Time and Work - Shortcuts with examples (Video)

Today I am going to start free exam preparation series for all my readers. As I promised, everything will be free. 

If you want me to make more videos then subscribe me on YouTube here and share this video on Facebook. I will try to make more videos in next few weeks. I hope these videos will help candidates who just started their preparations and can't afford coaching. As many of you know that I provide free coaching to students in Ludhiana but right I am very busy with my new projects. So to avoid any hassle, I am uploading tutorials on YouTube. It's all free!!! No need to pay for DVD's. :)

In this video I solved all the problems related to Time and Work by efficiency method. To use this method you need to learn fractions upto 25. 

Read detailed Time and Work lesson here 

Above video is meant for beginners, if you think there is nothing new then it's not meant for you. I promise to make another video with advanced level questions.

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  1. sir, tussi great ho. giving free coaching !!!
    Hats off

  2. awesome work u r doing. thanks for d EFFICIENCY method

  3. You can be like a commercial bank but you are working as an RRB. Great Raman. Really Great. Hats off to you.

  4. i can explain time and work in much better and easy way than what the video showing ,through table method.

    1. Are you talking about this method link

      If you have some better method then please send me - monty.exe@gmail.com

      I would be very happy to publish that :)

    2. im talking about LCM method

  5. Great work Ramandeep. Waiting for rest of the topics :)
    It's really great to give these as free. Camera needs to be a bit more directed at board...

    1. Thanks for feedback Vineeth

      Actually there is nobody to setup everything. I recorded the video alone after that post-production is also very difficult.

      Many people here asked me to remove ads, but I am using those funds to to make this place better. I am not going to charge anything for these videos forever. Till now I purchased a camera, tripod, mic and a video editing software.

    2. As you told u provide free coaching... One of your students may help you for the set up or any other thing... If I would have been living there in Ludhiana , i would definitely love to help you...

  6. you know I am one of the bloggers who got inspired about blogging by you. Hats off man :)

  7. Sir the person in the video is you! Never seen you thats why asking.

  8. sir is there any chance of clerks interview...postpone...becoz banks on strike on 10,11th

  9. Thank You So Much For This job... :)

  10. Sir lots of thank for this method (T&W) i understood clearly.sir can you tell me what would b the expected cut off of S.O (marketing) 2014 as PO and Clerk went too down?

  11. Hi Raman Sir,
    Sir I m from Kitchlu Nagar, ludhiana.
    I want to meet you, sir. Can u give me ur address or phone? I have to discuss regarding an exam of Gadavasu PAU .
    pls reply sir.

  12. raman sir.. pls do reply me on tis: i got 61 marks in ibps po 3 n from obc category .. i had my interview on jan 5..
    at last one of the interviewer told my name n told tis "be careful n all the best" like tis sir.. wat does he mean from tis? i dont understand.. pls help me...is tat i wil be given very low marks? pls help me ,

  13. thanks sir,
    but i am having 1 question
    A can do 1/4 job in 3 days
    B can do 1/6 job in 4 days
    if they work together RS 180 is to be paid to them in total, how much A should get?

    A 1/4 = 0.25%
    in 3 days = 3/0.25 = 12

    B 1/6 = 0.16
    in 4 days = 4/0.16 = 25

    together work= 12+25 = 37 %

    now next step 180 rs paid= 180/37 = 4.86

    but ans is 120


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