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Arunachal Student killed in Delhi

Published on Sunday, February 02, 2014
In yet another shameful incident, A LPU(Jalandhar) student Nido Tania killed in Delhi. Nido was first year Btech student in LPU Jalandar and went to Delhi during vacations. His father is a politician in AP legislation.

What kind of society we are living in ? I saw many people here Ludhiana calling students from North East by names, more specifically "Chinky" and "Chinese". Imagine, if somebody calls you a Pakistani!! People call them by names just because of their looks.

I am a Sardar. Don't know why people consider this word as a joke and comedians consider our us as stupids and presents us as a goofy creatures.  I was bullied in my school.
There were 50 students in the class and 4 of them were Sikhs. Our classmates used to call us by names and used to make fun of us. Even today receive many abusive comments which directly aims my community. My classmates never accepted me and I never enjoyed my school as all do. 

After hearing this incident, I felt ashamed of our progressive and modern society. This incident is a slap on the faces of people who says "In India there is unity in diversity". What kind of diversity is this? A student was killed in the national capital because of racism.

I request all of you, never make racial comment.
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