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4 Bank Interview Questions you must prepare

Published on Thursday, September 12, 2013
Getting a job in a bank is dream for many students. Even after scoring high marks in written examinations, many students fails to perform well in bank exams interviews. As salary is high in public sector banks and ratio of selection is very low, technical questions are asked for which candidates don't prepare themselves. Today I am sharing my bank interviews experiences. Further many candidates shared their experiences with me, so I am listing down the biggest and most frequently mistakes committed by candidates during bank exam interviews. 

Here are some common questions asked in interviews with answers :-

Tell us something about yourself ?

In almost 95% bank interviews, this is the first question. Remember the idiom "First impression is the last impression". This idiom also apply here. By answering this question you give a direction to the remaining interview. Interviewers will try to cross question you. For example, you answer this question as

My name Soumya Bhowmick. I have completed from Khalsa college, Ludhiana. I love painting. I was college topper. Right now I am working in a local call center as sales representative. My father is a business person. He is running a cosmetics store in Chaura bazar of Ludhiana city.
 This is one of the most common answer. Now from the point of view of an interviewer. What questions can interviewer ask :-

  • Are you trying to be a professional painter ? If no then why ? You love to do painting then why you want to work in a bank ?
  • Why you are working in call center ?
  • Why don't you join your father's business ?
Think before you speak. Be confident and be sure about what you are saying. Don't try to exaggerate your achievements.

Why do you want to work in a Bank ?

This is one of the most common question asked in bank interviews. Most of the times candidates preparing for bank exams like IBPS are not sure about this question. They spent most of their time in preparing for written exam and actually don't know why they want to work for a particular bank. Here is one of the most common answer :-

I always wanted to work in a public sector bank because it provides me sense of financial stability and growth prospectus. I will apply for JAIIB and then CAIIB. I will try to give my best performance.
This answer sounds interesting but cross questioning is an inseparable part of bank interviews. Now interviewer may ask following questions :-
  • What is JAIIB and CAIIB ?
  • Do you think scoring high marks in these exams ensures growth and promotion ?
  • You can get financial stability in private sector banks and further they better than PSU banks if you perform well, so why public sector banks ? 

Solve a case study

Most of the times interviewer will ask you answer basic question based upon a case. One year back when I appeared for Bank PO interview, I was asked :-

Suppose bank gave business loan to a company. How would you know that the funds were used for business purpose ? You just have documents and can't visit anywhere ? 

My answer was :- I should see auditor's report and company's balance sheet. Ask for clarifications from borrowers and match his clarification with his balance sheet. In case inadequate answer I will make physical verification.

Interviewer was not satisfied with my answer.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years

This is one of the most common question and answer to this question is very complicated. Many candidates will answer like this :-

I want to be at your place after five years.

Right now you are in your twenties and most of the times interviewers are in their fifties. They took thirty years to reach that position. How can you reach that position within five years. This answers seems to be unrealistic. Interviewer won't cross question you at this point but this would give a bad impression. Remember bad impression can fade your chances of being selected.

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