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  1. Hi sir...i found this percentage trick is very helpful. but want to know how to apply on some kind of problems.....for example on the below problem
    A can do a piece of work in 7 days of 9 hrs each and B can do it in 6 days of 7 hrs each. How long they will take to do it working together 42/5 hrs of a day?

  2. Hi Manideep
    If you closely look at this article
    In the video I mentioned two methods first one by using percentages and second one by using triditional method.
    It is very difficult to find fraction of 1/56, so I recommend you to solve big fractions by fraction method only.

  3. A+B togather can do a piece of work in 12 days , which B+C togather can do in 16 days. After A has been working at it for 5 days and B for 7 days , C can finish it in 13 days . in how many days C can alone will do the work. plz solve this as simple as possible.

    1. Question is incomplete. A+C is also required to solve this question.


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