IBPS Interview Experience - Srijan Chakrabarty

Heye readers, we all must be preparing well to put our best foot forward in interviews. Well continuing with our Interview Series today we have Delhi University Hons Graduate Mr. Srijan Chakrabarty currently working in SBI as Assistant Manager in Loans and Advance Section.

Name: Srijan Chakrabarty
Organisation: State Bank of India (December:  2010 onwards)
Designation: Assistant Manager
Educational Qualification
10 th – CBSE – 89%
12 th – CBSE – 88%
Bcom (Hons) – Delhi University – 65%
Banking Qualification
Other Qualification
Company Secretary
CAT – 2010- 97 %ile

Me: Welcome to bankexamtoday.com, it’s amazing to have you with us.
Srijan: Thanks buddy

Me: Well, you are already working in SBI for past 3 years, so how has been the journey. Can you briefly describe such that the banking aspirants can come to know, how it will be for them in initial years.
Srijan: The meaning of term 'Banking' has changed a lot in the last few years. Earlier everyone had the perception that its one of the most comfortable jobs to serve in a PSU bank, carrying no job risk and having job security.

However, in the last few years, call it because of competition or change in management stance, PSU Banking has included many areas which vary from traditional banking. As far I am concerned, I have enjoyed it a lot so far but also I have been unhappy with many of the instances where the management has taken incorrect actions on a whole.

In the initial years, if you enter the PSU banking arena as a PO, the first 2 years will be your probation years. You will have training at different branches as well as different training institutes situated all around the country (only for SBI I am talking about). This is the golden period. This is the most enjoyable time and one shouldn't miss the learning phase. It’s just like a hostel life for 2 years.

Me: Wow, that’s nice. It seems quite a challenging profile. Srijan, can you share your interview experience with us that was conducted way back in 2010.

Srijan: My interview was held on 30th Sep, 2010 at State Bank Learning Centre, Noida. It was to be held in the morning session for me.

In the GD we had the topic of,"Applicability of Gandhian values in the 21st Century". A group of 10-15 were made.

I was interviewed by 5 Gentlemen, 1 of whom was a CGM from Mumbai and another was a CGM from Bangalore. 1 was a retired bureaucrat who was an IFS, 1 of them was from RBI (and he was a Bengali), and another I don't exactly remember.

I was asked about my previous work ex, my aspirations, my future plans, why I should be selected as an officer in SBI etc.

The Bengali gentleman asked me about little Bengali cultural stuff, literatures and movies, about which I was clueless as I never had been in that culture, mostly being a North Indian.

I was asked about Rural India then, a mathematical question, few GK stuffs with respect to Chhattisgarh (from where I belong to). Also about my father and his job. My siblings.

At the end I was asked to wait, and suddenly they asked me to go. I don't know what happened.

The interview lasted for about 20-25 minutes.

Me : Wonderful, you have such a sharp memory. Srijan, what are your suggestions and tips to aspirants who will be now battling IBPS PO Interviews

Srijan: I would suggest to all the aspirants going for interviews -
  • Be true to yourself and be honest in answering questions 
  • Don't beat around the bush if you don’t know any answer. Learn to say I DON'T KNOW with confidence. 
  • Always remain polite and never show your anger or bring out your rude side. The tone should be requesting tone. Use of words like Sorry, Kindly etc should be there 
  • Don’t speak for long, never interrupt the interviewers 
  • Keep smiling and remain determined. 
  • Keep the pitch of your voice normal 
  • Don’t get nervous at all. 
Also, prepare well for your background, about your future plans, information about the place you come from, about your university, favourite subjects, hobbies.

Wonderful tips, truly helpful. A simple question,

With such a brilliant profile at the start of your career and the accolades that you have achieved during your tenure in SBI, you must be a blue eyed employee of your organisation.

Me : So u must have interacted with senior official of SBI, so what are they look for in a candidate during interview.

Srijan: “They have only one thing to say, “We have already tested candidate's knowledge through the written test. During interviews we look for honest candidates with a good temperament.”

Me: So “Honesty is the best policy” sticks with us even during interviews.

Srijan: Yes. And even if one wants to add up or be untrue, he should be smart enough to do that. But generally over smartness pays. They don't like over smart candidates

Also never argue with the interviewer. Even if u do, do it holistically or politely disagree

Me : A finally word from you for our readers.

Srijan: Believe in Yourself. This interview is not the end of the road. Optimism is the key.

Me : Thanks a lot Srijan for taking out time. It was really nice interacting with you.

Srijan: Same here. Thank You.

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  1. sir my name is arun, I had been working in mechanical field in last 3 years, I haven't specified about it in the application for ibps po3, because it is not required for a job in bank, is it a problem in interview?

    1. There are tonnes of candidates like you, so don't worry.

  2. sir selected in ibps po..bt marks z nt gud enough.....sir i wanna prepare now in a very strict nd disciplined manner for sbi po,,,.......sr just will need ur usefull nd motivating articles through my preparations ....plz give me a time plan hw 2 go fr it..nd any idea when sbi po exams will be conducted

  3. Sir, I have 3+ year of experience in fci ag3 . recently I qualified for ibps po exam.i am not mention experience at the time of online registration.how can modify?at the time of interview what will I say about this issue?

  4. hello sir plz tell me exact difference between no frill account and zero balance account

    1. Hello Neha!
      Technically there's not much difference between both the accounts. No Frill account is simply a kind of Savings account for those people who are not connected to the Banking services and has been introduced as a part of Financial Inclusion directive of RBI. It requires liberalised KYC norms for opening the account, with certain stipulations like Max credit in a day being 10,000/- , max balance 50,000/-, limited withdrawals and deposits, no cheque book services etc..

      Zero Balance account, on theother hand, are simply those accounts which has no stipulation for maintaining a minimum balance. In SBI< now all savings accounts are like Zero balance accounts as they don't require any minimum balance to maintain and can be opened with zero deposit.

      I hope have answered your query!

  5. Both are one and the same buddy. 'No frill' account is the one which is widely popularised under RBI's financial inclusion act. This no fill account now has been renamed as BSBDA(Basic Saving Bank Deposit Account). In this account, the account holder need not maintain any balance. That's why it is called zero balance account.

  6. Sir, I have been called for the interview in IBPS PO 3 score-75 gen. I am worried that I a have gap of two years after B.TECH 2011. Though in the mean time I was preparing for various gov exam but was unable to get selected. What should i say for this years gap when the interviewer asks? (waiting 4 ur rply sir....pls rply)

  7. Sir ...i have done diploma in banking and finance (JAIIB) from IIBF. Will it fecth me some extra marks in common.interview ?? My score 70....general category.

  8. sir i got 80 from gen category i am pursuing 5 years integrated mba after intermediate so i will get my certificate at the end of course only i am in the final year and course will end in may 2014 but in interview they are demanding for graduation certificate what should i do sir pls suggest feelind tensed

  9. I have interacted with Mr. Srijan Chakrabarty on a Facebook forum. Not only he has a good knowledge of banking, but he also seems to give you apt advice. His witty comments on various posts are worth mentioning! Thank you Mr. Srijan.

  10. sir,I have scored 90 in ibps po 3.what are the chances of being selected?
    also plz tell me on what basis they are calling the candidates in sense of dates and venue


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