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How to attempt SBI PO Descriptive Paper

Published on Tuesday, July 14, 2015
On request of many readers, Today I am writing few tips for descriptive papers of SBI PO. Let's admit that you didn't prepare for descriptive paper at all and it is a fact that many candidates are rejected because they score really bad because of their performance in this section.

This section is further divided into four parts :-

  • Reading comprehension
  • Precis writing
  • Letter writing
  • Essay writing

Reading comprehension

In reading comprehension part, candidates are given a paragraph and questions are asked from this paragraph. Then few questions are asked from paragraph. Mostly the questions are asked about author's tone, title of paragraph, remedies, solution to a problem stated in paragraph etc. Many of the candidates unable to perform well because of following problems :-
Descriptive RCs are different from RCs in online exam as in Descriptive paper it will be subjective. There will be no options, you need to write answers yourself.


  • Understand the paragraph
  • Be Specific
  • Long answers won't fetch you high marks
  • Don't copy lines from paragraph, draft answers in your own language.

Precis Writing

In precis writing people just pick few lines from the paragraph and make it short. When you try to read it, it is simply not readable.

What is tested

  • Do candidate able to understand long paragraph and write in his own words.
  • Can candidate translate difficult words
  • Is candidate able to understand any kind of document and then explain it to their colleagues.
Must read

Letter writing

In this part format is very important. Many readers have misconception that long answers are going to fetch high marks but things goes in opposite way. Long letters fetches less marks as in long letters takes more time to extract information.

What is tested

  • Is candidate able to write formal letters?
  • Do candidate understand the format of formal letter and channels of written communication ?

Essay writing

This part is bit easier as there is no proper format and you have authority to write whatever you think.

What is tested

  • Is candidate able to deliver logical arguments ?
  • Is candidate aware about of current affairs ?
  • Do candidate have the ability to draft his ideas on paper?

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