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Curse of Reservation System in IBPS Exams

Published on Thursday, December 12, 2013
Today I am going to write on one of the most crucial topic in India. That is the "Weird Reservation System in India". No leader speaks about this issue because it impacts their vote bank. Many people are considering Mr Kejriwal as a saviour of India from corrupt system, but I want to ask a simple question -

"Millions of civilians are suffering because of this policy but still he never speaks about this issue. WHY?"

I have an answer - He don't want to lose his vote bank, after all he is also a politician now. He is going to Maharashtra now and soon he will diversify to pan India, but trust me he or any other leader will never speak about this issue because it hurts his/her vote bank. After all their children are not going to appear for IBPS, IAS, CAT or any other exam. They have enough money to send their children to US universities although many of them don't deserve it.

Lets talk about IBPS PO

First of all I am unable to understand this rubbish system. Why candidates who already have more than 50% reservation in jobs, can take away seats from General category candidates. In case a candidate from reserved category clears general category cutoff then he will be allotted seat in unreserved category. In IBPS PO II only 36% of the jobs were allocated to general category candidates. Give look to this data :-

reservation system in India

One strange fact that is running in my mind is remaining 47.5% are unreserved.

If there can be reservation of 52.5% for reserved categories then why can't be "47.5% seats reserved for general category?"

State bank of India started recruitment campaign for reserved category candidates. I ask one simple question from all of these policy makers, Why you believe in such philanthropy for a part of society. If you really want to improve something then make more schools and colleges for these people. You are just snatching rights of common man and dividing India for your personal interests.

I know this article won't make any impact on the reservation policy , further many readers who belong to reserved categories will stop following my blog, but that's what I think and I have right give my opinion. I would love to hear your voice in comments.

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