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Strategies to crack IBPS PO and clerk exams

Published on Monday, April 22, 2013
After scoring 166 which could be higher I prepared for more than 2 weeks. It is really easy to qualify with good marks in both IBPS PO and clerk exams if you are good at choosing right questions for you and know you strong subjects. You need to clear sectional cut-off and score high in your favourite subjects, in my case it was Data interpretation part of quantitative aptitude and Computer awareness. I attempted almost every question for these sections. 
Today I am sharing some of my strategies without which it is very difficult qualify IBPS exams :-

1. Don't try to reach exact answer

I have many candidates who always try to reach final answer. Objective exams are meant for assessing candidates decision making ability, no one can solve 250 questions in 120 minutes. It's all about estimation, after reaching a point where you can estimate the answer, you need reject options which according to you are wide away from your expected answer. For example your expected answer is 145 and there are options 110,120,130 and 140. Obviously a wise student will choose 140.

2. Try to learn shortcuts and time saving techniques

Shortcut techniques are key to crack PO and clerical exams. As you know most of the students fails to crack because they don't have time to solve all questions. You need to learn shortcut techniques. Most famous shortcut techniques are Vedic maths and Alligations. You can give a look to my previous post on Alligations, you can cover this topic within 30 minutes. For vedic maths i recommend 2 books which you can find on our buy books section.

3. Learn to choose questions

No one can solve all questions and everybody have some strengths and weaknesses. Before appearing for PO exam, do your swot analysis to find out which topics you know deeply and which are the topics where you are not comfortable. Please keep in mind that there are sectional cutoffs, you can't leave too many questions from same section.

4. Read at least one book for each subject

Reading books and practice maximum number of questions is the key to success. You should read at least one books, always try to avoid all in one book where author collects questions on all subjects.These kind of books don't explain fundamentals which are key to success, candidates end up solving questions without knowing basic concepts and shortcut techniques. Check IBPS cwe Clerk iii books for clerk exam.

5. Never skip "Marks Rich" questions

In IBPS PO and clerical exams there are at least 25% questions which can be solved in fraction of seconds. For example in quantitative techniques questions of data interpretation where you need to interpret simple graphs and find out percentages and changes over years in frequencies. When comparing these questions with those difficult questions in reasoning section which takes too much time, its wise to solve these marks rich questions than satisfying your ego to solve difficult questions.

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