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IBPS Clerk Interview Experience - Venu Madhav

Place : Andhra Bank Building, Koti, Hyderabad

Time : 8.30 am

Panel : I

I reached the centre 10 minutes before time. As soon as I entered the conference hall, I was given a blank paper and was told to write a passage on any topic in telugu.Document verification was done at around 10 am, which was very strict. Around 11.15 am I was called for interview.

Took permission before entering and greeted the members (1 lady and 4 Men)

Ques. Opinion on Delhi Polls

Ques. What is bank?

Ques. What are the other sources of income to the bank?
Could not reply satisfactorily, but on hints I could answer.

Ques. Being an ex-serviceman, how do u find to get into all these interview process once again.
Replied that I take these as challenges, and enjoy facing them.

Ques. What is RTGS?

Ques. Incase you get selected, what do u want to become in future, a manager or a leader?
Replied with some humour. Everyone was laughing, and interaction on this went for 2-3 minutes.

Ques. There will be many youngsters who would become POs and have less knowledge, at times as a clerk one needs to report to them. How to do handle that?
Replied that no one is born knowledgeable, it is acquired with experience. Banking is a team job and will be part of the play.

Ques. Your passage is about the world cup, so what are India’s chances?
Replied. Some counter questions, which I replied satisfactorily.

Finally the lady handed me news paper for reading a passage. Two lines into that, I was stopped and the interview ended. The process took roughly 10 minutes.

I must say that I was extremely satisfied. All the members in the panel were laughing and enjoyed the interview. It was more like an interaction, and I can see from their faces that they were satisfied with my performance.

Waiting for April….

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