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Statement & Assumption Reasoning Tricks and Rules

Published on Thursday, July 09, 2015
Today I am going to teach you some rules with the help of these rules it will be easy for you to make assumption in a right way.


  1. Assumption is always Indefinite & Positive
    Some, to large extent, many, much , exist in the assumption
  2. Some words like only, each, any, every, all, question indicating word ( why,these,what), Answer indicating words(therefor), Definitely, But , Certainly exist in the assumption that assumption will always be explicit(False).
  3. Some words like some, to large extent, many, much , exist in the assumption that assumption will always be implicit(True).
  4. Any assumption that is conveying the message of advertisement , notice, appeal that assumption will always be implicit(True).
  5. Any assumption that is talking about the social welfare (positive) , govt. policies that assumption will always be implicit(True).
  6. If any assumption is talking about past & future that assumption will always be explicit(False).
  7. If any assumption showing the word like suggestion, order, request that will always be implicit(True). Restatement  is never implicit.
  8. Comparison always wrong.



Statement: Everybody loves reading adventure stories
  1. Adventures stories are the only reading material.
  2. No body loves Reading any other material.


Statement: . "If you want to study account join institute Y",A advice to B.
  1. Institute Y provides good account education.
  2. B listen to A advice.


Statement: The college administration has instructed all the students to stop using cell phone within the college premises.
  1. The student may stop using cell phone in the college premises
  2. The student may continue to use cell phone in the college premises.


Statement: Read the Notice before entering the club
  1. People are literate.
  2. Club is not for blind person.


Statement: ABC is the only magazine that provides good notes on  Reasoning & Mathematics.
  1. It will have some effect on those who read .
  2. People always wait for latest Notes on reasoning & Mathematics.


Statement: If you are a classical singer we have challenging job for you.
  1. we need a classical singer
  2. you are a classical singer.


Statement: Like a mad man I decided to follow him.
  1. I am a mad man.
  2. I am not a mad man.


Statement: All the workers are here by instructed to reach the factory by 8:30 am.
  1. Some of the worker will not arrived at the factory in time.
  2. Worker will follow the strict warning in the notice.


Statement: You can't solve syllogism question without constructing a diagram(Venn).Difficult question of syllogism need Venn diagram solving, A teacher tells his students.
  1. The students are not intelligent.
  2. Problem cannot be solved.

Assumptions & Beliefs image


  1. Whenever a notice is issued it is assumed that the notice will have desired effect.
  2. Whenever something is advertised it is assumed that it will be read by the people for whom it is meant.
Statement & Assumption Regarding Notice or Appeal



Statement: Please do not lean out of the running train.A notice in the railways compartment
  1. The people are likely to pay the attention.
  2. It is the duty of railway to issue such notice.
  3. Leaning out of running train is dangerous.
  4. Not leaning out of running trains ensure safety.


Statement: Warning: Cigarette smoking is injurious to health.
Statement & Assumption Logical tricks

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