Expert Tips to prepare for IBPS interview - Sudhanshu Kumar

Hi readers, as the interview season is on we are coming out with Inspiring Strategies and interviews of senior banker, young banker and others.

It would immensely help thousands of us who are preparing for RRB PO, RRB Assistants and IBPS PO III interviews.

To start with the legacy lets read more about IMT Ghaziabad alumni, Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar who has left his well paid job for a banking career. I have asked him a lot of common interview questions, let’s read how he answers them.


Name: Sudhanshu Kumar

Educational Qualification :

  • VIT, Vellore – 2008 – Btech (Biotech) – 67% 
  • MBA – IMT, Ghaziabad – 67% 
Other Qualification :

  • CAT (2009) – 97 percentile 
  • XAT (2009) – 94 percentile 
Work Experience
  • TCS 
  • Investment Manager in Luteyans Habitat 
Welcome Sudhanshu, to, it’s really nice to have you with us.

Sudhanshu: Thanks a lot.

You are having a wonderful profile, then why would you like to work in Banking even after having an Engineering degree?

Sudhanshu : Banking after engineering was a tough choice as it’s not a natural course. But when I thought closely, Ii realized, Banking is no more same. It has a challenging orientation and it needs lots of innovation. I also realized that continuous development of India will need doubling our current base. This means huge potential and space for me applying myself in the field. Engineering has allowed me to have wider prospect of knowledge, analytically ability, innovative ability which I feel can be of huge benefit in banking industry. After thinking, it became a natural choice.

You have faced a lot of interviews till date, and must be preparing hard for your forthcoming RBI interviews. What’s your take on that how should one prepare, what approach should we follow?

Sudhanshu :  Best mean of preparation starts by knowing who you are. Unless you know yourself, you cannot sell yourself. Interview is all about selling yourself. Second identify what they want. And then lead them towards your strength area. Do not volunteer answer for your weak areas and always try to tell them about areas you are strong at, so interview hovers around your strength.

Your idle person as a source of inspiration. Any tip for our readers.

Sudhanshu : Sachin Tendulkar for his dedication and passion for goal. He is true reflection of why you need to love things you do. Believe in yourself. You cannot make others to believe in you unless you do it yourself.

Your advice for Banking Aspirants, to convert interview into final selection.

Sudhanshu : This is your last chance based on current score. Take it as your life and cover all current topics in banking. If you are having work experience then prepare how you managed to do justice to your employers and if you are a fresher prepare how your skills that you have imbibed through your educational and professional qualification can be used in banking domain.

Indeed a nice way to answer sir. Thanks a lot for having a word with us. Wish you all the best.

Sudhanshu: Same here, it was nice talking with you.

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  1. i had done PGDM with Finance as Major and Marketing as Minor in 2012 ai i eligible for IBPS specialist officer exam or not kindly help me out in this i am confused whether i can fill the form or not

  2. Hi Ramandeep
    Your suggestion of buying India 2013, converted into waste of money for me. Sir, do you know how outdated it is, it contains October 2012 information. It does not have Current Affairs, no Banking even. Dude atleast it should have been updated Railway Ministers etc so many things have changed, now how can I read this book. Dude please check the edition before recommending anything. Moreover we are preparing for IBPS PO Interview not for IAS interview that we need to read a 1200 page book and it can't be covered even in a month's time and thers is no need as well. Guys better buy Partiyogita Darpan or Banking Service Chronicle. I doubt your Barons of banking as well now.(which I have ordered already ). Please think n suggest, its a wastage of not only money but one book as well because it doesnot have current affairs not even Banking then why should I read it. Now please don't reply on it "thanks for your valuable feedback" because this should have been done by you before recommending it here.

    1. Akant you can't blame me for this. I have both of these books and I like them. I just gave my suggestion, you didn't pay me anything for taking the suggestion, you are reacting as a customer. I just gave my suggestions, I don't care whether you use it or ignore it. I love "Barons of baking" and further India book is published by Govt of India. If you don't like these books, simply donate them. I do the same when I don't like any book.

      and "NO THANKS" for such kind of feedback

      Ramandeep Singh

    2. I am agree with you raman sir as we know diffrent people have diffrent thinking n so are their likings so i think 1 thing might be useful for someone but it might be meaningless for others so before buying a book you have to chek the book yourself that u are able to comprehend the book n how much time it will take to cover you that book raman sir is just sharing his experience he is not forcing anyone to buy it we can have overview of books as we all have internet so Akant you can not blame raman sir for your mistake and by doin this u r demeaning the sincere n earnest effort of raman sir .

  3. sir what should i do if my college didnt issue my consolidate marks sheet by the time of interview pls answer

    1. You need it and interviews are going to held in first month of January, so make it quick.

  4. HI Raman I am selected for PO interview
    and I have done BE in 2007 and have 4
    years experience but i didn't mention this
    on my application for PO
    . Now if i want mention this it would be
    right or not and if not mention this the
    big question they will ask me is what are
    you doing from last 6 years.
    Please guide me what will i told them so
    that they consider me.

    1. You should mention that as you will get an extra advantage for that. Else you need tell them what you were doing in last 6-7 years as it is a big time.

  5. Hello Ramandeep,

    I want to know your score in IBPS PO 3 and what strategy according to you is important during interview if the interviewer counter questions the candidate?

    Keerti Kumari

  6. Sir, I got 75 in obc category. I have completed my ba economics fron eiilm university in 2012. My college have not issued final degree till date, they told that they will issue it next year. I have all the marksheets and provisional certificates. Do they ask for my final degree?? Kindly reply me. Thanks in advance.

  7. Dear Ramandeep Sir,
    My name on Academic certificates is 'Nihal Kumar'. While filling up IBPS PO application I wrote it 'Nihal Mishra' instead (by mistake). I found this mistake after reaching my interview venue and out of stress i couldn't give my best but still managed to score 84. Now i m concerned about it. What should i do now? Will i be Disqualified ?
    Please Reply.
    Eagerly Waiting..
    Any response will be highly appreciated..

  8. Dear Sir, I have received my Graduation consolidated marks sheet from the college but My College hasn't issued the certificates yet and they will take some months for it. Will just the Marks sheet will be enough or will i be asked to produced the certificate as well ?
    Requesting for your guidelines..

  9. actually i think u dont know any thing................

  10. Dear raman,
    i completed my in 2004, 2.5 years worked as a teacher, 5 years abroad(gulf), now i got po3 (83 marks)
    obc category, so these things make any impact in interview?(+ve or -ve) kindly reply

  11. Dear Sir,
    I have secured 92(General) in IBPS PO 3.I am an MBA(Finance) and I have 1.5 yrs experience in a tea garden .I left that job around 7 months ago and started preparing for Bank Exams. How much will it affect my chances?? Kindly suggest what can be my answer as this question will surely come up in the interview.
    Thanks and Regards

  12. I have scored 82 marks in PO3 (GEN) Is this a good score? I was looking through all the comments in various posts here and many want to know whether their score is good or not. It would be helpful if you wrote a post about the average marks in each category.

    Best regards

  13. Well this is strange to ask, but I am asking. I hardly know anything about banking neither m going to go through it as I am focusing on something else can I crack the interview just by my common sense. I am an general guy with 74 marks..

  14. Sir i haven't received my provisional certificate yet but received my 3yr marksheet ,is that definitely required plz reply.

  15. sir,
    if they ask me how my mba study is going to help me if at all i get selected in bank what should i reply?

    kindly rep sir is my mail idn

  16. hello sir the books which u referred (barrons) does it cover full detail like how is crr calculated and all i have see some interview of ibps they have ask this in detail manner so was asking . i have done engg (cs) so know few things of banking and economy. and also tell me if i have done engg in cs is it have negative impact on interviwer as i m not commerce background. feeling scared help me.

  17. Is there any cut off for interview below which you fail no matter how good score in written exam? Please sir reply soon..

  18. sir,
    i have a doubt regarding documents required. i lost my 7th sem marksheet. is it necessary for interview. please reply me what are all the necessary documents needed.

  19. Hi Ramandeep,

    Thank you for the post. Its really helpful. Just needed some more insight. I am an B.COM and MBA (FINANCE 2012). I started doing job in April 2012 (BANGALORE) and left it in Nov 2012 because of my marriage and had to shift to Hyderabad. Now I can do job in Hyd only. I got 100 marks in general category in IBPS PO III. So what should I say in interview if they ask the question that can you work anywhere in India? Is there a norm in public sector banks that they give postings to married women at place where her husband is working? Please reply soon.


  20. Sir, I have provisional degree certificate do I need original degree certificate for ibps interview

  21. sir will they allow me if i submit duplicte consolidated marks sheet signed by principal saying original is not issued yet n information provided is true?(i have all semister wise original marks list).
    sir i have XAT exam on 4th is said that interview from 2nd jan. is it means that interview date 4 us will be given in my call letter
    please answer sir u are the only person who can help me

  22. hai i completed my (computers) in 2009 and m.b.a in 2011 and i did some jobs from last year i have been preparing for competitive exams how these effect on interview
    and i scored 68 in gen cat what r my chances in interview


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