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Questions asked from Engineers in IBPS interviews

Hello readers as you know that IBPS PO interviews are going on and clerk interviews will begin in February. So here I am suggesting some answers for a very common question for engineers that why do you want to join bank after your engineering? The main purpose of the interviewers behind this question is to analyze the interest of the candidate in banking services. Do not memorise any answer buy I suggest you to make a good answer for this question by using these suggestions. And believe me they will definitely ask you this if you are an engineer.

So here are some good answers-

  • Sir, banking is nothing but technology these days. ATM, CBS, Internet banking, Mobile banking and many more technologies have made banking synonyms with technology. So I think that being a technocrat it will be really comfortable for me to work in such a technical environment. 
  • Sir, engineering not only developed my technical skills but also my analytical ability. In engineering, I organised many events and so it has given me a leadership quality also. It also developed my communication skills. So I think due to engineering, I have that quality in me that I can provide better customer service. 
  • Sir, when I started my engineering then IT was a booming sector. But meanwhile, we saw due to recession IT sector has lost its shine. So I thought that it is no more a safe sector to work in. And because of my interest in a stable and socially respectful job, I decided to go for banking.


You can include the points of your choice in your answer. I am here providing some key features of banking services-

1. Stability (do not use secure, say it is a stable job)

2. Growth (you can tell them about the promotions and the exams conducted by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance like JAIIB and CAIIB)

3. Fast and fair selection process (no political interference).

4. Neat and clean job (no political pressure).

5. Pay and perks (like different facilities- accommodation, fuel for car, cheaper loans, LTC/LFC, newspaper and much more)

6. Socially respectable job.

So these were some of the points that can help you in answering this definite question for engineers. I hope this article will help you. These are my views and I also took help from some interview experiences of candidates. You may or may not agree with these.

Thanks and regards,
Nikhil Bhardwaj

Updated on 22 January 2017
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  1. "a bird in the hand worth two in the bush"...........???
    this is what i have faced ....
    what should be the best answer

    1. I agree, A bird in hand is worth two in the bush but the bird I want is not in my hand but in the bush...that's why I am running after it.

  2. thank sirji...:) it helps..

  3. Served a good answer for a long term repeated question.
    Thanks Ramandeep SIr.

  4. Ramandeep Sir... Did not clear IBPS...But cleared a co-op bank exam... Your blog is truly helping me for the interview .... Was finding an answer for such questions as I am an IT graduate..... thank u so much

  5. i belong to mechanical field then what answer i should give to chose banking instead of engg.

  6. I have got 67 in IBPS clerical....How should I prepare for the interview...Hope there is a little chance if the interview is good..

  7. what should i tell when asked about my hobby?

  8. Hi All

    I got selected in SBI PO written 2014.Will be appearing for interview in October.Can someone experienced please explain what type of questions will they focus on for a BTECH ECE student.Also I am working in an IT company as a software engineer.
    Thanks in advance!!!


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