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Synonyms List with Examples

Published on Saturday, December 16, 2017

Letter A

Word Synonyms Examples
Abdicate Give Up, Renounce, Disclaim, Waive, Disown, Surrender, Yield, Relinquish, Abandon, Resign, Quit 1. The allowance must be made for his poor eyesight abdicated all responsibility for the care of the children.

2. She abdicated the throne to marry a commoner.
Abet Encourage, Urge, Instigate, Incite, Provoke, Egg On, Prod, Goad; Aid, Help, Assist Countenance, Approve (Of), Support, Endorse, Second, Sanction, Condone; Further, Advance, Promote, Uphold 1. The jury found that his wife had abetted him in the murder
2. By failing to inform on the terrorists, the neighbours abetted the bombing.
Abeyance . Pending, Reserved, In Reserve, Shelved, Pushed Or Shoved Or Shunted Aside, Postponed, Put Off, Suspended, Temporarily Inactive, Dormant; Latent, On The Shelf, On Ice, Legal proceedings were held in abeyance so that talks could take place to reach an out-of-court settlement.
Abhor Hate, Loathe, Detest, Abominate, Execrate; Regard Or View With Horror Or Dread Or Fright Or Repugnance Or Loathing Or Disgust, Shudder At, Recoil Or Shrink From; Be Or Stand Aghast At He said that he abhorred any violation of human rights.
Abode A Place Of Residence, Dwelling, House, Home, Domicile, Habitation, Quarters, Lodging He abodes in a shabby place
Abominable Offensive, Repugnant, Repulsive, Vile, Monstrous, Loathsome, Odious, Execrable, Detestable, Despicable, Base, Disgusting, Nauseous, Nauseating, Foul, Abhorrent, Horrid, Deplorable: He was accused of crimes too abominable to detail in open court.
Abridge To Shorten A Task, Reduce, Condense, Cut, Abbreviate, Cut Back, Trim, Curtail, Contract, Compress, Digest, Summarize, Epitomize, Abstract We abridged the original edition by reducing the number of pages.
Abrupt Snappy, Hasty, Quick, Precipitate, All Of A Sudden; Unexpected, Unannounced, Unplanned, Unforeseen, Unanticipated  The video ended in an abrupt manner
Abstract A Rough Idea,Unapplied, Notional, Ideational, Conceptual, Metaphysical, Unpractical, Intellectual It is difficult to capture abstract ideas on paper.
Absurd Silly, Nonsensical, Senseless, Outlandish, Preposterous , Mad, Stupid, Foolish, Idiotic, Imbecile, Moronic, Childish, Laughable, Ludicrous, Inane The notion that the moon is made of black cheese is absurd.
Accomplice Partner In Crime, Confederate, Ally, Associate, Colleague, Fellow, Henchman, Collaborator, Conspirator, Co-Conspirator, Assistant, Fellow-Criminal The police arrested the safe-cracker and three accomplices within hours of the robbery.
Adept Very Well Versed, Extreme At Something, Proficient, Skilled, Well-Skilled, Expert, Accomplished, Skilful Or US Skilful, Adroit, Dexterous Or Dextrous, Able, Masterful, Masterly, Polished She is an adept pianist, and her husband is adept at carpentry.
Adolescent Teenager, Youth, Juvenile, Minor, Stripling, Youngster A group of adolescents volunteered to work at the home for the elderly.
Aesthete Connoisseur, Art-Lover, Lover Of Beauty, Aesthetician It was the aesthetes who set the standard for the art purchased by the museum.
Afflict Affect, Bother, Distress, Oppress, Trouble, Torment Last winter's intense cold afflicted everyone, but those in the north especially
Agitate Excite, Arouse, Rouse, Move, Perturb, Stir Up, Disquiet, Fluster, Ruffle, Rattle, Disconcert, Discomfit, Unsettle, Upset, Rock, Unnerve, Shake (Up) Rachel was agitated to learn of the bank's threat to foreclose on the mortgage.
Akin Usually, Akin To. Related (To), Allied Or Connected Or Affiliated (To Or With), Associated (With), Germane (To), Like, Alike, Similar (To) 1. Desultoriness is akin to indolence.
2. Their decision not to show the film smacks of something akin to censorship
Allege Declare, Aver, State, Assert, Charge, Affirm, Avow, Asseverate, Depose, Say The guard alleged that he had caught the boy climbing in a basement window.
Aloof Apart, Away, At A Distance, Separate; At Arm's Length
Private, Reticent, Reserved, Withdrawn, Haughty, Supercilious, Standoffish, Formal, Unsociable, Unsocial; Distant, Standoffish, Distant, Remote, Cool, Chilly, Unresponsive, Unfriendly, Antisocial, Unapproachable; Unsympathetic, Apathetic, Indifferent, Undemonstrative
1. She is an aloof type of person
2. Robin is quite an aloof sort of person - not what you would call a 'mixer'.
3. Roger keeps himself aloof from the needs of those less fortunate than he is.
Amendment Correction, Emendation, Reformation, Change, Alteration, Rectification, Repair, Reform, Improvement, Amelioration, Betterment, Enhancement The committee approved the amendment of the constitution by the addition of the suggested paragraphs.
Amicable A Friendly Relationship, Amiable, Harmonious, Brotherly, Kind-Hearted, Cordial, To Be Polite, Being Pleasant, Peaceful Both of them have amicable relations.
Allowance Permission, Toleration, Tolerance, Sufferance, Admission, Concession, Sanction; Allowing, Permitting, Tolerating, Suffering, Sanctioning, Brooking, Countenancing Payment, Recompense, Remuneration, Reimbursement, Remittance, Stipend, Dole, Pin Or Pocket, Money, Quota, Ration; Pension, Annuity, Allocation Deduction, Discount, Reduction, Rebate; Credit; Tret; Tare 1. There were many causes of difference between them, the chief being the allowance of slavery in the south.
 2. Allowance will be made for all reasonable expenses.
Bill gets a liberal weekly allowance for expenses. 3. You must make allowance for the weight of the crate.
4. Allowance must be made for his poor eyesight

Letter B

Word Synonyms Example
Bias To Be Inclined Towards, Propensity, Partiality, Inclination, Leaning, Bent, Disposition, Tendency, Predilection, Predisposition, Prejudice She shows a marked bias in favour of the Irish.
Bicker Dispute, Quarrel, Wrangle, Argue, Squabble, Tiff The couple next door are always bickering about trifling matters
Bigotry Prejudice, Intolerance, Bias, Partiality No government that practises bigotry can survive long.
Bigwig Boss, Kingpin, King, Queen, Nabob, VIP, Big-Shot, Big Gun, Big Cheese, Big Wheel, Hotshot, Chief, Brass Hat The bigwig sits here, at the head of the table.
Bilious Bad-Tempered, Ill-Natured, Peevish, Testy, Cross, Choleric, Angry, Wrathful The director was absolutely bilious when he heard we had lost the account.
Bizarre Unusual, Unconventional, Whimsical, Strange, Odd, Curious, Peculiar, Queer, Fantastic, Weird, Deviant The police thought his behaviour somewhat bizarre and invited him down to the station for questioning.
Blab Broadcast, Tattle, Babble, Betray, Reveal, Disclose, Divulge, Expose Don't tell Frieda - she'll blab your secrets all over town.
Bland Being Gentle, Comforting, Soothing, Smooth, Mild, Cool, Calm, Composed, Unemotional, Nonchalant His reaction to the news of the alien invasion was a bland reaction.
Blare Blast, Bellow, Trumpet, Ring, Boom, Thunder, Roar, Bray; Resound, Echo, Reverberate, Resonate Everyone in the neighbourhood can hear your hi-fi blaring.
Blasphemous Against A Religion, Irreverent, Disrespectful, Sacrilegious, Irreligious, Sinful, Wicked, Evil, Iniquitous His speech towards the religion was a complete blasphemy.
Blatant Obvious, Flagrant, Palpable, Obtrusive, Arrant, Shameless, Unashamed, Brazen, Overt, Glaring Those hooligans have shown a blatant disregard for the law
Bleak Cheerless, Dreary, Depressing, Dismal, Gloomy, Sombre, Melancholy, Sad, Unhappy, Mournful 1940 was one of the bleakest periods in British history.

Deface, Mar, Scar, Impair, Disfigure They did nothing to blemish the beauty of the landscape.
Blend Mix, Mingle, Combine, Meld, Commingle, Intermingle The Latakia is blended with the Virginia to produce a fine smoking tobacco.
Blight Affliction, Disease, Plague, Infestation, Pestilence, Scourge The crops were visited with a blight that lasted seven years.
Bliss Happiness, Gladness, Joy, Blessedness, Delight, Glee, Enjoyment, Pleasure, Joyousness, Cheer, Exhilaration, Blissfulness, Rapture, Ecstasy The bliss of our honeymoon has remained with us throughout our marriage.
Blithe Blissful, Happy, Cheerful, Joyous, Merry, Light-Hearted, Well-Pleased, Delighted, Gay, Joyful, Elated, Jubilant His spirit was blithe and his heart unquenchable.
Blob Globule, Drop, Droplet, Bit, Gout, Lump, Dab There is a blob of jelly on your tie.
Boast Brag, Bragging They did not make good their boasts of being the fastest in the competition.
Bode Portend, Promise, Augur, Betoken, Forebode, Presage; Foreshadow The weather bodes well for the picnic.
Bogus Counterfeit, Spurious, Fake, False, Fraudulent, Sham, Imitation, Fictitious The police reported that a gang was trying to pass bogus money to unsuspecting shopkeepers in the area.
Boisterous Being Rowdy, Clamorous, Rough, Noisy, Lively, Exuberant, Unruly, Wild, Undisciplined, Tempestuous, Stormy, Turbulent The boys were sent to the principal because of their boisterous behaviour
Bolster To Offer Support, Brace, Shore Up, Buttress, Uphold, Reinforce, Aid, Help, Assist, Further, Advance The miners cited a lack of safety measures to bolster their arguments.
Boorish Being Barbarian, Rude, Crude, Ill-Mannered, Uncultured, Coarse, Clownish, Uncouth, Loutish, Oafish, Gawky, Vulgar, Ill-Bred Did you ever think of inviting such a boorish fellow?
Botch Bungle, Mismanage, Spoil,Screw Or Louse Up, Blow, Mess Up, Muck Up, Make A Mess Or Hash Or Muddle Of; Slang Bollocks Or Ballocks Or US Bollix Up

Give Gordon an assignment and he's sure to botch it.
Boycott Blacklist, Embargo; Avoid, Refuse, Shun, Reject, Eschew, Pass Over Or By: They Are Boycotting Fern's Dairy Because It Won't Hire Women. The US government is still boycotting cigars from Havana.
Brash Hasty, Rash, Impetuous, Precipitate, Impulsive, Headlong, Reckless He may be a brash young man, but I think he's going places.
Broach To Introduce, Raise, Suggest, Mention, Hint At, Touch On Or Upon, Bring Up Or In, Talk About, In Advance I didn't dare broach the subject of his life’s suffering.

Letter C

Word Synonyms Examples
Cabal Intrigue, Plot, Conspiracy, Scheme The cabal against Washington found supporters exclusively in the north.
Cabaret Nightclub, Club, Nightspot The ever-popular entertainer Mimi opened at the Golden Palm cabaret last night.
Cache Hiding-Place, Hole, Vault, Repository There was a small cache concealed by the panelling in the library.
Cadaver Corpse, (Dead) Body, Remains, Slang Stiff The medical students and doctors once paid to have cadavers exhumed for anatomical study.
Cadence To Measure, Beat, Rhythm, Tempo, Accent, Pulse, Metre, Lilt, Swing The beat drum marked the cadence for the incoming marching band.
Cajole Wheedle, Coax, Beguile, Jolly (Along), Cosy Along, Seduce, Inveigle, Persuade, Butter (Up), Stroke, Sweet-Talk Robert's wife always has to cajole him to go and visit her mother
Calamitous Tragic, Disastrous, Destructive, Awful, Devastating, Fatal, Deadly, Cataclysmic, Catastrophic, Ruinous, Distressful They were not aware of the calamitous consequences in the near future, if they do not stop these harmful activities
Calibrate Adjust, Graduate; Standardize This balance has been dropped on the floor, and you'll have to calibrate it again.
Callous Hardened, Thick-Skinned, Unfeeling, Uncaring, Insensible, Insensitive, Hard, Hard-Hearted, Tough, Hard-Bitten, Cold, Cold-Hearted, Heartless, Indifferent, Unsympathetic, Apathetic It was callous of Gerry to go off to the snooker club right after the funeral.
Camouflage Disguise, Concealment, Cover-Up, Cover, Guise, Cloak, Mask, Screen, Blind, (False) Front, Show, Pretence, Trickery, Deception Camouflage prevented the enemy from seeing our tanks.
Candid Frank, Open, Plain, Sincere, Ingenuous, Straight, Straightforward, Truthful, Forthright, Direct, Unequivocal, Plain-Spoken Henry offered a very candid account of his feelings. Let us be candid and speak our minds.
Candour Openness, Frankness, Ingenuousness, Simplicity, Naivety, Outspokenness, Unreservedness, Forthrightness, Honesty, Sincerity, Directness, Straightforwardness, Unequivocalness I admire her candour, but the truth sometimes hurts.
Canvass Solicit, Electioneer, Campaign, Poll The candidates will be canvassing in farming areas next week.
Capricious Whimsical, Erratic, Flighty, Fickle, Mercurial, Unsteady, Variable, Unstable, Wayward, Unpredictable, Undependable, Changeable, Impulsive, Crotchety, Quirky, Unreliable, Inconstant, Fanciful, Wanton His decisions are capricious and not based on sound judgement.
Cardinal Important, Chief, Key, Special, Main, Central, Principal, Prime, Primary, Essential, Necessary, Fundamental; Supreme, Paramount, Highest, First, Foremost, Leading, Pre-Eminent The cardinal virtues are justice, prudence, temperance, and fortitude, to which some writers add faith, hope, and charity.
Caricature Cartoon, Parody, Burlesque, Lampoon, Satire, Pasquinade, Take-Off, Spoof The cartoon in the newspaper showed a caricature of the Prime Minister.
Caustic Burning, Corrosive, Destructive, Mordant, Astringent Sulphuric acid is the caustic agent that eats away the metal.
Caution Warning, Admonition, Admonishment, Caveat, Monition, Advice, Counsel, Injunction A word of caution is needed before you go ahead.
Cavil Quibble, Complaint There is a minor cavil at the wording of the statutes.
Cavity Pit, Hole, Hollow, Opening, Crater, Gap The limestone is marked with a pattern of cavities. Vowel sounds resonate in the oral cavity.
Cavort Curvet, Prance, Caper, Frisk, Bound, Gambol, Romp, Skip, Leap, Jump, Dance Stop cavorting about and settle down.
Caveat Curvet, Prance, Caper, Frisk, Bound, Gambol, Romp, Skip, Leap, Jump, Dance There are a number of caveats which concern the validity of the assessment results

Letter D

Word Synonyms Examples
Dabble Dip, Splash, Spatter, Sprinkle, Bespatter, Besprinkle I sat on the rock, dabbling my toes in the pool.
Daft Foolish, Silly, Giddy, Senseless, Absurd, Ridiculous, Stupid, Nonsensical, Imbecile Or Imbecilic, Idiotic, Moronic, Obtuse, Dim-Witted, Witless, Weak-Minded, Simple-Minded, Brainless He has the daft idea that he will be appointed managing director.
Dagger Knife, Poniard, Short Sword, Blade, Kris, Bowie Knife, Bayonet It was his dagger that was sticking out of the man's back.
Dainty Delicate, Graceful, Fine, Elegant, Exquisite, Neat The value lies in this dainty border painted round the edge of the cup.
Dangle Hang (Down), Droop, Depend, Swing, Sway: The Rope Dangled From The Top Of The Flag-Pole. Dapper Adj. Neat, Spruce, Smart, Trim, Well-Dressed, Well Turned Out, Stylish, Fashionable, Elegant, Chic, Dressy; Colloq Got Up Or Dressed To The Nines, Dressed To Kill, Swanky Or Swank, Ritzy Tony looks very dapper in his new Savile Row suit.
Daunt Intimidate, Cow, Discourage, Dishearten, Dispirit, Unnerve, Shake, Upset, Disconcert, Discomfit, Put Off, Awe, Overawe, Appal, Alarm, Threaten, Frighten, Terrify, Scare, Terrorize He was daunted by the prospect of facing the entire council.
Daze Stun, Stupefy, Blind, Dazzle, Bedazzle, Shock, Stagger, Startle, Astonish, Astound, Amaze, Surprise, Overcome, Overpower, Dumbfound, Benumb, Paralyse, Floor, Flabbergast She was dazed to learn her husband was still alive.
Dearth Scarcity, Want, Need, Lack, Deficiency, Sparseness Or Sparsity, Scantiness, Insufficiency, Inadequacy, Shortage, Paucity, Exiguity, Poverty, Exiguousness; Absence There is a dearth of major roles for black actors.
Debase Lower, Degrade, Devalue, Depreciate, Depress, Demote, Deprecate, Belittle, Diminish, Reduce, Disparage Words which denote fine qualities are in time debased.
Decadent Declining, Decaying, Deteriorating, Debased, Degenerating, Falling Off, On The Wane, Withering, Degenerative The decadent literature of the period was a reflection of the decline in moral standards.
Deceit The Art Of Deception, Fraud, Fraudulence, Cheating, Trickery, Dissimulation, Dishonesty, Misrepresentation, Double-Dealing, Duplicity, Hypocrisy, Treachery, Cunning, Knavery, Monkey Business He was an expert in deceiving others.
Decipher Decode, Decrypt; Unravel, Unscramble, Disentangle, Translate, Work Out, Explain, Solve, Figure Out It was Champollion who deciphered the Rosetta Stone.
Decorum A Good Etiquette, Proper Behaviour, Propriety, Good Form, Mannerliness, Politeness, Dignity, Gentility, Good Manners, Respectability, Courtliness, Deportment Five star hotels have a good interior decorum.
Deduction Subtraction, Diminution, Decrease, Reduction, Withdrawal, Removal, Abstraction After deductions for expenses, you'll be left with nothing.
Deface Disfigure, Spoil, Ruin, Deform, Blemish, Damage, Mutilate, Harm, Impair, Injure, Destroy Eg: The corpse was found in a defaced state.
Deflect Avert, Turn Away Or Aside, Deviate, Change, Swerve, Switch, Divert, Shy, Veer, Sidetrack; Fend Off The trajectory of a bullet is deflected by gravity. By deflecting a bit to their left, they managed to regain their original course.
Defunct Dead, Deceased, Extinct The dinosaurs have been defunct for millions of years.
Degenerate Debased, Degraded, Corrupt, Corrupted, Vitiated, Decadent, Depraved, Reprobate, Dissolute, Ignoble, Base, Low, Inferior, Vile He was a degenerate descendant of a once noble lineage
Delirious Wild, Hysterical, Distracted, Incoherent, Rambling, Irrational, Raving, Ranting, Frenzied, Frantic, Disturbed, Demented, Deranged, Unhinged, Mad, Insane, Crazy, Lunatic He is still delirious and doesn't know what he's saying.
Depredation Plunder, Plundering, Pillage, Pillaging, Despoliation, Despoiling, Ravaging, Sacking, Laying Waste, Devastation, Destruction; Ransacking, Robbery, Looting; Ravages The depredation caused by ten years of war is unimaginable.
Deprive Withhold, Deny, Refuse; Withdraw, Remove, Strip, Dispossess, Take Away, Expropriate, Divest They deprived him of the right to have visitors.
Despondent Dejected, Sad, Sorrowful, Unhappy, Melancholy, Blue, Depressed, Down, Downcast, Downhearted, Low, Morose, Miserable, Disheartened, Discouraged He's been despondent since she went away.
Detach Separate, Part, Disjoin, Disengage, Disunite, Disconnect, Disentangle, Free, Unfasten, Undo, Cut Off, Remove Detach yourself from this unruly world.
Deter Dissuade, Discourage, Inhibit, Intimidate, Daunt, Frighten Off Or From Or Away, Scare Off Or From; Prevent, Stop, Obstruct, Check, Hinder, Impede I was deterred from entering by three large dogs
Detrimental Disadvantageous, Harmful, Injurious, Hurtful, Damaging, Deleterious, Destructive, Prejudicial, Adverse, Unfavourable, Inimical, Pernicious I know nothing detrimental about either one of them.
Deviate Turn Aside Or Away, Swerve, Veer, Wander, Stray, Drift, Digress, Diverge; Divert He has chosen a path that deviates from the straight and narrow.

Letter E

Word Synonyms Examples
Eavesdrop listen in, tap, overhear, snoop; spy, pry They were eavesdropping on our conversation, that's how they knew about Martha.
Ebb recede, flow back, subside, go out, go down; fall back or away, retreat, retrocede, retire The tide ebbed, leaving the boat stranded.
Ebullient bubbling, overflowing, effervescent, excited, effusive, exhilarated, elated, buoyant, exuberant, enthusiastic, zestful The crowd was ebullient at the news from Mafeking.
Eccentric unconventional, unusual, uncommon, idiosyncratic, anomalous, unorthodox, out of the ordinary, irregular, atypical, errant, exceptional, individual, singular, unique; abnormal, odd, peculiar, strange, curious, bizarre, outlandish, queer, quaint, quirky, weird, offbeat, kinky, cranky Yes, I would agree that walking a canary is a bit eccentric
Ecstasy delight, joy, rapture, bliss, transport, nympholepsy or nympholepsia, happiness, gladness, elation, pleasure, enjoyment, gratification; heaven on earth The prospect of being with her again filled me with ecstasy.
Edible eatable, esculent, palatable, good or fit (to eat), wholesome, Rare comestible After the sell-by date, fresh food is no longer considered edible.
Edification enlightenment, improvement, uplifting, enlightening, guidance, education, information, tuition, teaching, schooling, instruction The exhibition is designed for both edification and enjoyment.
Eerie frightening, weird, strange, uncanny, ghostly, spectral, dreadful, unearthly, frightful Poetic or Scots eldritch, Scots mysterious, creepy, spooky I had the eeriest feeling I was being watched
Effectuate bring about, effect, carry out, implement, accomplish, do, execute, realize, achieve; cause, make happen It is unclear just how she will effectuate her escape.
Effervescent bubbling, fizzy, carbonated, sparkling, fizzing, gassy; foaming, foamy, frothing, frothy, bubbly I prefer effervescent mineral water to still.
Efficacious To be effective, effectual, productive, competent, efficient, useful, serviceable, capable of something He does his work in an efficacious manner.
Effrontery impertinence, impudence, audacity, nerve, presumption, presumptuousness, brazenness, boldness, insolence, temerity, brashness, rashness, arrogance, front, indiscretion He had the effrontery to call her 'Queenie'!
Effusive demonstrative, gushing, overenthusiastic, unrestrained, unchecked, unreserved, expansive, emotional, exuberant Don’t overwhelm him with your effusive affection
Elated exhilarated, uplifted, elevated, gleeful, joyful, jubilant, joyous, exultant, ecstatic, blissful, happy, delighted, euphoric, overjoyed, excited, thrilled, transported, on top of the world, on cloud nine We were elated to learn that our daughter had won first prize.
Elegance refinement, grace, tastefulness, good taste, gentility, polish, courtliness, culture, politeness, politesse, propriety, dignity Where but in 18th-century France could one find such elegance?
Elicit draw out, call forth, evoke, bring out or forth, bring to light, extract, wring, wrest, wrench They finally elicited the fact that she had been lying about his whereabouts.

Eloquent expressive, articulate, silver-tongued, fluent, well-spoken, effective, persuasive, convincing, cogent, trenchant, incisive, graphic, vivid, striking, facile, smooth, glib, oratorical, rhetorical He was an eloquent speaker.
Elude evade, escape, avoid, dodge, slip away from, duck, give the slip, shake off The suspect has eluded the police for a year.
Emancipate release, set free, liberate, enfranchise, manumit, loose, let loose, let go, set free, disenthrall, unfetter, unchain, unshackle; deliver Britain emancipated the slaves almost 50 years before Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation
Embezzle misappropriate, peculate, misapply, misuse, steal, make off or away with, filch, pilfer The treasurer had embezzled half a million from the company
Enigma puzzle, conundrum, mystery, riddle, poser, problem How he escaped is an enigma to the police
Erroneous wrong, mistaken, incorrect, inaccurate, inexact, imprecise, amiss, awry, false, faulty, misleading, flawed, botched, bungled, unsound, invalid, untrue, fallacious, spurious, counterfeit He gives the erroneous impression of being intelligent.
Evict oust, dislodge, turn out (of house and home), expel, eject, remove, dispossess, put out The landlord evicted us for non-payment of rent.
Exaggerate overstate, magnify, inflate, overdraw, embroider, embellish,
elaborate, enlarge, stretch, romance, overemphasize, overstress,
overplay, overdo, exalt, hyperbolize
She exaggerates when she claims to be the best actress in the world
Entice lure, allure, tempt, attract, draw, seduce, coax, persuade, prevail on, beguile, cajole, blandish, wheedle; decoy, lead on, inveigle, sweet-talk, soft-soap The prospectus enticed 3.15 million people to buy shares in the company
Equivocal evasive, misleading, roundabout, hedging, suspicious, duplicitous, questionable, oblique, circumlocutory, ambiguous, ambivalent When asked about the guarantee, they gave an equivocal answer.

Letter F

Word Synonyms Examples
Fabricate Erect, Build, Construct, Frame, Raise, Put Or Set Up, Assemble, Fashion, Form, Make, Manufacture, Produce The basic structure was fabricated of steel
Fabulous Fabled, Mythic(Al), Celebrated, Legendary, Storied, Fictitious, Fictional, Unreal, Fanciful, Imaginary, Story-Book, Fairy-Tale Greek mythology tells us of a fabulous winged horse called Pegasus
Faction Group, Bloc, Cadre, Camp, Splinter Group, Pressure Group, Ring, Gang Some factions are preparing to destroy the city.
Fallacy Misconception, Miscalculation, Misjudgement, Mistake, Error, Non Sequitur, Solecism, Delusion; Sophism It is a fallacy to think that you could ever learn to play the violin as well as Susannah.
Famine Starvation; Shortage, Dearth, Scarcity, Deficiency, Barrenness, Lack Famine was a major killer during the early days.
Fanatic Maniac, Extremist, Zealot, Fiend, Nut Religious fanatics killed 'heathens' or 'infidels' by the thousand.
Farcical Laughable, Funny, Ridiculous, Silly, Preposterous, Absurd, Foolish, Comical, Humorous, Amusing ,Ludicrous His actions were absolutely farcical with respect to his past deeds.
Fasten Attach, Tie, Bind, Bond, Stick, Affix, Anchor, Fix, Lock, Hook (Up), Secure, Join, Connect, Link, Fuse, Cement, Clamp The mussels fasten themselves by their byssi to underwater piles
Fastidious Squeamish, Delicate, Over-Nice, Fussy, Meticulous, Finical, Difficult, Critical, Over-Precise, Picky He was too fastidious to be a bad man.
Fathom Probe, Sound, Plumb, Penetrate, Search (Out), Investigate, Measure, Gauge, Determine, Ascertain, Work Out, Get To The Bottom Of, Delve Into, Understand, Grasp, Divine I never quite fathomed the purpose of this device.
Fatigue Weariness, Tiredness, Weakness, Exhaustion, Lethargy, Sluggishness, Enervation He fatigued during the trek while climbing on the mountains.
Feasible Practicability, Workability, Applicability, Viability, Practicality The feasibility of the scheme has yet to be assessed
Feeble Weak, Sick, Frail, Puny, Slight, Debilitated, Exhausted, Weakened, Delicate, Fragile, Powerless, Impotent, Spiritless, Sickly, Ailing, Faint, Dizzy The survivors were suffering from exposure and too feeble to walk
Fend Fend For Oneself. Get Or Scrape Along (On One's Own), Make Out, Get By, Make Do, Shift For Oneself, Take Care Of Or Provide For Or Support Oneself Mother didn't believe I could fend for myself
Ferment Boil, Seethe, Bubble, Foam, Froth, Brew; Rise, Work, Leaven A rebellion is fermenting in the northern counties
Fervent Fervid, Blistering, Burning, Hot, Intense, Passionate, Impassioned, Ardent, Hot-Headed, Irritated, Excited, Frantic, Frenzied Only the most fervent acolytes were ordained as ministers of the faith
Fervour Fervency, Ardour, Passion, Vigour, Intensity, Zeal, Eagerness, Earnestness, Enthusiasm, Animation, Gusto, Ebullience, Spirit, Verve She went about her studies with a fervour we had not seen before
Fester Ulcerate, Suppurate, Run, Ooze, Putrefy, Putresce, Necrose, Mortify, Rot, Decay, Decompose His entire body was covered with festering sores
Feud Dispute, Conflict, Hostility, Trouble, Enmity, Animosity, Hatred, Rivalry, Hard Feelings, Contention, Discord, Grudge, Argument, Quarrel, Squabble, Falling Out, A silly feud broke out over whose turn it was to bring the Christmas goose.
Fickle Flighty, Capricious, Frivolous, Unpredictable, Moody, Giddy, Fanciful, Whimsical, Fitful, Mercurial, Volatile, Unstable, Changeable, Mutable, Inconstant, Changeful, Unsteady, Unsteadfast, Indecisive, Undecided That fickle woman has already taken up with someone else
Filthy Dishonoured, Polluted, Tainted, Foul, Nasty, Muddy, Unclean, Dreadful, Putrid, Unpleasant, Infected That city's public lavatories are the filthiest I have ever seen
Flagrant Blatant, Brazen, Bold, Barefaced, Audacious, Arrant, Glaring, Outrageous, Shocking, Shameless, Scandalous, Atrocious, Infamous, Notorious, Defiant Speeding shows a flagrant disregard for the safety of others.
Flamboyant Elaborate, Ornamented, Ornate, Decorated, Embellished, Baroque, Rococo, Florid We chose a flamboyant wallpaper with purple peacocks
Fleece Cheat, Overcharge, Swindle, Bilk, Defraud, Victimize, Plunder, Strip, Milk, Rob The gang stole credit cards and fleeced the companies out of millions.
Flummox Confuse, Baffle, Perplex, Bewilder, Confound, Confusion, Stump, Puzzle, Mystify, Deceive We were completely flummoxed by his sudden change in his behaviour.
Foment Rouse, Stir Or Whip Up, Awaken, Waken, Provoke, Incite, Instigate, Initiate, Prompt, Start, Motivate, Inspire, Work Up, Inflame He is always fomenting ill will against the management.
Forbid Prohibit, Ban, Stop, Exclude, Debar, Prevent, Outlaw, Disallow Forbid those who exceed the limits.
Forsake Abandon, Desert, Quit, Leave, Flee, Depart, Vacate Please do not enter this forsaken land.

Letter G

Word Synonyms Examples
Gab Jabber, Gabble, Chatter, Gibber, Blather Or Blether, Prate, Prattle, Blab, Gossip, Witter, Slang Jaw, Yack Stop gabbing and get on with your work!
Gad Wander, Run Around, Flit About, Trek He's never home, always gadding about, from one party to another
Gag Silence, Stifle, Still, Muffle, Stop (Up), Muzzle, Quiet, Curb, Suppress, Repress, Restrain, Throttle, Strangle, Check, Inhibit, Discourage The department gagged him, forbidding any press interviews
Gaiety Cheerfulness, Exhilaration, Elation, Glee, Buoyancy, Light-Heartedness, Blitheness, Happiness, Felicity, Pleasure, Delight, Joy, Joyfulness, Joyousness, Exultation, Merriment, Mirth, Mirthfulness, Jubilation, Good Or High Spirits, Sprightliness, Liveliness, Joviality, Jollity, Hilarity The gaiety of the celebration was becoming infectious
Gallant Brave, Courageous, Bold, Valiant, Daring, Dauntless, Intrepid, Fearless, Unafraid, Undaunted Three gallant soldiers held off the enemy attack
Galore In Abundance, In Large Quantity Or Numbers Or Amounts, In Excess, Everywhere, Aplenty, In Profusion There were prizes galore for everything from swimming to skittles
Garble Warp, Distort, Twist, Corrupt, Adulterate, Falsify, Misrepresent, Misstate, Misquote, Misreport She has garbled the story and it makes no sense
Gaudy Garish, Flashy, Glaring, Tawdry, Loud, Cheap, Florid, Showy, Ostentatious, Raffish, Vulgar, Crude, Tasteless The carnival stands were painted pink, purple, and other gaudy colours.
Generous Giving, Bountiful, Magnanimous, Charitable, Philanthropic, Lavish, Open-Handed, Free, Benevolent, Big-Hearted He often donate money to charities in a generous manner.
Genial Affable, Amiable, Cordial, Warm, Friendly, Congenial, Agreeable, Good-Natured, Good-Humoured, Well-Disposed, Neighbourly, Sociable, Kindly, Kind, Hospitable, Easygoing, Relaxed, Pleasant, Nice, Cheerful, Cheery, Convivial And here is your genial host, Sonny. You better maintain it.
Ghastly Awful, Dreadful, Terrifying, Frightful, Unsightly, Horrible, Mean, Disgusting, Horrid, Ugly, Repulsive, Shocking, Repellent He was involved in a ghastly accident
Gibberish Drivel, Tripe, Nonsense, Rubbish, Gibber, Prattle, Twaddle, Gabble, Jabber If one listens to such gibberish long enough, one begins to believe it.
Giddy Present, Donation, Favour, Grant, Largesse, Bounty, Benefaction, Offering, Honorarium, Contribution, Give-Away, Premium, Bonus, Prize Before we left, our neighbours made a gift to us of some local pottery
Gist Essence, Core, Heart, Substance, Point, Theme, Quintessence, Pith, Meat, Marrow, Focus, Nub, Significance, (Main Or Basic) Idea; Direction, Drift It will save time if I tell you the gist of the argument.
Glamour Allure, Fascination, Charm, Attractiveness, Brilliance, Glitter, Attraction, Charisma, Captivation, Desirability, Appeal, Enchantment Who today can match the glamour of the movie stars of the '30s?
Glare Dazzle, Brilliance, Brightness, Splendour, Resplendence, Radiance, Effulgence, Lustre, Shine, Flame, Flare, Blaze We had to shade our eyes from the glare
Glee Delight, Exuberance, Cheerfulness, High Or Good Spirits, Cheer, Exhilaration, Elation, Exultation, Joy, Happiness, Rapture, Gladness, Felicity, Pleasure, Joyfulness, Merriment We watched with great glee as the villain was thwarted.
Glut Excess, Surplus, Over-Abundance, Superabundance, Surfeit, Oversupply, Overflow, Superfluity The glut of razor-blades in the market is due to increased production
Gnarl Twisted, Knotty, Lumpy, Bumpy, Knotted, Bent, Crooked, Distorted, Contorted, Warped The branches of the tree were so gnarled to the extent that no one could climb.
Gnaw Chew, Nibble, Eat, Bite, Champ The marks were made by deer gnawing the bark
Gorge Ravine, Canyon, Defile, Pass, Chasm, Fissure, Crevasse, Gully Or Gulley, Wadi Or Wady, Gap Water runs in this gorge only during the rainy season
Grandeur Splendour, Magnificence, Majesty, Sublimity, Luxuriousness, Pomp The grandeur of the French court was never to be equalled
Granular Grainy, Granulated, Particulate, Hoarse, Sandy The sauce was somewhat granular and tasted too strongly of nutmeg.
Grief Anguish, Suffering, Agony, Misery, Wretchedness, Pain, Hurt, Sadness, Sorrow, Dejection, Depression, Despondency, Melancholy, Unhappiness, Woe, Torment, Desolation, Heartbreak, Remorse, Regret, Ruth, Heartache Nothing equalled the grief I felt at the death of my dog, Whiffler
Grim Stern, Severe, Unrelenting, Resolute, Uncompromising, Unyielding, Inflexible, Adamant, Stony, Iron, Unbending, Firm By controlling the purse strings, she kept a grim hold over the family
Groggy Unsteady, Shaky, Wobbly, Weak-Kneed, Weak, Staggering, Stupefied, Dazed, Stunned, Reeling, Punch-Drunk, Numb, Numbed, Benumbed, Faint, In A Trance Or Stupor, Muddled, Addled, Confused, Bewildered, Confounded, Puzzled, Baffled, Befuddled, Colloq Dopey, Punchy, Woozy I was still groggy from the blow on the head.
Guilt Culpability, Guiltiness, Criminality, Blame, Responsibility, Blameworthiness; Crime, Sinfulness, Feloniousness, Wrongdoing, Misconduct Confronted by the evidence, Shillingworth admitted his guilt

Letter H

Word Synonyms Examples
Habitual Settled, Fixed, Customary, Usual, Conventional, Accustomed, Set, Rooted, Established, Traditional, Standard, Routine, Ritual, Regular, Normal, Wonted, Common, Ordinary, Natural He follows his habitual practice of rising at dawn
Haggle Wrangle, Bargain, Higgle, Bicker, Chaffer, Palter, Dispute, Squabble, Quibble, Negotiate; Barter, Deal However little you ask for the lamp, she's sure to haggle over the price.
Hallow Consecrate, Bless, Sanctify, Dedicate, Honour, Enshrine, Glorify Venerate, Worship, Revere, Reverence, Respect, Honour, Pay Homage Or Respect Or Honour To, Exalt We must observe the hallowed traditions of the university
Hallucination Fantasy, Mirage, Day-Dream, Illusion, Delusion, Vision, Dream, Aberration, Chimera, Phantasm, Phantom, Figment Of The Imagination, Apparition, Spectre, Ghost Alone at sea for a fortnight, I began having hallucinations.
Hamper Slow, Balk Delay, Hold Up, Retard, Inhibit, Encumber, Hinder, Obstruct, Block, Impede, Prevent, Interfere With, Frustrate, Restrict, Curb, Limit, Handicap, Restrain, Trammel, Bar, Barricade, Shackle, Clog, Curtail, Reduce, Diminish The movement of the troops were hampered by the snow.
Hanker Yearn For, Long For, Thirst After Or For, Hunger After Or For, Itch For, Pine For, Lust After Or For, Covet, Crave, Have A Hankering For, Want, Desire, Fancy She hankered after a big box of chocolates.
Haphazard Random, Arbitrary, Chance, Fortuitous, Accidental, Unforeseen, Unlooked-For, Unexpected, Adventitious, Serendipitous Her fate was to be decided by a haphazard throw of the dice
Harangue Diatribe, Tirade, Oration, Peroration, Declamation, Philippic, Screed, Exhortation, Vituperation, Rodomontade, Speech, Address This morning he delivered a ten-minute harangue on the weakness of the coffee.
Harbinger Forerunner, Herald, Precursor, Omen, Foretoken, Sign The crowing hen is the harbinger of dawn.
Harmonious Agreeable, Compatible, Congruous, Consonant, In Accord, Congenial, Complementary, Sympathetic, Concordant Our careers have always been harmonious.
Haste Speed, Rapidity, Quickness, Velocity, Expedition, Urgency, Dispatch ,Enthusiasm, Briskness They must hasten the decision regarding the judgement.
Haughty Arrogant, Proud, Superior, Self-Important, Smug, Self-Satisfied, Complacent, Pretentious, Conceited, Egotistical, Snobbish, Overbearing, Lofty, Presumptuous, Overweening, Patronizing, Supercilious, Vain, Condescending, Contemptuous, Belittling, Derisive, Disdainful, Scornful She's too haughty to have made any friends here
Haul Drag, Pull, Tug, Tow, Trail, Lug, Heave, Draw The new vehicles are equipped to haul bulk dry goods.
Heave Raise, Lift, Hoist, Haul, Pull, Draw, Tug; Move We heaved in the anchor and made sail
Hectic Feverish, Excited, Agitated, Busy, Bustling, Rushed, Hyperactive, Over-Active, Frenzied, Frantic, Chaotic, Wild, Mad, Frenetic, Riotous What with the new baby and everyone else having the flu, I've had a pretty hectic week
Hideous Grotesque, Ugly, Repulsive, Revolting, Repellent, Monstrous, Beastly, Gorgonian, Unsightly, Ghastly, Disgusting, Grisly, Nauseating, Nauseous, Sickening, Gruesome Suddenly, a hideous face appeared at the kitchen window
Hilarious Funny, Side-Splitting, Humorous, Comical, Amusing, Entertaining, Mirthful; Merry, Gay, Jolly, Jovial, Cheerful, Cheery, Joyous, Joyful, Rollicking, Uproarious Binky told me a hilarious story about his aunt's pet boa constrictor
Hinder Hamper, Delay, Interrupt, Impede, Interfere With, Frustrate, Forestall, Bar, Check, Balk ,Encumber, Obstruct, Handicap, Retard, Restrain, Slow, Postpone The difficulty of the task should not hinder the attempt
Hoax Deception, Fraud, Con, Trick, Imposture, Cheat They perpetrated a hoax on you, and I am afraid there is no way of getting your gold back.
Hobble Limp, Falter, Dodder, Totter, Stagger, Reel, Weave, Stumble, Shuffle, Shamble I hobbled about on crutches for weeks.
Hover Drift, Poise, Float, Hang, Be Or Hang Suspended, Hang In The Air The humming bird hovers over a flower, drinking its nectar.
Huddle Cluster, Group, Bunch, Clump, Pack, Herd, Crowd, Throng, Mass Everyone got into a huddle, trying to keep warm
Humility Docility, Self-Effacement, Shyness, Diffidence, Timidity, Modesty Timorousness, Meekness, Bashfulness, Mildness, Submissiveness, He could not face the humility in public and hence ran off from the place.
Hysterical Raving, Mad, Beside Oneself, Crazed, Foolish, Distracted, Frantic, Frenzied, Wild, Berserk, Uncontrollable, Unrestrainable They are subject to violent, hysterical outbursts
Hustle Rush, Hurry, Hasten, Run, Dash, Scuttle, Scurry, Sprint They hustled up to reach their intended location

 Letter I

Word Synonyms Examples
Idyllic Heavenly, Ideal, Pastoral, Rustic, Charming, Unspoilt Peaceful He returned to the island to live out his life in an idyllic manner.
Ignorant Unknowing, Uninformed, Untaught, Uneducated, Unschooled, Unread, Unlearned, Unlettered, Illiterate They used to tease ignorant young apprentices by sending them to find a left-handed hammer
Illegal Illegitimate, Criminal, Outlawed, Prohibited, Forbidden, Wrongful, Unauthorized, Illicit, Unlawful Murder is an illegal activity in all parts of the world.
Illegible Unreadable, Unintelligible, Indecipherable Or Undecipherable, Incomprehensible An illegible message was scrawled on the wall.
Illiterate Unlettered, Analphabetic; Unschooled, Untaught, Uneducated, Benighted, Ignorant, Unenlightened She teaches illiterate people to read
Ill-Mannered Rude, Discourteous, Impolite, Uncivil, Disrespectful, Bad-Mannered, Insolent, Insulting He is an ill-mannered young fellow.
Illusion Deception, Delusion, Fancy, Misconception, Misapprehension, Fallacy, Error, Mistake, Mistaken Or False Impression He is labouring under the illusion that he is a great pianist
Illustrious Distinguished, Famous, Noted, Renowned, Famed, Eminent, Well-Known, Prominent, Important, Notable, Respected, Esteemed, Venerable, Honoured, Acclaimed, Celebrated, Great He belongs in the same category as other illustrious generals, like Kitchener
Immaculate Spotless, Stainless, Unblemished, Pure, Clean, Untarnished, Unsullied, Unsoiled, Snow-White, Spick And Span, Dapper, Spruce; Tidy, Neat Each morning he donned an immaculate uniform
Immaterial Inconsequential, Trivial, Trifling, Petty, Insignificant, Slight, Light, Unessential, Non-Essential We are living inside an immaterial life.
Immature Premature, Undeveloped, Unripe, Rudimentary, Half-Grown, Unformed, Unfledged, Fledgling, Unfinished, Young, New, Fresh, Incomplete The immature growth in the spring is not hardy enough to survive a frost
Immense Enormous, Gigantic, Extensive, Vast, Huge, Massive, Voluminous, Tremendous, Staggering, Stupendous, Mammoth An immense boulder blocked our exit from the cave.
Imminent Impending, Looming, Threatening, Menacing, At Hand, Nigh, Immediate, Close (By Or At Hand), (Forth)Coming, Drawing Near Or Close Or Nigh, Momentary We face imminent disaster if steps are not taken now.
Immodest Indecent, Shameless, Shameful, Revealing; Improper, Loose, Unrestrained, Provocative, Obscene, The criminals will be punished for their immodest behaviour
Immoral Corrupt, Bad, Wicked, Evil, Iniquitous, Sinful, Impure, Unethical, Unprincipled, Abandoned, Base, Wrong, Vile, Depraved, Dissolute, Degenerate, Reprobate, Unregenerate, Nefarious, Flagitious, Villainous, Treacherous, Unscrupulous, Dishonest Is it immoral to avoid paying one's taxes?
Impale Spear, Stab, Pierce, Skewer, Spit, Stick, Transfix, Spike They impaled the heads of their enemies on poles as a warning.
Impasse Deadlock, Dead End, Stalemate, Stand-Off, Block, Blockage Negotiations reached an impasse and the meeting broke up.
Impeach Accuse, Arraign, Indict, Convict, Involve, Blame, Censure, Charge They were impeached for crimes against the state
Impeccable Faultless, Flawless, Perfect, Ideal, Pure, Correct, Proper, Spotless, Immaculate, Unblemished, Spotless, Unimpeachable, Blameless His lectures, though impeccable in content and style, lacked fire.
Impertinent Insolent, Bold, Brazen, Impudent, Brash, Uncivil, Forward, Impolite, Discourteous, Disrespectful, Rude That impertinent little upstart had the nerve to ask the lady's age!
Inane Silly, Asinine, Vapid, Vacant, Vacuous, Absurd, Fatuous, Foolish, Senseless, Nonsensical, Unreasonable, Preposterous, Ludicrous, Ridiculous, Laughable, Risible, Mad, Lunatic, Crazy, Stupid, Dumb, Idiotic, Moronic, Imbecilic Students seem especially prone to inane behaviour.
Incite Stimulate, Inspire, Prompt, Move, Stir, Stir Or Whip Or Work Up, Bestir, Excite, Fire, Exhort, Agitate, Foment, Inflame, Provoke, Rally, Goad, Spur, Prick, Prod, Drive, Push, Egg On, Encourage, Urge, Influence, Wake, Waken, Awaken, Rouse, Arouse Who was it that incited the crowd to violence?
Incoherent Confused, Distorted, Diversified Up, Disordered, Muddled, Illogical, Unstructured, Divided, Uncoordinated, He arrived late with an incoherent excuse involving measles, his car, and a policeman.
Incompetent Unqualified, Unfit, Unable, Incapable, Unskilled, Unskilful, Inept, Maladroit, Inexpert, Awkward, Floundering, Clumsy, Bungling, Gauche, Useless, Inadequate, Insufficient, Ineffective, Ineffectual, Inefficient Incompetent managers need competent secretaries in order to survive.
Inconspicuous Imperceptible, Unnoticed, Insignificant, Indeterminate, Indistinguishable, Unassuming, Discreet Wearing a grey coat and hat, he was quite inconspicuous in the crowd
Indignity Insult, Affront, Outrage, Injury, Offence, Humiliation, Disrespect, Slight, Dishonour, Snub, Obloquy, Contumely, Scorn, Reproach, Abuse, Discourtesy, Aspersion The duchess had to suffer the indignity of arrest for shoplifting.
Indolent Lazy, Slothful, Sluggish, Idle, Lethargic, Shiftless, Languid, Inert, Inactive, Stagnant He is an indolent young man.

Letter J

Word Synonyms Examples
Jab Stab, Thrust, Poke, Dig, Prod; Plunge; Nudge; Tap The doctor jabbed a needle into my arm
Jabber Blether Or US Only Blather, Chatter, Babble, Gibber, Gabble, Prate, Prattle, Patter, Drivel, Rattle The couple behind me jabbered throughout the entire film.
Jagged Rough, Irregular, Serrated, Saw Tooth, Ragged, Toothed, Spiked, Indented, Denticulate, Chipped I cut myself on the jagged edge of that broken glass.
Jam Cram, Force, Push, Wedge, Stuff, Press, Ram, Squeeze, Shove, Pack, Crowd We were jammed in so tightly that we couldn't move
Jangle Clatter, Clash, Rattle, Clang, Clank, Crash, Ring, Jingle The chains jangled as the prisoners marched to their cells
Jaunty Spirited, Lively, High-Spirited, Buoyant, Brisk, Frisky, Sprightly, Blithe, Jovial, Happy, Jubilant, Jolly, Merry, Cheerful It is heartening to see those pensioners in such a jaunty mood
Jealous Resentful, Bitter, Grudging, Envious, Covetous, Green With Envy, Green-Eyed Brian is jealous of attention paid to anyone but himself
Jeopardy Usually, In Sometimes At Jeopardy. Danger, Peril; Threat, Menace, Risk, Hazard, Chance, Uncertainty, Vulnerability, Exposure, Liability She put her life in jeopardy by going into the lion's cage.
Jiggle Jog, Joggle, Jig, Shake, Agitate, Wiggle, Wriggle, Jerk It's odd to see grown people jiggling about on the dance floor like that
Jilt Throw Over, Reject, Dismiss, Drop, Discard, Desert, Break (Up) With, Forsake, Abandon Angela met Tony and promptly jilted Mike.
Jingoism Chauvinism, Patriotism; Hawkishness, Aggression, Belligerence, Bellicosity Their jingoism has gone to the next level.
Jinx Spell, Curse, Evil Eye, Malediction, Voodoo I felt I had lost at roulette because she had put a jinx on me.
Jitters Shakes, Nerves, Uneasiness, Nervousness, Restlessness, The sight of that man itself gave him the jitters.
Jolt Shock, Astonish, Astound, Amaze, Surprise, Startle, Stun, Dumbfound Or Dumfound, Stupefy, Strike Dumb, Daze, Shake (Up) I was jolted to learn that my husband had been arrested for murder.
Jot Jot Down. Make A Note Of, Write Or Note (Down), Put Or Set Or Take Down, Record Jot down this telephone number.
Judicial Critical, Analytical, Discriminating, Distinguishing, Discerning, Keen, Sharp, Perceptive, Percipient, Perspicacious, Differentiating, Discriminatory, Discriminative, Judicious Her decisions have always been judicial
Juggle Manipulate, Tamper With, Falsify, Fix, Distort, Misrepresent, Alter, Arrange Don’t juggle with the facts given by him.
Jumpy Nervous, Agitated, Anxious, Jittery, Fidgety, Restless, Edgy, On Edge, Tense, Shaky, Skittish, Fretful, Uneasy, Queasy, Restive, Panicky Do you think he was jumpy because we were approaching Count Dracula's castle?
Jurisdiction Authority, Power, Birth Right, Dominion, Sovereignty, Control, Rule, Hegemony, Influence, Area, Compass Sentinel islands seems a bit far to go just to be outside the jurisdiction of the Inland Revenue.
Justify Vindicate, Legitimate, Legitimize, Legalize, Rationalize, Substantiate, Defend, Support, Sustain, Validate, Confirm, Excuse, Explain, Absolve My worst fears were somehow justified but how can you justify owning five cars?
Jut Extend, Overhang, Project, Protrude, Stick Out, Beetle The balcony juts out over the lake.
Juvenile Young, Youthful, Under Age, Minor, Teenage, Immature, Adolescent, Childish, Infantile, Babyish, The juveniles in the prison are given a separate place and also education.
Judgement Judgment, Discretion, Discernment, Discrimination, Judiciousness, Prudence, Wisdom, Wit, Sagacity, Perspicacity, Clear-Headedness, Perception, Common Sense, Level-Headedness, Understanding, Shrewdness Charlotte's judgement is often sought in such matters
Journal Periodical, Magazine, Gazette, Newspaper, Paper, Newsletter, Review, Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly This journal contains information about every building permit awarded in the entire state.

 Letter K

Word Synonyms Examples
Keen Zealous, Passionate, Fervent, Earnest, Active, Eager, Anxious, Enthusiastic 1. They were keen to know about his whereabouts.
2. I was keen to go swimming
Keeny Weep, Wail, Moan, Lament, Mourn, Grieve; Bewail, Bemoan Finnegan's widow still keens over him.
Keeper Custodian, Guardian, Guard, Warden, Caretaker; Warder, Nurse, Attendant The keepers are very strict about not letting people feed the animals.
Keg Cask, Barrel, Butt, Hogshead, Tun, Puncheon We bought a keg of beer for the party
Kernel Grain, Seed, Pip, Stone; Nut, Meat Try to extract the walnut kernel without breaking it
Keystone Necessity, Crux, Linchpin, Basis, Principle, Foundation, Cornerstone Predestination was the keystone of his religion.
Kickback Rebate, Refund, Share, Compensation, Commission, Percentage, Reward 1. We get a kickback on every computer sold.
2. Some disc jockeys were accepting kickbacks for playing particular records.
Killjoy Spoilsport, Damper, Dampener, Grouch, Grump, Malcontent, Pessimist, Cynic Go to the dance and stop being such a killjoy!
Kin Family, Relative(S), Relation(S), Kindred, Kinsfolk Grandmother says that too many people are thoughtless of their kin these days.
Kindle Ignite, Light, Set Alight, Set Fire To, Set Afire, Inflame, Fire, Foment, Incite, Instigate, Provoke, Prompt, Prick, Goad, Spur, Whip Up, Stir (Up), Work Up, Excite, Agitate, Shake Up, Jolt, Arouse, Rouse, (A)Waken, Inspire, Inspirit, Stimulate, Animate, Enliven, Energize, Innervate, Galvanize 1. Kindling a fire in the rain is not easy.
2.The wholesale pillaging kindled a feeling of deep resentment among the native population
Kindness Friendliness, Kind-Heartedness, Warm-Heartedness, Graciousness, Goodness, Good-Naturedness, Good-Heartedness, Good Will, Benevolence, Benignity, Humaneness, Humanity, Decency, Tenderness, Gentleness, Kindliness, Charity, Charitableness, Generosity, Philanthropy, Beneficence, Compassion, Sympathy, Understanding, Thoughtfulness, Consideration, Cordiality, Hospitality, Warmth, Geniality, Indulgence, Tolerance, Patience We shall always appreciate the kindness shown to us by our hosts during our visit
Kingdom Realm, Empire, Sovereignty, Principality, Monarchy, Field, Area, Domain, Province, Sphere Of Influence, Territory, 1. He sought a suitable wife throughout the kingdom
2. The operating theatre is the surgeon's kingdom
Kink Twist, Crimp, Tangle, Knot, Wrinkle, Curl, Coil, Curlicue, Crinkle Those kinks wouldn't occur if you had coiled the rope properly.
Kinky Outlandish, Peculiar, Odd, Queer, Quirky, Bizarre, Eccentric, Strange, Characteristic, Different, Offbeat, Unorthodox, Erratic, Unique, Weird, This college is not interested in kinky notions of education.
Knack Genius, Intuition, Talent, Gift, Talent, Facility, Skill, Aptitude, Bent; Ability, Flair, Dexterity, Capacity, Adroitness, Proficiency, Skilfulness He has an uncanny knack for saying the wrong thing
Knit Join Or Fasten Or Weave Together, Interweave, Link, Interconnect, Intertwine, Link, Bind, Unite, Tie Up, Consolidate, Combine, He was the first king to succeed in knitting together the diverse elements of the empire.
Knockout Success, Sensation, Triumph, Hit, Winner, Smash, Smash Hit, Stunner She looks a knockout with her new hairstyle.
Knoll Hillock, Hummock, Mound, Barrow, Hill, Elevation, Rise We climbed to the top of the knoll where we had a better view of the house.
Kudos Praise, Acclaim, Glory, Fame, Renown, Honour, Plaudits, Applause, Laudation, Acclamation, Accolade They got a lot of kudos out of funding a new opera house.
Knot Collection, Assemblage, Accretion, Congregation, Crowd, Cluster, Bunch, Gathering, Company, Band, Gang, Crowd, Horde A small knot of people was standing in front of my architecture.
Kit Apparatus, Gear, Equipment, Paraphernalia, Appurtenances, Rig, Trappings, Supplies, Furnishings; Instruments, Tools, Utensils, Implements 1. Did you bring your tennis kit?
2. The model aeroplanes were built from kits.
3. The plumber left his tool kit behind.
Knock Strike, Hit, Rap, Thwack, Whack, Thump, Bang, Tap 1. Knock on the door.
2. He knocked the man on the head with his walking-stick

Letter L

Word Synonyms Examples
Label Identification, Identifier, Mark, Marker, Earmark, Tag, Ticket, Sticker, Stamp, Imprint, Hallmark, Brand 1. In those days, every liberal was labelled a communist.
2. Prepared food packages must be labelled with their ingredients
Laborious Arduous, Burdensome, Onerous, Strenuous, Gruelling, Back-Breaking, Herculean, Exhausting, Taxing, Tiring, Fatiguing, Wearying, Wearisome, Toilsome, Difficult, Tough, Hard, Uphill, Stiff Few realize how laborious farm work can be
Labyrinthine Maze-Like, Mazy, Tortuous, Sinuous, Winding, Convoluted, Complicated, Confusing, Perplexing, Puzzling, Enigmatic, Baffling, Confounding, Complex The plot was so labyrinthine that the audience was unable to follow it.
Lace Openwork, Filigree, Mesh, Web, Webbing, Net, Netting, Network She wore a collar of handmade lace
Lacerate Gash, Cut, Slash, Tear, Rip, Claw, Mangle; Wound, Rend, Hurt 1. My feet were lacerated by the sharp stones.
2. She suffered a lacerating attack from him for forgetting to pass on the message.
Lack Neediness, Deficiency, Dearth, Absence, Scarcity, Shortage, Requirement, Insufficiency, Rareness, Deficit, Inadequacy We suffered from a severe lack of food supply over the past week
Lame Crippled, Disabled, Handicapped, Hobbled, Limping, Incapacitated, Impaired, Halting, Halt, Spavined The mare was found to be lame after the previous day's hunting
Laud Praise, Commend, Celebrate, Sing Or Speak Or Sound The Praises Of, Honour, Acclaim, Extol, Glorify, Promote, Advance, Recommend Bramble's paintings have been lauded by leading art critics the world over
Laurels Rewards, Acclaim, Acclamation, Glory, Renown, Celebrity, Popularity, Reputation; Successes, Accomplishments With no new fields to conquer, he is resting on his laurels.
Lavish Profuse, Abundant, Liberal, Copious, Plentiful, Prolific, Opulent He wore a silk tunic with lavish gold embroidery
Ledge Shelf, Projection, Step, Mantel Or Mantle, Mantelpiece Or Mantelpiece, Overhang, Sill We stood on a small ledge of rock unable to move.
Leery Suspicious, Sceptical, Dubious, Doubtful, Doubting, Distrustful, Wary, Cautious, Chary, Careful I was very leery of his story.
Lethargy Sluggishness, Dullness, Laziness, Idle, Sleepy, Slowness After taking the medicine, a feeling of lethargy overtook me
Liaison Connection, Communication, Contact, Linkage, Affiliation, Relationship, Relations Liaison between the ministries is improving
Lineage Ancestry, Family Tree, Pedigree, Descent, Typical, Lineage, Parentage, Descent She has spent a lot of time tracing the lineage of the neighbourhoods families.
Linger Loiter, Persist, Hang On, Endure, Persevere, Survive The smell of tobacco lingered for hours after he had gone
Loathe Detest, Hate, Despise, Abominate, I love broccoli but loathe cauliflower.
Lofty Tall, High, Elevated, Towering, Soaring The lofty skyscrapers of New York always impress visitors on first sight.
Ludicrous Ridiculous, Laughable, Absurd, Silly, Nonsensical, Unbelievable, Inappropriate, Idiotic, Foolish, Crazy, Comical The explanations of the new tax laws have been carried to ludicrous extremes.
Lull Pause, Interval, Break, Intermission, Interval, Gap, Interruption, Stop, Halt, Delay After a brief lull, the hurricane resumed in all its ferocity.
Lurch Desert, Abandon, Forsake; Drop, Jilt He left her in the lurch, waiting at the church
Lurid Sensational, Vivid, Shocking, Startling, Graphic, Melodramatic The tabloids delight in a lurid scandal.
Lustrous Glossy, Shiny, Shined, Polished, Burnished French polishing gives the furniture a lustrous finish.
Luxurious Opulent, Sumptuous, Grand, Extravagant, Lavish, Magnificent, Splendid, Deluxe, Fancy; Epicurean, Gourmet We had a luxurious room overlooking the sea and ate the most luxurious meals
Lunacy Psychosis, Insanity, Dementia, Craziness, Madness, Psychosis, Formerly, it was believed that lunacy was only for the weak and depressed peoplw.
Lousy Dreadful, Terrible, Cruel, Contemptible, Hateful, Detestable, Despicable, Vile, Wretched, Miserable, Vicious Telling dead stories to the weak patients was a lousy thing to do.

Letter M

Word Synonyms Examples
Macabre Ugly, Ghastly, Grisly, Gory, Gruesome, Grotesque, Morbid, Brutal, Dread, Eerie, Fearsome, Frightful, Frightening, Terrifying, Terrible, Dreadful, Dire, Deathly, Deadly, Deathlike, Ghostly, Pale 1. He told a macabre story of how they survived by resorting to cannibalism.
2. The crypt had a macabre eeriness about it.
Machination Plotting, Scheming, Intriguing, Designing, Manipulating, Scheme, Intrigue, Manoeuvre, Design, Scam, Artifice, Dirty Trick, Manipulation, Ploy, Move, Gambit 1. He escaped from the machinations of his enemies.
2. Must you resort to such machinations merely to get them to listen?
Magnitude Size, Range, Bigness, Immensity, Enormousness, Scopes, Greatness The magnitude of the problem is so large that you cannot fathom its sheer size.
Magnify Enlarge, Expand, Amplify, Inflate, Increase, Augment, Exaggerate, Heighten, Build Up, Boost, Dramatize, Aggravate, Worsen, Exacerbate; Overstate 1. Tiny errors in the beginning are magnified later on.
2. I fear that he has magnified its importance out of all proportion.
Magnificent Great, Excellent, Splendid, Superior, Superb, Marvellous, Glorious, Grand, Fine, Impressive, Imposing, Awe-Inspiring, Impressive, Brilliant, Commanding, August, Noble, Majestic, Regal, Distinguished, Elegant, Exalted, Sublime, Outstanding; Sumptuous, Resplendent, Opulent, Rich, Luxurious, Lavish She lives in a magnificent country house.
Maim Cripple, Mutilate, Disable, Debilitate, Wound, Impair, Hamstring, Injure, Harm, Destruction Their son was badly maimed in the accident.
Majestic Regal, Dignified, Grand, Imperial, Royal, Noble, Lordly, Lofty, Elevated, Exalted, Glorious, Magnificent, Monumental, Impressive, Striking, Imposing, Awesome, Splendid, Marvellous, Kingly, Queenly, Princely With majestic ceremony, the procession entered the cathedral
Manacle Manacles. Shackles, Fetters, Handcuffs, Gyves, Chains, Irons The manacles are cutting into his wrists.
Mandatory Obligatory, Vital, Required, Essential, Charged, Necessitated, Needed The wearing of safety belts in cars is mandatory.
Manifest Apparent, Clear, Evident, Obvious, Plain, Patent, Blatant, Conspicuous, Unmistakable Or Unmistakeable, Discernible, Recognizable, Comprehensible, Distinct, Palpable, Definite, Explicit, Unambiguous, Unquestionable, Indubitable, Indisputable He lost his job because of his manifest dishonesty.
Maroon Abandon, Cast Away, Desert, Strand, Forsake; Isolate, Seclude They were marooned on a desert island.
Marvellous Wonderful, Astonishing, Amazing, Astounding, Surprising, Remarkable, Extraordinary, Phenomenal, Glorious, Splendid, Superb, Excellent, Spectacular, Breathtaking, Miraculous, Unbelievable, Incredible, Sensational, Mind-Boggling, Unparalleled It was a marvellous show, and Renfrew is a marvellous actor.
Maze Web, Complex, Obscurity, Twisting And Turnings, Convolutions His application has been lost in the maze of bureaucratic bungling of files and documents.
Meagre Scanty, Scant, Poor, Paltry, Inadequate, Skimpy, Scrimpy, Sparse, Spare, Insufficient, Bare, Puny, Piddling, Trifling, Pathetic, Exiguous 1. Angela scraped out a meagre living as a shop assistant.
2. The meagre supplies wouldn't last another day
Meander Wander, Ramble, Zigzag, Snake, Wind, Twist, Turn; Stroll, Amble, Rove 1. The river meandered with a mazy motion through the meadows.
2. We meandered through the forest.
Meek Modest, Humble, Submissive, Self-Effacing, Unambitious, Unpretentious, Mild, Patient, Retiring, The meek only shall inherit the earth
Melancholy Sad, Depressed, Unhappy, Dejected, Hopeless, Downhearted, Glum, Gloomy, Woeful, Lugubrious, Gloomy, Dispirited, Low-Spirited, Cheerless, Heartbroken, Mournful, Sorrowful, Miserable, Dismal Harold has been melancholy ever since Lucy left.
Minder Child-Minder, Babysitter, Sitter, Nanny, Nurse, Governess The minder will put the children to bed
Monotonous Boring, Tedious, Dull, Tiresome, Humdrum, Sleep-Inducing, Soporific, Wearisome, Wearying, Tiring, Monotonic, Repetitious, Prosaic, Banal, Dry, Dry-As-Dust, Uninteresting, Dreary, Colourless, Unexciting, Run-Of-The-Mill, Ordinary, Commonplace, Routine, Uneventful, Everyday, Mechanical, Banausic Working in IT became monotonous, so I took a job in advertising
Moot Debatable, Uncertain, Undecided, Irresolute, Controversial, Doubtful, Disputable, Open To Argument, At Issue Whether he would be found guilty was still a moot point.
Moribund Dying, In Extremis, At Death's Door, Failing, Fading, With One Foot In The Grave, Half-Dead, Breathing One's Last, Expiring, On One's Last Legs, On One's Deathbed

Letter N

Word Synonyms Examples
Nab Catch, Capture, Arrest, Put Or Place Under Arrest, Seize, Apprehend, Pick Up, Bring In, Take Into Custody They finally nabbed that cat burglar in Hampstead.
Nagging Distressing, Chronic, Continuous, Continual, Persistent, Unrelenting, Relentless, Recurring 1. He complains of a nagging pain in his shoulder.
2. I have a nagging feeling that I have an appointment to be somewhere.
Naive Ingenuous, Innocent, Credulous, Childlike, Born Yesterday, Unaffected, Unsophisticated, Inexperienced, Green, Unworldly, Unsuspecting, Unenlightened, Unsuspicious, Trusting, Trustful, Gullible, Artless, Guileless, Simple, Simplistic, Simple-Minded, Unpretentious, Unpretending, Candid, Natural Is Chatterley naive enough to believe that the gamekeeper's meetings with his friend were to discuss foxhunting?
Naught Nought, Nothing, Nil, Zero, Aught Or Ought; Ruin, Destruction, Disaster, Collapse, Failure All my efforts had come to naught.
Nauseous Sickening, Loathsome, Disgusting, Repellent, Offensive, Revolting, Repugnant, Repulsive, Abhorrent, Unpleasant A nauseous odour emanated from the downstairs.
Naysayer Denier, Refuser, Disdainer, Rejecter Or Rejecter; Prophet Of Doom, Pessimist, Sceptic, Dissenter, Defeatist Don't expect any encouragement from a naysayer like Raymond
Nebulous Vague, Hazy, Clouded, Unclear, Obscure, Indistinct, Fuzzy, Muddy, Ill-Defined He has only the most nebulous idea of what the lecture was about.
Negligence Inattention, Inattentiveness, Indifference, Carelessness, Unconcern, Dereliction, Failure, Failing, Heedlessness, Laxity, Laxness, Disregard, Oversight, Omission, Inadvertence, Neglect, Remissness, Forgetfulness, Oscitancy Or Oscitance The car crash was attributed to the lorry driver's negligence.
Negligible Insignificant, Trivial, Slight, Tiny, Inconsequential, Inappreciable, Small, Paltry, Worthless The power consumed by the stabilizer was negligible.
Neutralize Void, Annul, Cancel (Out), Nullify, Invalidate, Negate, Delete, Undo, Make Or Render Ineffective, Counterbalance, Counteract, Offset, Equalize, Even, Square, Compensate For, Make Up For The forces on both sides of the sail, being equal, neutralize each other.
Nevertheless Still, Notwithstanding, Yet, In Spite Of That, Despite That, Nonetheless, Regardless, Be That As It May, For All That, Even So, But, However, Just Or All The Same, Everything Considered, At Any Rate, Anyway, In Any Case, In Any Event, At All Events He said he dislikes sweets; nevertheless, he ate a whole bar of chocolate.
Niche Place, Position, Slot He has finally found a niche for himself working as a tax inspector.
Niggle Find Fault, Nag, Carp, Fuss, Cavil, Criticize; Complain I do wish she would stop niggling when we cannot do anything about the situation
Nimble Agile, Lively, Active, Light, Lithe, Limber, Spry, Sprightly, Brisk, Smart, Energetic, Rapid, Quick, Swift, Adroit, Deft, Dexterous; Nimble-Fingered; Nimble-Footed Despite his inability to make decisions, Desmond has quite a nimble mind.
Nonchalant Cool, Unexcited, Unexcitable, Unperturbed, Imperturbable, Undisturbed, Untroubled, Unflappable, Unruffled, Dispassionate, Unemotional, Detached, Distant, Unconcerned, Indifferent How can you be so nonchalant about important issues that affect all our lives?
Notorious Infamous, Shameful, Shaming, Embarrassing, Discreditable, Scandalous, Disgraceful He was yet again seen in public with a notorious thief and a smuggler
Numb Numbed, Benumbed, Insensible, Insensate, Dead, Deadened, Without Feeling, Sensationless, Senseless; Asleep My feet are numb from the cold.
Nuptial Bridal, Matrimonial, Wedding, Spousal, Wedded, Marital; Connubial, Conjugal The nuptial arrangements have been made.
Novelty Originality, Newness, Uniqueness, Freshness, Innovativeness We are enthusiastic about the novelty of the new sales campaign
Notion Idea, Thought, Concept, Conception, Image, Impression, General Idea, (Mental) Picture, Inkling 1. She has a pretty good notion of who did it.
2. I haven't the slightest notion of what you are talking about
Notch Nick, Cut, Dent, Indentation, Groove, Cleft, Score, Mark, Gouge, Gash For every man he killed, the gunfighter cut a notch in the barrel of his gun
Nosy Curious, Snooping, Prying, Meddling, Spying, Peeping, Eavesdropping Don’t be nosy on others private affairs.
Nonconformist Renegade, Maverick, Rebel, Radical, Individualist, Heretic, Dissenter, Dissident, Iconoclast, Loner, Exception, Anomaly In the 1960s, Alastair counted himself among the nonconformists who wore unconventional clothes and flouted conventional behaviour.

 Letter O

Word Synonyms Examples
Oar Paddle, Wooden Object Every manual boat has an oar to row on the water.
Obeisance Deference, Respect, Respectfulness, Homage, Submission, Reverence, Honour As she entered the chamber, she made obeisance to the king.
Obese Fat, Overweight, Stout, Fleshy, Gross, Corpulent, Heavy, Plump, Portly, Tubby, Pudgy, Chubby, Paunchy I sat down next to an obese person who occupied nearly two chairs.
Obligation Responsibility, Duty, Charge, Burden, Onus; Accountability, Liability, Trust; Demand, Requirement, Compulsion 1.It was Frank's obligation to get the children home safely. 2.Civil servants have an obligation to serve the people
Oblige Accommodate, Indulge, Favour, Serve, Please, Cater To, Gratify 1.The hotelier obliged us with every luxury he had to offer. 2.Please oblige us by keeping your dog on a lead
Oblique Slanting, Slanted, Sloping, Aslant, Inclined, Diagonal, Inclining, Angled, Angling, Canted, Canting, Banked, Banking, Cambered, Crooked, Askew, Divergent, Diverging, Tilted, Atilt The roof joins the wall at an oblique angle.
Obliterate Erase, Expunge, Rub Out, Efface, Eradicate, Wipe Out, Delete, Dele, Strike Off Or Out, Strike From, Rule Out, Eliminate, Write Off After the scandal, that name was obliterated from the roll of honour
Oblivion Vacuum, Blackness, Darkness, Obscurity, Nothingness, Secrecy, Extinction, Void The mysterious object floated for a while till it sank into oblivion.
Oblivious Unaware, Unconscious, Unmindful, Disregardful, Insensible, Insensitive, Distant, Unconcerned, Detached, Removed, Unfeeling, Abstracted, Absent-Minded, Forgetful Many are completely oblivious to the plight of the starving millions in Africa.
Obnoxious Revolting, Repulsive, Repugnant, Disgusting, Belligerent, Objectionable, Fulsome, Vile, Repellent, Nauseous, Sickening, Foul, Abhorrent, Loathsome, Detestable, Hateful, Obscene, Despicable, Awful, Terrible, Unpalatable, Distasteful, Unlikeable, Unpleasant His cousin’s sister even has obnoxious table manners.
Obscene Inelegant, Improper, Rude, Impure, Sinful, Shameful, Indecent, Immodest, Ugly, Indecorous, Indelicate, Vulgar, Immoral, Degenerate The obscene creature dashed the brave warriors to the rocks far below
Obscure Dark, Unlit, Gloomy, Sombre, Dismal, Murky, Dusky, Black, Cimmerian, Tenebrous, Dim, Faint, Blurred, Veiled, Shadowy, Umbral, Shady, Hazy, Foggy, Befogged, Clouded, Nebulous, Overcast, Cloudy The traveller's lantern was barely seen in the obscure reaches of the wood.
Obsequious Low, Cringing, Sycophantic, Crawling, Deferential, Slimy, Menial, Flattering, Slavish, Submissive, Abject He is surrounded with obsequious followers who cater to his every whim.
Obsession Fixed Idea, Fixation, Belief, Preoccupation, Prepossession, Passion, Mania, Phobia, Opinion Thoughts of death became his constant obsession
Obsessive Haunting, Harassing, Tormenting, Dominating, Controlling, Possessing, Inclusive, Passionate She has an obsessive fear of washing her hands often.
Obsolescent Waning, On The Wane, Declining, Dying, On The Way Out, On The Decline, On The Verge Of Going Out Of Fashion, Fading, Worn Out Fashion Much of the jet fighters are in obsolescence today.
Obstinate Stubborn, Dogged, Tenacious, Persistent, Mulish, Perverse, Headstrong, Pigheaded, Single-Minded, Wilful, Strong-Willed, Self-Willed, Contrary, Recalcitrant, Uncooperative, Rebellious, Contumacious, Refractory, Intransigent, Pertinacious, Obdurate, Fixed, Inflexible, Stony, Adamant, Set, Unmoving, Immovable, Inexorable, Intractable, Unchangeable, Resolute, Steadfast, Unyielding, Persevering, Stiff, Rigid, Hard The obstinate man does not hold opinions - they hold him.
Obstreperous Vociferous, Noisy, Loud, Riotous, Uproarious, Rowdy, Tempestuous, Unruly, Disorderly, Unmanageable, Uncontrollable, Uncontrolled, Out Of Control, Undisciplined, Boisterous, Wild, Many of the guests who came to the party were too obstreperous.
Occult Secret, Dark, Concealed, Private, Hidden, Obscure, Veiled, Shrouded, Unclear, Shadowy, Mystical, Mysterious Printing was kept an occult art for generations.
Offhand Casual, Nonchalant, Cool, Distant, Relaxed, Easy, Smooth, Unconcerned, Light-Hearted, Unconcerned, Superficial, Cursory, Careless He is too offhand to be a rude person.
Ominous Foreboding, Threatening, Fateful, Dark , Gloomy, Lowering Or Louring, Menacing, Sinister; Unfavourable, Ill-Omened, Unpromising, Star-Crossed, With ominous solemnity, the judge placed a black cloth square on his head before passing the death sentence
Opacity Opaqueness, Darkness, Murkiness, Dimness, Obscurity, Impenetrability,Impermeable Increase the opacity of the lens
Oppression Repression, Suppression, Subjugation, Subjection, Tyranny, Despotism, Enslavement, Persecution, Maltreatment, Abuse, Torment, Torture, Anguish, Injustice People who have not known oppression cannot imagine the agonies suffered by the oppressed who once were free.
Ornate Extravagant, Florid, Overdone, Laboured, Fancy, Lavish, Rich, Flowery, Busy, Fussy, Frilly, Bombastic, Pompous, Pretentious We find his cooking too ornate for a simple restaurant.
Outlandish Unfamiliar, Strange, Odd, Queer, Offbeat, Peculiar, Curious, Exotic, Foreign, Alien, Unknown, Unheard-Of, Different, Exceptional, Extraordinary, Quaint, Eccentric, Bizarre, Weird, Fantastic, Unusual, Singular, Unique; Freakish, Grotesque, Barbarous Those youngsters wear the most outlandish hair-dos you have ever seen.

Letter P

Word Synonyms Examples
Pace Measure, Gauge Judge, Rate, Estimate, Determine, Guess, Figure, Figure Out I was trying to pace myself to conserve some energy for a sprint finish.
Pact Agreement, Treaty, Bargain, Alliance, Contract, Compact, Concord, Covenant, Concordat, Entente, Understanding, Arrangement, Deal The companies entered into an illegal pact not to compete in the same markets.
Paddle Spank, Paddy Whack, Thrash, Beat, Whip, Flog Dad threatened to paddle me if he caught me playing hockey again
Pagan Heathen, Infidel, Idolatrous, Polytheistic, Heathenish, Gentile 1. Many churchmen condemned
2. Renaissance scholars for their interest in pagan and pre-Christian writers.
Pageant Exhibition, Display, Grandeur, Scene, Show, Parade, Demonstration, Ceremony, Formality, Ritual, Event, Affair, Musical, Presentation The children stage a medieval mystery play as a part of the annual Christmas pageant.
Palatial Luxurious, De Luxe, Magnificent, Splendid, Stately, Sumptuous, Opulent, Majestic, Magnificent, Grand, Elegant, Palatine, Slang Posh, Ritzy, Swanky, Classy After winning the pools, they moved into a palatial house in Belgravia.
Paltry Trifling, Trivial, Petty, Small, Insignificant, Pitiful, Pitiable, Puny, Unimportant, Meagre, Mean, Beggarly, Base 1. Despite his wealth, his charitable contributions are paltry.
2. We all recognize Mr.baker for the paltry pedant he is.
Pamper Baby, Coddle, Spoil, Cater To, To Pet Someone Their parents pamper their children far too much
Pander Usually, Pander To. Satisfy, Gratify, Humour, Indulge, Fulfil, Bow To, Yield To, Truckle To, Cater To She is tired of pandering to his every wish.
Panoramic Sweeping, Extensive, Comprehensive, Wide, Overall, Scenic, Far-Ranging, All-Encompassing, Inclusive, Bird's-Eye This room affords a panoramic view of the seacoast.
Paradox Absurdity, Inconsistency, Ambiguity, Enigma, Puzzle, Mystery, Predicament, Problem, Dilemma The paradox was that although it was Edward's fifth birthday, he was 20 years old
Paralyse Immobilize, Inactivate, Deactivate, Transfix, Halt, Stop 1. The stroke paralysed his entire left side.
2. As the thing approached, the children became paralysed by fear.
Paramount Pre-Eminent, Topmost, Supreme, Dominant, Main, Fundamental, First, Prime, Primary, Foremost, Essential, Vital, Requisite, Elementary 1. The company feel that the independence of researchers is paramount.
2. It is of paramount importance that you study trigonometry before calculus.
Paraphrase Rephrase, Reword, Restate, Rewrite, Explicate, Explain Please paraphrase the specialized jargon to make it understandable to non-professionals.
Parch Dry (Out Or Up), Desiccate, Dehydrate, Exsiccate; Scorch, Sear, Burn, Bake; Shrivel (Up), Wither The earth was parched by the unrelenting sun
Pardon Forgiveness, Amnesty, Remission, Release, Reprieve, Freedom, Understanding, Excuse, Allowance, Overlooking Should there be any pardon for crimes against humanity?
Parity Impartiality, Equivalence, Consistency, Uniformity, Likeness, Similarity, Analogy, Equivalence, Conformity, The ministers agreed that they would observe parity of power amongst themselves at the conference.
Parochial Regional, Provincial, Narrow, Local, Insular, Isolated, Limited, Restricted, Narrow-Minded, Petty, Short-Sighted, Hidebound, Conservative, Conventional, Illiberal, Bigoted, Prejudiced, Intolerant, One-Sided, Partial, Biased Uneducated and untraveled, Mr Shriver maintained a very parochial view of the world.
Partisan Devotee, Follower, Supporter, Advocate, Backer, Champion, Enthusiast, Admirer, Extremist, Fanatic He has long been a partisan of nationalism.
Pastiche Mixture, Medley, Blend, Compound, Composite, Patchwork, Olla Podrida, Pot-Pourri, Motley, Miscellany, Omnium Gatherum, M‚Lange, Gallimaufry, Farrago, Mishmash The room was furnished in a pastiche of styles from every imaginable period.
Pastime Hobby, Avocation, Recreation, Amusement, Entertainment, Fun, Play, Leisure-Time ,Relaxation, Leisure As a pastime, she collects books from ancient history.
Patent Clear, Transparent, Manifest, Apparent, Bare, Evident, Self-Evident, Explicit, Palpable, Tangible, Bodily, Conspicuous, Obvious, Blatant, Prominent The results are as patent as the fact that three and three make four.
Pathetic Affecting, Affective, Emotive, Emotional, Tragic, Heart-Rending, Heart-Breaking, Disgraceful, Pitiable, Piteous, Wretched, Miserable, Sorrowful, Grievous, Sad, Mournful, Terrible The boat people told a pathetic tale of the hardship of weeks in the open sea.
Penance Punishment, Penalty, Reparation, Compensation, Atonement, Self-Punishment, Regret, Repentance A year of public service was fair penance for the offence
Peevish Ill-Natured, Tetchy, Cross, Bad-Tempered, Ill-Tempered, Fault-Finding, Captious, Carping, Cavilling, Crusty, Curmudgeonly, Crotchety, Cantankerous, Grumpy Or Grumpish, Pettish, Acrimonious, Splenetic He's very peevish today, so don't get on his wrong side.

  Letter Q

Word Synonyms Examples
Quack Fake, Fraudulent, Sham, Counterfeit, Phony Are you still going to see that quack doctor - the one who told you to take aspirin to relieve the pain from your ulcer?
Quaint Curious, Odd, Strange, Bizarre, Peculiar, Unusual, Queer, Uncommon, Singular, Unorthodox, Eccentric, Whimsical, Offbeat, Fanciful, Outlandish, Unconventional, Fantastic Her sitting-room was furnished in a quaint mixture of Gothic and Victorian styles.
Quake Tremble, Shake, Quiver, Shudder; Vibrate, Stagger In a few moments the quake levelled three cities that had stood for thousands of years.
Qualm Second Thought, Doubt, Uncertainty, Misgiving, Hesitation, Scruple, Uneasiness, Compunction, Reluctance, Disinclination, Queasiness, Apprehension, Apprehensiveness, Twinge, Pang, Worry, Concern He had some qualms about leaving the town where he had lived for over thirty years.
Quandary Dilemma, Mess, Difficulty, Plight, Divided Opinion, Uncertainty His team is in a quandary, whether to pursue it or not?
Quarrel Dispute, Argument, Disagreement, Debate, Controversy, Discord, Difference (Of Opinion), Contention, Misunderstanding; Wrangle, Tiff, Row, Squabble, Altercation, Set-To, Scuffle, Feud, Fight, Fray, Fracas, Brawl 1. I have no quarrel with my accountant - it's the tax man that's the problem.
2. A quarrel broke out over whose turn it was to wash the dishes.
Quarrelsome Testy, Petulant, Irascible, Irritable, Disagreeable, Fractious, Querulous, Peevish, Cross, Choleric, Curmudgeonly, Contrary, Dyspeptic, Cranky, Grouchy, Argumentative, Combative, Squabbling, Disputatious, Hostile, Antagonistic, Dissentious, Dissentient, Dissident, Pugnacious, Bellicose, Belligerent, Contentious I have to listen to the continual bickering of my quarrelsome neighbours.
Quarry Prey, Game, Prize, Object 1. The hunter's dogs had run their quarry to ground.
2. Wealthy widows were regarded as fair quarry by the swindlers
Quash Extract, Nullify, Void, Invalidate, Revoke, Vacate, Set Aside, Retract, Cancel, Reject, Throw Out, Reverse, Overthrow, Discharge, Override His crime was quashed and he was set free.
Quaver Tremble, Quiver, Shake, Shiver, Vibrate, Waver, Shudder, Fluctuate, Oscillate, Flutter His voice quavered with emotion as he described his rescue.
Queasy Uncomfortable, Anxious, Nervous, Apprehensive, Ill At Ease, Troubled, Worried, Inept, Disbelieving, Timid 1. I had a queasy feeling that I was being watched.
2. The manager was a bit queasy about giving Robert so much responsibility
Queer Anomalous, Strange, Diverse, Peculiar, Funny, Enquiring, Bizarre, Uncanny, Unnatural, Freakish, Remarkable, Offbeat, Irregular, Incomparable, Incongruous, Outlandish, Bizarre, Illogical, Ridiculous, Ludicrous 1. How do you explain Rachel’s queer behaviour at the office party?
2. Her attire could only be described as queer, given her age and status
Quell Suppress, Put Down, Repress, Subdue, Quash, Overcome, Crush, Squelch The army arrived to quell the uprising at the prison
Quench Put Out, Extinguish, Douse, Smother, Snuff Out, Stifle, Kill, Destroy, Suppress, Squelch, Repress, Overcome, Subdue Even the totalitarian regime cannot entirely quench the fire of freedom in the hearts of the oppressed.
Querulous Complaining, Carping, Critical, Criticizing, Hypercritical, Fault-Finding, Finicky, Finical, Fussy, Over-Particular, Censorious, Petulant, Whining, Murmuring, Grumbling, Peevish, Testy, Touchy, Irritable, Irritated, Annoyed, Piqued, In A Pique, Irascible, Fractious, Perverse, Quarrelsome, Ill-Natured, Ill-Humoured, Cantankerous, Curmudgeonly, Crusty, Crotchety, Fretful, Bad-Tempered, Ill-Tempered, Waspish, Crabby, Cross, Splenetic, Choleric, Sour, Dyspeptic, Grumpy He objected to almost all the television programmes and sent querulous letters to the broadcasters telling them so.
Quibble Equivocate, Split Hairs, Evade, Be Evasive, Palter, Chop Logic, Bandy Words, Cavil, Pettifog It's a quibble whether you say 'either' and 'neither' to rhyme with 'peek' or 'pike'.
Quip Witticism, Sally, Jest, Ad Lib, Joke, Gibe, Barb, Aphorism, Epigram, Apophthegm Or Apothegm, Pun In his worst quip he attributed the breakdown of his computer to a slipped diskette
Quirk Peculiarity, Vagary, Eccentricity, Fancy, Twist, Aberration, Characteristic, Oddity, Kink, Trick By some strange quirk of fate, after weeks in an open boat I was cast ashore at Maldives
Quotation Quote, Passage, Citation, Reference, Allusion, Extract, Excerpt, Selection For many years Frances collected quotations from the speeches of politicians

Letter R

Word Synonyms Examples
Rabble mob, crowd, horde, throng, swarm, gang We narrowly escaped the wrath of the rabble fighting the police in the square.
Rabid irrational, extreme, fanatical, raging, furious, violent, maniacal, wild, mad, infuriated, berserk Please don’t remind him of raj or else he might become rabid.
Racy lively, animated, spirited, sprightly, buoyant, vivacious, energetic, vigorous, dynamic, zestful, stimulating, mettlesome or mettled Tabloid journalists are told that their writing must be racy - straightforward reporting is out of fashion
Radiant shining, bright, beaming, blazing, bright, luminous, gleaming, glowing, glistening, incandescent, alight, sparkling, dazzling, aglow In her hair she wore a diamond tiara, a radiant crown whose glory was diminished only by her beauty.
Raffle lottery, draw, sweepstake The church is holding a raffle for a new car next week
Rage anger, fury, wrath, enragement, fervour He could not control his rage when he heard the incident for the first time.
Rakish dashing, jaunty, dapper, spruce, debonair, raffish, smart, breezy, flashy, chic, fashionable, elegant Adjusting his trilby to a rakish angle, Peter strode along the boulevard.
Ramble amble, wander (off), stroll, saunter, walk, perambulate, go (off or away), travel, drift, range, rove, go or move about, hike, trek Don't ramble too far as dinner will be ready soon
Rampage enthusiasm, agitation, recklessness, unrest, turmoil, uproar, frenzy, fury, rage Their serving him a cup of cold coffee prompted his latest rampage.
Rampant unchecked, uninhibited, unrestrained, wild, uncontrolled, out of control, out of hand, frenzied, unbridled, uncontrollable, violent Before Masterson became sheriff, vice and crime were rampant in the town.
Rancid foul-smelling, ill-smelling, evil-smelling, smelly, disagreeable, odious, rotten, decayed, spoilt or spoiled, turned, bad, awful, sour To rid your fridge of that rancid smell, wash it out with a solution of baking soda.
Rapacious greedy, covetous, grasping, acquisitive, usurious, acquisitive, predatory, predacious, ravenous, voracious, insatiable, wolfish That rapacious swindler took everything they had in the world.
Rapture ecstasy, delight, joy, joyfulness, joyousness, pleasure, exaltation, elation, thrill, enchantment, euphoria, beatitude, transport, enchantment Nothing could compare with the rapture he felt at seeing his daughter win the Nobel prize.
Raucous harsh, snarling, rough, gruff, hoarse, grating, scratchy, jarring, strident, shrill, noisy, loud, ear-splitting, piercing You could hear his raucous voice above  all the others
Ravish hypnotize, pleasure, mesmerize, fascinate, appearance, charm I was ravished at the prospect of seeing you once again.
Rebuke scold, reproach, admonish, reprove, reprimand, lecture, censure, chide, reprehend, berate, castigate, criticize, take to task, upbraid, revile The headmaster severely rebuked those boys who had violated the school curfew.
Rebuttal reaction, reply, retort, response, counter-argument, retort, retribution, denial, refutation, ambiguity, disproof In rebuttal, the defence tried to prove that the witness for the prosecution had been bribed.
Reciprocate repay, compensation, requite, exchange, return, trade, match, equal, link You have always been very kind to me and I want to reciprocate in any way I can.
Reconcile get or bring (back) together, unite, reunite, settle or resolve differences between, restore harmony between, make peace between, placate, make compatible Do you think that a marriage counsellor could help reconcile him and her ?
Reconnaissance study, examination, scouting, exploration,  investigation, inspection, analysis Their reconnaissance showed that the enemy forces had withdrawn.
Recuperate progress, recover, get recovered, revive, mend, heal, survive Samuel went to Apollo to recuperate from his illness.
Redolent fragrant, sweet-smelling, aromatic, perfumed, odorous, scented, savoury The entire house was redolent with the odour of pine needles
Reiterate repeat, restate, iterate, labour, harp on, dwell on, rehash, recapitulate I must reiterate my warning to you to be careful.
Rejuvenate Restore, reinvigorate, revive, refresh, renew, reanimate, regenerate Rejuvenate yourself soon because you will be having a tough eek ahead.
Relent relax, soften, yield, give, give way or ground, bend, comply, compromise, come round, be merciful, show pity or compassion, melt, succumb They finally relented and allowed me to have visitors.

Letter S

Word Synonyms Examples
Synthetic artificial, man-made, manufactured, ersatz; fake, false, counterfeit, sham, bogus, spurious, mock, imitation, pseudo, plastic Because of the animal rights activists, many women today wear synthetic fur.
Syndicate affiliate, ally, associate, amalgamate, consolidate, league, confederate, synthesize His business is syndicating old movies to television stations.
Sympathy tenderness, empathy, understanding, solicitousness, warmth, tender-heartedness, warm-heartedness We feel great sympathy for any child who loses a pet.
Swoop descent, dive, sweep, pounce, stoop, stroke, blow, rush The police raid caught several drug dealers in one fell swoop.
Swivel pivot, turn, rotate, spin, revolve, pirouette, move freely This joint allows the arm to swivel in all directions.
Swerve veer, career, swing, diverge, deviate, sheer off, skew, stray The car swerved wildly off the road and into a ditch.
Sustenance nutriment, nourishment, food (and drink), daily bread, rations, victuals, provisions, provender, groceries, aliment, edibles, eatables The fur trade provided the sustenance of early Canadian settlers.
Surmise imagine, guess, speculation, speculate, suppose, hypothesize, theorize, presume, gather, assume, understand, fancy, suspect I surmised that deputies long before the summit arranged the treaty terms.
Surge swell, wave, billow, bulge, heave, roll, undulate, well forth or up, rise and fall, ebb and flow, pulsate; rush, gush, pour, flood, stream, flow The sea surged through the narrow gorge with a roar.
Supplant swap, displace, banish, turn out, eject, get rid of, expel, dismiss, unseat, surpass, substitute, altercation An old group more sympathetic to the needs of the people should supplant the council.
Sundry Various, miscellaneous, assorted, different, mixed, diversified There are a sundry of items in the mall.
Sumptuous posh, costly, extravagant, exorbitant, rich lavish, luxurious, opulent, palatial, royal, majestic, regal, magnificent, dazzling, splendid The car must have cost a sumptuous amount of money.
Sultry warm, humid, stuffy, stifling, sweltering, moist, damp, hot I was enjoying again in the sultry warmth of Indian subcontinent.
Suffuse overspread, imbue, pour or spread over, bathe, cover A rosy glow suffused his face.
Suffice satisfy, serve, do, be sufficient or enough or adequate, answer, sate, satiate, quench If you are merely thirsty, water should suffice.
Succumb yield, give up, surrender, accede, submit I succumbed to his request.
Suave urbane, cosmopolitan, worldly, smooth, gracious, nonchalant, civilized, cultivated, courteous, diplomatic, polite, charming, agreeable, affable, bland Fictional detectives range from the suave Sherlock Holmes to the earthy Philip Marlowe.
Sturdy strong, solid, stout, rough, tough, well-built, ample, strapping, muscular, powerful, athletic, hardy This ladder should be sturdy enough to hold you.
Stumble Stumble on or upon. chance or come or happen on or upon, hit upon, come or run across, find, discover, encounter He was very nervous and stumbled his way through his speech.
Stilted awkward, ungraceful, graceless, clumsy, wooden, stiff, turgid, affected, artificial, unnatural, mannered, laboured; pretentious, formal, pompous, lofty, bombastic, grandiloquent, high-flown, inflated Francis has a stilted way of expressing himself.
Stifle smother, congest, strangle, throttle, asphyxiate, suffocate He was stifled to death in the fire accident.
Staunch loyal, firm, unflinching, steady, unshrinking, trusty, dependable, reliable, devoted, trusty, faithful Charles has always been a staunch supporter of the party
Spurious false, counterfeit, sham, fake, fraudulent, bogus, mock, imitation, simulated, unauthentic, forged, pretended, deceitful, contrived, factitious, artificial, synthetic His brother was jailed for peddling spurious Egyptian burial artefacts to archaeologists.
Spunk nerve, courage, spirit, gameness, resolve, resolution, mettle, heart, grit, backbone Frances has shown she has tremendous spunk to have got this far in the tournament
Splice connection, unite, bind, adjoin, interweave, intertwine, twist, knit Splice the two ends with a gum.
Solicitous entreat, beseech, ask for, implore, petition, importune, appeal for or to, call on or upon, beg, supplicate, pray, crave He has solicited my help on more than one occasion
Sham fraud, counterfeit, imitation, garbage, pretence, forgery, copy, imposture, hoax Their call for reform is a sham, as they do not intend to disturb the status quo.

Letter T

Word Synonyms Examples
Tableau scene, sight, spectacle, picture, image; composition, arrangement, grouping, effect The children raptly listening to their father telling a story - what a charming tableau!
Tacit silent, undeclared, unsaid, unstated, unspoken, understood, unexpressed, implicit They tacitly represented the information.
Tackle gear, rig, fittings, equipment, equipage, rigging, paraphernalia, outfit, tools, apparatus, trappings The steeplejack brought along all his tackle and made ready for his climb
Taint tint, scar, blemish, tinge, tincture, stigma, faultiness, flaw, scar, defect, disrepute, dishonour, black mark He suffers from the taint from his neighbours.
Tamper interfere, meddle, intermeddle, intrude, tinker, mess Anyone caught tampering with the machinery will be prosecuted.
Tangle knot, mesh, twist, entangle, snag, intertwine, interlace, interweave, jumble Tangle all those ribbons.
Taut constricted, tense, strained, hard-pressed, firm, hard His biceps are so taut like a brick
Tedious over-long, long-drawn-out, prolonged, endless, unending, monotonous, unchanging, changeless, unvarying, laborious, long-winded, wearing, wearying, wearisome, tiring, exhausting, fatiguing, tiresome, boring, dreary, dull, dry-as-dust, drab, colourless, vapid, insipid, flat, uninteresting, banal Bank jobs have become tedious these days.
Tenable defensible, supportable, justifiable, maintainable, workable, viable, defendable, plausible, reasonable, rational, arguable, believable, credible, creditable, imaginable, conceivable, possible Copernicus showed that Ptolemaic cosmology was no longer tenable
Tenacious Persistent, constant, determined, diligent, resolute, staunch, steadfast, unwavering, strong-willed, strong-minded, unshakeable obstinate, stubborn, unbending, immovable, inflexible, rigid, firm, unyielding, uncompromising Despite his age, Christopher maintains a tenacious grip on reality.
Tentative experimental, speculative, exploratory, probative, trial, provisional We have tentative plans for introducing a new work methodology
Tether lead, restraint, rope, cable, bond, strap, tie, chain Tether your smartphone to mine
Thrift Stingy, carefulness, frugality, thriftiness, tight-fistedness, miserliness, money saving. Only through our thrift were we able to save enough for a new car.
Torment agony, abuse, injure, mistreat, distress, excruciate, crucify, pain Hunger tormented his weary body
Torpid sluggish, slow, slow-moving, slow-paced, tortoise-like, lethargic, apathetic, indolent, passive, slothful, dull, stupefied, sleepy, somnolent, inactive, inert, languid, languorous, phlegmatic, spiritless, lifeless, listless The snail moves at a torpid pace.
Torrid burning, fiery, sultry, roasting, sweltering, broiling, sizzling, blazing, baking, boiling, blistering, scorching, scorched, parched It seemed impossible that any creature could survive in such a torrid climate
Totter waver, topple, falter, tremble, teeter, sway, rock, stagger, stumble, wobble, quiver, shake, quake, shiver, dodder He seemed to totter a bit as he left the pub
Trample trample on or upon, tramp (on or upon), stamp (on), tread (on), step on, crush, press, squash, flatten After the harvest, we would take turns trampling the grapes.
Tranquil calm, serene, placid, quiet, peaceful, still, smooth, halcyon, relaxed; unruffled, sedate, steady, regular, even, dispassionate, self-possessed, cool, self-controlled, cool-headed, unexcited, undisturbed, untroubled, unperturbed He often thought back to the tranquil, sultry summer days of his youth.
Transcend surpass, outstrip, exceed, go beyond, outdistance, overstep, outdo, excel, overshadow, top, outdistance, rise above, outshine, beat Her performance at La Scala transcended that of every other Mimi I have heard.
Transgression sin, trespass, offence, error, lapse, fall from grace, disobedience, misbehaviour, wrong, violation, fault, misdeed, misdemeanour, crime, wrongdoing, infraction How should he be punished for his transgressions?
Tremble shiver, shake, quake, jolt, quaver, flinch, vibrate, rock He trembled upon seeing a ghost.
Tremulous trembling, a-tremble, quivering, shaking, quaking, shivering, shuddering, quavering, hesitant, wavering, unsure, unsteady, faltering, doubtful, nervous, shaky, palpitating, jumpy His tremulous hands revealed just how apprehensive he was.
Trickle drip, drop, dribble, drizzle, run, flow, spill; ooze, seep, leak, exude The water trickled onto the floor
Truculent surly, sullen, bad-tempered, ill-tempered, unpleasant, nasty, obstreperous, rude, unpleasant, ferocious, fierce, savage, feral, barbarous, harsh, scathing, virulent, combative, belligerent, antagonistic, bellicose, hostile, contentious I don't care enough for this job to endure the boss's truculent attitude a moment longer.

Letter W

Word Synonyms Examples
Wad pad, mass, lump, clod, ball, plug, chunk, hunk, block, pack Over coffee James handed him a wad of notes.
Waddle toddle, shuffle, wobble or wabble, totter, paddle, pad, waggle, duck-walk He waddled down the road, a shopping-bag on each arm.
Wade ford, cross, traverse, walk, make one's way The water is only knee-deep, and you can wade across
Waffle equivocate, hedge, quibble, shuffle, tergiversate, hem and haw, prevaricate, Brit beat about the bush I wish he would stop waffling and say what he means.
Waft drift, float, blow, whiff, be borne or carried or transported The scent of jasmine wafted towards me on the warm breeze.
Wag upsurge, waggle, fluctuate, sway, swell, flutter, flap, flip, flicker, shake, vibrate, quiver, nod, wobble, waver Misty's tail wagged as I approached the house
Wage Often, wages. pay, compensation, emolument, remuneration, payment, fee, salary, stipend, recompense, reward, earnings; honorarium The strikers wanted a ten per cent increase in their hourly wage.
Waive give up, relinquish, renounce, resign, forsake, forgo, cede, sign away, surrender, abandon, yield, dispense with I waived my right to the inheritance in favour of my daughters.
Wallow roll or loll about or around, welter, writhe, tumble, splash or plash Now that Gabriel is a big rock star, he simply wallows in all the attention he is getting.
Wane decrease, diminish, grow less, lessen, decline, die out, abate, ebb, subside, fade (away), dim, taper off, peter out, wind down, weaken The waning moon cast its pale light on the dying knight
Wangle outline, work out, assembly, manoeuvre, plot, manage, deploy, hatch I hear that you were able to wangle an audience with the pope.
Wanting deficient, inadequate, not up to par or expectations, insufficient, leaving much to be desired, unsatisfactory, unsatisfying, disappointing, second-rate, inferior, poor, shabby, shoddy, flawed, faulty, imperfect, incomplete, unfinished, defective, patchy, impaired, damaged, broken, unsound What good is a banjo wanting its strings?
Warp twist, contortion, distortion, bias, deformity, deformation, bend, wrench, perversion, kink, idiosyncrasy, quirk, deviation Harry has to overcome a serious warp in his attitude towards food.
Whimsical quaint, fey, fanciful, odd, curious, unusual, chimeric(al), queer, singular, peculiar, funny, fantastic(al), pixyish, playful, puckish, absurd, preposterous pixyish, playful, puckish, absurd, preposterous, Colloq offbeat: When Andrew's whimsical drawings caught on they were bought by greetings card makers
Wield flourish, swing, brandish, wave, handle, use, employ He wields that machete as if he means business.
Wintry grim, dismal, miserable, monotonous, harsh, bleak, hostile, ugly, intimidating, ill-omened, aggressive, shadowy His comment about her age evoked only a wintry look from Margot.

Letter Y

Word Synonyms Examples
Yank jerk, jolt, tug, wrench, snatch, hitch Give two yanks on the rope when you want me to pull you up.
Yap gabble, babble, blither or blather, chatter, jabber, tattle, prattle, prate I wish she'd stop her yapping and give me some peace.
Yardstick measure, benchmark, criterion, standard, gauge, basis, touchstone, scale, exemplar We thought she sang beautifully, but then we had no yardstick against which to judge.
Yarn thread, fibre, strand, tale, story, account, narrative, anecdote; tall tale, fable, fabrication, fiction, cock-and-bull story The old salt had many yarns to spin during the long evenings by the fire.
Yearn long, pine, ache, hanker, itch, hunger, thirst, crave, have a craving, desire, wish, want, fancy, prefer I yearn to see the green-clad hills of home once more, Before my vessel bears me from this mortal shore.
Yell shout, scream, bellow, howl, screech, yowl, roar, bawl, caterwaul, squall, yelp I think I heard a yell for help.
Yeomanly workmanlike, useful, staunch, bold, loyal, keen, yeomanly, faithful, steadfast, trusty, stable, sturdy, reliable, solid Carruthers certainly did a yeomanly job on reorganizing the system.
Yield give up, surrender, give over, hand in or over, abandon, relinquish, renounce, cede, surrender, give up (the fight or struggle), give in, knuckle under, submit, cede, cry quits, throw in the towel or the sponge, capitulate, succumb, raise the white flag The captain of the enemy company asked if we would yield.
Yucky disgusting, repugnant, repellent, unappetizing, vomit-provoking, sick-making, ill-making, nauseous, nauseating, revolting, foul, mucky, revolting, beastly, awful We get this yucky mess at school that we call 'mystery meat'.
Yummy pleasant, mouth-watering, delicious, tempting, tasty, scrumptious, palatable At our school tuck shop we get the most yummy ice-cream.
Young youth, teenage, adolescent, pubescent, juvenile, minor, junior, unripe, inexperienced, green, inexperienced, childlike, innocent, guileless There are many young people in this room.

Letter Z

Word Synonyms Examples
Zany clownish, mad, wild, frolicsome, sportive, playful, gay, merry, slapstick, crazy, funny, comical, amusing, hilarious, absurd, nonsensical, ludicrous, silly, foolish, inane, wacky, loony, madcap, crackpot, nutty, goofy 1. The buskers put on the zaniest show I have seen for some time.
2. The two zanies kept the crowd in stitches while the pickpockets stole their wallets.
Zap destroy, kill, slaughter, annihilate, murder, slay, assassinate, liquidate, erase; shoot, electrocute, Slang rub out, polish off, knock off, bump off, snuff (out), waste, hit The baddies got zapped by the ray gun, one after the other.
Zealot fanatic, extremist, radical, bigot, maniac, militant We have to deal with ruthless zealots who are willing to die for their cause.
Zenith meridian, summit, acme, apex, vertex, apogee, high point, top, peak, pinnacle The dictator reached the zenith of his power very quickly.
Zest flavour, elation, delight, tang, pepper, ginger, tastiness, spiciness, edge, bite, flavour, eagerness, zestfulness, enthusiasm, appetite, interest, hunger, thirst 1. Put in a little of my home-made sauce to add some zest.
2. Where does Sidney get his zest for life?
Zone territory, province, realm, domain, precinct, department, terrain, circle, locality, locale, area, quarter, district, region, sector, section, sphere, belt 1. A duty-free zone will allow for quicker transhipment of goods.
2. The northern and southern hemispheres each have a frigid, temperate, and torrid zone.
Zoo zoological garden, menagerie, Tiergarten When my husband and the three children get ready in the morning the kitchen is like a zoo.
Zero zero in on. focus on, pinpoint, fix on, home in on, concentrate on, bring to bear on We zeroed in on the problem and then rapidly found the answer.
Zealotry intolerance, militants, terrorism, single-mindedness, fervour, frenzy, hysteria, obsession, racial obsessiveness, fanaticism, extremism, radicalism, Their attacks on innocent civilians show how far their zealotry can take them.
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