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Expert Tips to prepare for IBPS interview - Sudhanshu Kumar

Published on Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Hi readers, as the interview season is on we are coming out with Inspiring Strategies and interviews of senior banker, young banker and others.

It would immensely help thousands of us who are preparing for RRB PO, RRB Assistants and IBPS PO III interviews.

To start with the legacy lets read more about IMT Ghaziabad alumni, Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar who has left his well paid job for a banking career. I have asked him a lot of common interview questions, let’s read how he answers them.


Name: Sudhanshu Kumar

Educational Qualification :

  • VIT, Vellore – 2008 – Btech (Biotech) – 67% 
  • MBA – IMT, Ghaziabad – 67% 
Other Qualification :

  • CAT (2009) – 97 percentile 
  • XAT (2009) – 94 percentile 
Work Experience
  • TCS 
  • Investment Manager in Luteyans Habitat 
Welcome Sudhanshu, to, it’s really nice to have you with us.

Sudhanshu: Thanks a lot.

You are having a wonderful profile, then why would you like to work in Banking even after having an Engineering degree?

Sudhanshu : Banking after engineering was a tough choice as it’s not a natural course. But when I thought closely, Ii realized, Banking is no more same. It has a challenging orientation and it needs lots of innovation. I also realized that continuous development of India will need doubling our current base. This means huge potential and space for me applying myself in the field. Engineering has allowed me to have wider prospect of knowledge, analytically ability, innovative ability which I feel can be of huge benefit in banking industry. After thinking, it became a natural choice.

You have faced a lot of interviews till date, and must be preparing hard for your forthcoming RBI interviews. What’s your take on that how should one prepare, what approach should we follow?

Sudhanshu :  Best mean of preparation starts by knowing who you are. Unless you know yourself, you cannot sell yourself. Interview is all about selling yourself. Second identify what they want. And then lead them towards your strength area. Do not volunteer answer for your weak areas and always try to tell them about areas you are strong at, so interview hovers around your strength.

Your idle person as a source of inspiration. Any tip for our readers.

Sudhanshu : Sachin Tendulkar for his dedication and passion for goal. He is true reflection of why you need to love things you do. Believe in yourself. You cannot make others to believe in you unless you do it yourself.

Your advice for Banking Aspirants, to convert interview into final selection.

Sudhanshu : This is your last chance based on current score. Take it as your life and cover all current topics in banking. If you are having work experience then prepare how you managed to do justice to your employers and if you are a fresher prepare how your skills that you have imbibed through your educational and professional qualification can be used in banking domain.

Indeed a nice way to answer sir. Thanks a lot for having a word with us. Wish you all the best.

Sudhanshu: Same here, it was nice talking with you.
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