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How to Score high in Quantitative Section of GMAT Test

Published on Sunday, October 13, 2013
Quantitative section of GMAT test is consists of basically three parts Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry. These questions are scattered all over the session. You need to find tricks and strategies to solve questions quickly. One of the trick is using Alligation method, you can solve many types of questions too quickly using this method. I have already wrote an article about this method so I am not explaining it here.

Spend time on first 10 questions

Try to spend some time on attempting first 10 questions. Try to answer them accurately as the test algorithm determines the level difficulty of questions. It highly impacts your score. Officials says that as the candidate keep answering questions the algorithm updates itself and bring questions from database as per the accuracy of candidate.

Speed up your calculation speed

Speed matters a lot in GMAT exam. Solving 37 questions in 75 minutes is not an easy task. You should try to learn various shortcut techniques. You can buy this shotrcut tricks book although this is meant for middle school but the way it explains the problems with reasoning is really nice.
  • Learn tables
  • Learn square, square root, cube and cube roots of numbers up to 30. 
  • Learn shortcut techniques to solve questions quantitative aptitude questions
  • Solve soduko everyday, you can install an app on your smart phone for this.
  • Try to avoid use of calculators while doing normal calculations

Practice makes perfect

The more exam like questions you solve, better the chances that you score high. Try to solve some full length tests as in test you need to make decision regarding which method to use to solve various problems. Using too much formula in Geometry make a question complex, you should always try to use your logic and then if required use the formula. As I have mentioned in my previous article that by using Alligation method you can solve arithmetic, profit & loss, time & distance, time & work and various other types of questions.

Choose harder books

It is a well known fact to all that teachers always choose books that are easy so that it become easier to make students understand basic fundamentals. Actual GMAT test is harder. You can't score well if you don't follow extra books. I have already reviewed best GMAT books available in the market. One book that I highly recommend is Kaplan 800. I saw many unseen questions in this book and it is really tough. It improved my score by 30%. After completing Veritas course, I thought I am all set to give GMAT. Then I read a review about this book and ordered. It changed the way I think and help me understand the difficulty level of GMAT questions. There was no surprise factor while taking the actual test.

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