10 Most Common Questions in IBPS interviews

First of all congratulations to all who passed in IBPS PO 2013. I am receiving many requests to share my last year interview experience and share some tips. Right now I am busy with writing a book on Quantitative Aptitude, but as I love to help my readers so today I am writing this post.

Before reading this post read How to prepare for IBPS interviews

IBPS Interview Questions

Why do you want to work in a bank ?

This is one of the most common question asked in every IBPS interview. You should answer like this 
PSU banks offer lot of stability and growth. I always wanted to work in a bank. I love to help others, so a bank is a best place for me.

Never say "there are no targets", although it is a fact but they expect young blood to bring lots of business.

Read my previous post 4 questions asked in Bank interviews to find detailed answers.

What you were doing during last 6 months ?

Many of you might be preparing for IBPS and other competitive exams, but interviewers don't want to listen this. As per them you were unemployed. Do some homework for this question, if your father have a shop or business then you can say "I was helping my father in his business". If you are an IT engineer then you can say I was working as a freelancer online while preparing for competitive exams. This is an important questions, this can effect your chances of gettng selected a lot.

What are various services provided by a bank ?

I already wrote a detailed post on this topic. Read Functions of banks.

Why value of rupee is going down ?

Why don't you go into IT/Biotechnology/Pharma sector (based your education background)?

This is the most common question, if you say like "Sir I am fed up of my current job, targets are too high". They are going to struck you out. Best and diplomatic answer to this question is :-
Sir, banking industry is growing day by day and there are lots of growth prospects every employee. I want to grow with the pace of banking industry. 

What are today's newspaper headlines ?

This is the most frequent question in IBPS interviews. I don't think this question need any explanation, so start reading a national newspaper everyday.

Can you work rural and far away places ?

Last year many candidates left their jobs for this reason (including me :p). Even there were 7 lac candidates, there are still unfilled vacancies due ti people like us who don't go for a job. This time I am sure they will ask about this, never say I can't go to Kerala or Kashmir, just say I can go anywhere. There is a rule that you can request for home city after 2 years of service.
Questions regarding financial terms and instruments ?

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  1. sir, what if i say that m working in a core company, then interviewer may think that the person is already working lets give chance to some one who is unemployed.although the person is not getting a good salary in current job.

    1. oh..., give me a break yar, say i would always wanted to work with a bank but due to some financial commitments i took that job and working.

  2. Sir good evening I am working in School as teacher and I passed Ibps Po this year.
    So what will they ask....
    Some clue..... plz share .......

  3. Hi sir.. Can you plz help me??
    I gave IBPS po 2 interview last year but couldnt clear it. I have done Mass Communication & Journalism..full time 3 year bachelors course from Delhi University. My education background is nowhere linked with banking industry so does it give any negative imppression? How do I convince d interviewers that this degree can also help in someway or the other in banking industry and that m equally capable as other candidates are.. Plz help sir!! M not able to thnk of any imppressive answer to why I left my field n chose banking sector..

  4. sir,
    I have lost my system generated application form of po 3. Will I be allowed to attend the interview?Plz reply...

    1. dont worry...........u can download it from ibps website.
      prepare for interview

  5. one who got 75 should poll in 70-75 or 75-80??

  6. Good Evening Sir
    I have got 67 in General Category. I am Working with Axis bank for past 1 month, Kindly guide me regarding preparation of interview. Should I join some Institute or should I Prepare on my own with the links you have provided for the books. I know I have to work hard to clear it because my score is poor. But I dont want to loose this chance. Kindly Tell me please.

    Thanks and Regards-

  7. Sir,

    Kindly throw some light on Newspaper also. What Newspaper should we use ?

    Thanks and Regards

  8. Sir, i scored 73 marks(general category)..I have a degree in journalism and mass communication. Could you suggest what i should say if they ask why i chose banking after completing a degree in journalism?

  9. raman sir pls tell abt all types of questions that can be asked from banking field in intrvw???????????....................and also that shall i hv to be thorough with my academic part???

  10. NOORI

    Hello sir, my PO scored 63 in SC category....n this is a safe score or not..? and
    can u tell me what is the highest score in SC category...? plzz tell me sir,bcoz i m soooo scared n i want some interview tips also...Sir plzzzzzz reply me

  11. Is IBPS po central goverment job ? Whether upcoming 7th pay commission applicable on po ???

    Thanks in advance.......

    1. No.....it is for Centre govt. employees.......for banks 6th pay commission is due...

  12. I am a mother of 2 children. the younger one is just born. I definitely want to be posted in mumbai where i live presently particularly because of my children. What would be a diplomatic way to convey this to the interview panel? or is there any way to get a posting in mumbai like preference of bank etc.,
    Thanks in advance

  13. Sir i have scored 79 in po -III...sir i am a graduate with bio as my main subject...will this create a problem for me...sir how should i prepare myself for interview so that i dont lose...as i need it

    Thank you

  14. Sir, I have completed MCA in 2011. Now I got 86 marks in IBPS-PO 2013-2014. If they asked what was doing in this meanwhile(2011 to 2013). What I have to answer this question. But in this time I was trying for job in IT department. But I couldn't get anything. And also if they asked about " How can useful your MCA qualification for BANKING INDUSTRY". What I have to answer this question. Please tell me sir... It is most useful to me...

  15. Sir, I have complete B.TECH in 2011. Now I got 71 marks in IBPS-PO 2013-2014. IF they asked what was doing in this meanwhile(2011 to 2013). what I have to answer this question.
    please tell me sir... it is most useful to me...

  16. can you tell what approximately last years interview marks

  17. Please give reply to about my post. I am from OBC category.

  18. Please replay to about post. I am from OBC Category.

  19. hi... usually which places do they send people to? I am a girl from Mumbai.. any chances of me getting in Mumbai itself? Or do they compulsorily send people out of their hometown?

  20. Hello sir in ibps clerk3 i scored 98 gen cat i have my int on 18 feb as i compltd my grad in 2011 aftr dat i am just preparing 4 exams nd a complete fresher nd have nt done pg if they ask abt job gap or y u have nt done pg then how am i supposed to justify them?

  21. hi i am from punjab..i passed my bcom in 2011..after that i did nothing...i was giving banking exams...but didnt get any interview call yet....i qualified but didnt get any interview call..so now i hv 3 years gap as i did nothin productive after bcom ....so this 3 year gap would be obstacle if in future if i vil give any interview...for bank..????

    1. Well u can tell u couldn't continue after BCom due to some family issues...nd after some gap u started preparation nd succeeded...
      Dey are NT dere to reject u bt just to confirm if you r smart nough to defend ur self

  22. i have three gaps after my bcom ...i am 2011 passed out....so will it be problem in interview for bank....as i did nothing productive in past 3 years....plss repyyy ????????///

  23. pls dnt give ibps if u r not ready to work only and only in rural areas...oldies wont leave city place nd so u would just be able to transfer urself after 10-15 years


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