Joint Military Exercises of India 2018

Joint Military Exercises of India 2018

Defense exercises are very important for any nation. It has many purposes like counter-terrorism, low-intensity conflict operations at Counter-Insurgency, and improving coordination.
In previous months, there were many defence exercises performed by our armed forces, some are mentioned below:
Name of Exercise Conducted between Place Duration of exercise Purpose or comment
Vijay Prahar Southern Western Command of Indian Army And Indian Air force Mahajan Areas Of Suratgarh , Rajasthan
This Operation Will be performed for one month.

The main motive behind performing this operation is to tackle the various threats which are highly dangerous during this Nuclear Generation where it is very much difficult to cope up with the war on land and in air together.
This operation involves training with highly developed machines and war equipments with intelligently driven.
Harimau Shakti
India and Malaysia
Sengai Perdik , Hulu Langat ,Malaysia. 30 April 2018 to 13 May 2018 The main aim of conducting this exercise is to foster support and cooperations between both the armed forces while working in jungle area or terrain. It is to be noted that this is for the first time that India and Malaysia are performing such kind of operation on Malaysian soil. Participants from India are 4 GRENADIERS having experience in operational as well as counter Insurgency warfare. Participants from Malaysia are 1 ROYAL RANJER REGIMENT and ROYAL MALAY REGIMENT , having expertise in such kind of jungle operations.
Peace Mission India and Pakistan Under the Frame work of Shanghai Cooperation organization(SCO)
Will be Held in URAL Mountains Of Russia

To be Held in September 2018.
The main aim is to enhance counter terror cooperations. This is for the first time since Independence that the Army of two Arch Rival Countries are Participating in Joint Military Exercise, last time they were together with the UN PEACE KEEPING MISSIONS.
Desert Tiger 5 UAE and MALAYSIA DUBAI,UAE Held recently in the month of may. Aimed at sharing Expertise and Joint Military Actions between both the countries.


The Indian and the French navies

The coast of Goa

20th to 24th March, 2018

16th Edition
For enhancing interoperability and exchanging best practices.


Indian Air Force,Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates.

The coast of Kerala

March 12 to 17, 2018

The main objective of the exercise is to stir up all the stakeholders in synergising unified Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief efforts.

Paschim Lehar

Indian Navy, Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Coast Guard

India’s western coast

12th feb to 4th march, 2018

The objective of the exercise was to build interoperability between them.


India and Seychelles

Mahe Island in Seychelles archipelago

25th feb to 4th march 2018

8th Edition
The aim Lamitye 2018 was fighting insurgency, terrorism and piracy threats. Indian Army was represented by team comprising of 45 personnel, including four officers, five Junior Commissioned Officers (JCO) and 36 Other Ranks


India and Vietnam

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

January 29 to February 3, 2018

To carry out training for Peace Keeping Operations under United Nations (UN) mandate.

‘Vajra Prahar’

India and the US


Third week of January

The aim of the Vajra Prahar exercise is to promote military relations between two countries by enhancing interoperability and mutual exchange of tactics


India and the Maldives

Belagavi, Karnataka

15th dec to 28th dec 2017

8th Edition.
The aim of the exercise was to conduct military training between armies of both countries with emphasis on counter insurgency, counter terrorism operations.

Ajeya Warrior

India and the UK


1 December to 14 December 2017

The objective of this exercise is to increase mutual cooperation and coordination between two countries. Both armies will learn and share from each other's experiences.


Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar

20 to 24 November 2017

The purpose of the exercise was for adopting planning and precise execution of Command plans by forces in synergistic manner. It also aimed for beingfully prepared for any eventuality in future


India And Myanmar

Meghalya, India

November 20-25, 2017

The six-day training exercise aimed at building and promoting closer relations with armies of the neighbouring countries and to train the officers of Myanmar Army in various United Nations Peacekeeping roles and tasks.


India And Bangladesh

Mizoram, India

November 6-18, 2017

To build and promote positive relations between armies of two neighbours.


India And Kazakhstan Army

Himachal Pradesh, India

2 To 15 Nov 2017

2nd Edition.
The Joint Exercise Is Aimed At Enhancing The Military Ties Between The Two Countries.


Indo-Russia Armed Forces

Sea Of Japan Near Vladivostok, Russia

19 To 29 Oct 2017

First Ever Tri Services Joint Exercise Between Indian And Russian Armed Forces.


India-Sri Lanka Army

Pune, India

13 To 25 Oct 2017

5th Edition.
It Based On Counter Terrorist Operations (CTO) And Infantry Company From Both Countries


United States And Indian Army

Washington, US

14 To 27 Sep 2017

The Training Was Focused On Specialized Drills And Procedures Involved In Counter Insurgency, Counter Terrorist Operations In An Urban Environment.


India And Sri-Lanka Navy

Vishakhapatnam, India

7 To 14 Sep 2017

The Seven Days Exercise Aimed To Reinforce Strong Neighborly Ties Between Both Countries Underscored By Extensive Maritime Interaction And Improved Understanding.


Nepal And Indian Army

Saljhandi, Nepal

3 To 16 Sep 2017

Focused On Skills Required Counter- Terrorism And Counter-Terror, Forest Fighting And Natural Disaster Management Operations.


India, Japan And United States Navies

Bay Of Bengal

10 To 17 July 2017

21st Edition,
Trilateral Naval Exercise


Indian Army And Royal Thailand Army

Himanchal Pradesh, India

3 To 17 July 2017

Encountered In A Counterterrorism Environment.


Indian Navy And Royal Australian Navy

Freemantle, Australia

13 To 17 June 2017

The Exercise Is Aimed At Increasing Inter-Operability And Is In Consonance With The Growing Cooperation Between The Two Countries.


Indian Navy And Republic Of Singapore Navy

South China Sea

18 To 24 May 2017

24th Bilateral Exercise.
SIMBEX Stands For “Singapore-India Maritime Bilateral Exercises“.


India And Indonesia Navy

Port Blair, India

9 To 25 May 2017

29th Edition.
The Bilateral Exercise Aims To Enhance Mutual Understanding And Inter–Operability Between The Two Navies.


India-Mongolian Military Exercise

Mizoram, India

5 To 18 April 2017

12th Edition.
Encompasses Important Aspects Like Convoy Protection, Room Intervention Drills.


Nepal And Indian Army

Uttarakhand, India

7 To 20 March 2017

11th Edition


Oman And Indian Army

Himanchal Pradesh, India

6 To 19 March 2017

2nd Edition


Western And Eastern Naval Commands, Assets From The Indian Air Force, Indian Army And The Indian Coast Guard

Western Seaboard Of India

24 Jan To 26 Feb 2017

To Strengthen Inter-Operability And Joint Operations In A Complex Environment.

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