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How to crack a B-school Interview

Published on Wednesday, October 09, 2013
Getting admission into top-20 b-schools is not an easy task. Top-20 b-schools requires at least 700 scores in the GMAT test. After scoring 700+ score you need to perform well at interviews. Let's discuss how to perform well at interviews.

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GMAT interview tips

1) Make a perfect resume

The resume is the most important part of an interview. It makes first impression on the interviewer. While giving a college interview you should make sure the interviewer that you will be a good student and have potential to bring a good name to the institutions. Make sure that you mentioned your past achievements in the resume as achievements brings confidence about candidate's potentials.

2) Show them your blog

Nowadays everybody blog on various topics. If you blog regularly and your blog gets attention then it is wise to mention your blog on your resume. For sure the interviewer will ask about it and then you lead the interview process. There is high probability that you have better knowledge in the topic you are blogging about than the interviewer.

3) Prepare yourself for strange questions

As all we know that interviewers tries to confuse candidates with strange questions to test their patience and confidence. Prepare yourself to answer those silly questions. While giving interview at Boston I was asked which GMAT prep books I choose and why I choose them. They asked me to me justify that. Managers also need to justify all the expenses and they were checking that whether I have that skill. Luckily I purchased few books that were recommended by an old friend who was in Harvard and I took few free online test for my preparations.

4) What else you was doing except studies

This is the most common question asked in b-school interviews. I was blogging since my high school to make some money. I was asked this question that why you made a tech blog although you was doing degree in finance. I frankly said " Tech blogs were making more money than finance blogs and I was learning finance but I knew how gadgets work." Interview panel impressed by my answer. I was making good money from my blogs and affiliate marketing. I also made a GMAT test blog while preparing for GMAT test. Actually while preparing for GMAT, I sold books worth thousands of dollars via my blog.

5) Prepare answers of frequently asked questions

There are many questions which are frequently asked by interviewers such why you want to join this college ? why you want to do MBA ? Where do you see yourself after 5 years ?
These are some most common questions asked in a B-school interview. Prepare answers for these frequently asked questions. Don't try to copy from others, interviewer will get you. Try to find answers from yourself.

6) Stay updated

In B-school interviews, questions about your graduate degree is asked often. Most probably interviewer ask about recent trends in the industry you studied for example if you have completed graduation in finance then he might ask you about changes in taxation policy. Be prepared for that.

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