declarations and Initializations, Floating point Issues, Const, Strings, Expressions, Functions, Input / Output, Pointers, Memory Allocation, Library Functions, Typedef, Control Instructions, Arrays, Command line arguments, Bitwise operators.

C++ Programming - OOPS concepts, Objects and Classes, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Constructors and Destructors, File Handling, Operator Overloading, Function overloading, Friend Functions, Templates, Functions, Exception Handling, Memory Management.

Java Programming - Fundamentals, Inner classes, Flow control, Threads, Declarations and Access control, Objects and collections, Operators and Assignments, Garbage Collection, Exceptions

Data Structures - Linked List, Stack, Queue, Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree, Heap, Hashing, Graph, Advanced-Data Structure, Array, Matrix

Algorithms - Analysis of Algorithms, Searching and Sorting

Other Topics - Basic concepts of Software & Hardware, Software development cycle, Cloud Computing, Software testing, Operating System concepts, Unix, Linux, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Electronics, Software Engineering, System Analysis and Design, Information Systems, DOS, Automation System, Web Technologies.

Pull up your socks and get ready for an interesting match with SBI, Cheers!

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