IBPS SO IT Officer Syllabus 2018

IBPS SO IT Officer Syllabus 2018
Today let us discuss regarding Specialist Officer. In general, banks recruit specialist officer in various categories like I.T. Officer, Agricultural field officer, Rajbhasha Adhikari, Law officer, HR / Personnel Officer, Marketing Officer. The exam pattern for this exam is different from the regular IBPS exams. In this article, I will purely concentrate on I.T Officer.


Subject Number of questions Marks Medium Duration
English 50 25 English 2 Hours
Reasoning 50 50 English and Hindi
Quantitative aptitude 50 50 English and Hindi
Total 150 125

Name of the test Number of questions Marks Medium Duration
Professional Knowledge 60 60 English & Hindi 45 minutes


1. Database

Database Management Systems (This is the most important section comparatively because a good number of questions can be expected from this section).
  • RDBMS 
  • Normalization
  • Overview of SQL Queries
  • E-R Diagrams
  • Transaction Management 
  • Data Constraints
  • Sequences and Indices
  • Data Directory 
  • Control structures
  • Database Triggers
  • Implicit and Explicit Cursors
  • DataBase Administration

2. Data Structure

  • Stacks 
  • Array
  • Graphs
  • Linked lists
  • Sorting

3. Computer Networks

  • LAN
  • MAN
  • WAN

4. Operating systems

  • Types of Operating Systems
  • Page replacement 
  • Process 
  • Thread
  • Memory Partition
  • Semaphore
  • File Concepts, Access Methods,
  • Distributed Operating Systems
  • Scheduling
  • Security and Threats Protection

5. Computer Organization & Hardware

  • Bus Structure 
  • Cybersecurity
  • Network security
  • Cryptography
  • Firewall
  • Risk Management

6. Web Technology

  • HTML
  • XML

7. Programming Language basics

  • C, C++
  • OOP- Object oriented Programming language

8. Data Communication and Networking 

This is another one where more questions can be expected.
  • Types of networks
  • OSI Model
  • TCP-IP model
  • Data Communication
  • IP Addressing
  • Network Security

9. Software engineering

  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Software Design and Maintenance 
  • Requirement Elicitation
  • Software development Models

Please make sure that you score as maximum as you can , Because professional knowledge would be the deciding factor in your selection.

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