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IBPS Clerk Interview Experience - Engineering background

Hi friends 

I am Abhishek.I had my ibps clerk interview on 11th feb at 1 pm(afternoon session).
Name - Abhishek
Qualification - B. Tech in Electronics and Telecomm.
Centre - Bank of India Staff Training College,Noida.
Timing - 1 p.m.(panel 3)

I reached the venue at 12:30.My no. was 5th in the panel.Document Verification done by 2 pm.During document verification they gave us a plane sheet of paper and asked to write 4 or 5 lines on any topic in local language.Interview Started around 2:40(Finished in around 15 min)
There were 5 people in the panel(4 male and 1 female)

I greeted to all of them in the opening,was asked to take seat.

M1; asked about if i had given the interview for po or not?
Me; yes
M1; then asked about how was the po interview,what were the questions asked in the po interview.
Me; told them about it.
M2; He told me you are from communication background so tell me whats the use of optical fibre?
Me; Answered it.
M3: So do you play games,which is your favorite Sport?
Me: answered Cricket
M3: so then he asked an important event is coming up? do u know it?
Me: yes sir world cup is starting from 14th feb.
M3: Then he asked according to you which team is most likely to win this time?
Me: I told being an Indian I want India to win but I think seeing there recent performance its most unlikely that they will win.
M3: So which is the most balanced team according to you?
Me:I told South Africa.
M3: Again he asked where u think Indian team is lacking ?
Me:At that moment i started to think if this interview is for clerk in a bank or for some sports related job.Then I answered where according to me team India is lacking.
M3:If you choose an Indian dream team then which players will be included in it?
Me: I told i would like to open with Sachin and Sehwag.
M3: Sachin has taken retirement and Sehwag is not in the current team.From current players which player would you select for opening ?
Me: I told sir from current Players Rohit Sharma And Shikhar Dhawan.
M3: then finally he told others to ask.
M4:He Asked where are you from?
Me:told Darbhanga(Bihar).
M4: Then he asked who is the MP from there?
Me: Mr. Kirti Jha Azad(member of 1983 world cup winning team)
M4: Then he asked who is his father.He is also a famous person.
Me:Sir i don't remember right now.
M4:He is Mr. Bhagwat Jha Azad.So tell me your home town is in which part of Bihar?
why it is famous.
Me; Answered.
M5: He didn't ask anything, he was just observing.

Thank You
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  1. how many attempt is safer to crack ibps specialist officer?

  2. how much attempt is safer to crack so

  3. yaha par sbi associate exam ke question kyu post nahi kar rahe ho

  4. First of all i want to say thanks..
    Thank you raman sir..
    Name: Sindhuja
    Qualification: B.E(CSE)
    Category: OBC
    Venue: IOB Salem, Tamilnadu
    Date: 12.02.2015
    Time: 8.30 am

    Hello friends,

    I had completed my interview yesterday.I am sharing my complete
    experience here. hope it will be helpful to others. i had reached venue
    around 8 am. and there are totally 24 members in ma panel.. and i was
    22nd. so i was waiting for a long tym. they called me at 10.45am for
    document verification. after that they gave me 10 topics to write. and i
    choosed one then wrote it.(my topic is "favourite place"). then they
    verified my documents. and again i started to turn came only
    at 1.30pm :(
    bell rang!!
    i knocked the door!!
    may i come in sir...
    all the panel members told me to come.
    i wished them
    They too...
    Totally there were 3 males and 1 female. and 1 sir from engineering college( HOD)
    They were so jovial. So i didnt get tension.
    M1: tell me about ur self
    me: explained
    F: asked abt my college
    me: told
    M1: how will bank get income?
    me: intrest, transaction,insurance....
    But they expected some another answer. and i didnt know. so they told no problem and moved to another question.
    M2: what are the different types of loans?
    me: answered
    M1: say about agricultural loan
    me: some what explained
    M2: What are the types of insurance?
    Me: explained.
    Then the turn moved to HOD
    what are the different types of bus?
    partially answered.
    finally they gave me news papers to read.
    then they wished me all the best.
    the whole interview was around 10minutes. and the panel members are so helpful to remember the answers by giving clue.

    So dont worry friends..!!! hope it will be useful to you!! All the best..!!

  5. shivaprakash patilMarch 12, 2015 at 2:48 PM

    reply the english word

  6. I need short cut for PARA jumble


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