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IBPS PO and Clerk Interview Topics

Published on Sunday, December 29, 2013
Lots of readers are asking about what to and how to prepare for upcoming PO interviews. Today I am sharing 8 hot topics that interviewers can ask in interviews.
  1. Section 377 - Same sex marriages are illegal in India now 
  2. Functions of banks
  3. Devyani Khobragade case - Do you think Devayni was right ? She adhere to Indian laws while living in USA.
  4. Do you think Kejriwal will bring revolution to Indian politics ? If yes then how ?
  5. How banks can ensure safety of its customers security at ATMs ?
  6. What is the future of banking industry as more and more people are using Internet banking ?
  7. Do you think all social activists should become politicians after Kejriwal's success ?
  8. How India can tackle inflation ?

How to answer these questions

Give your opinion

Goal of these questions is check whether you have skill to make sensible opinion or not and whether you can take a stand for your opinions. You need to give your ideas along with facts. Don't make your answers long and boring. Just reply to whatever is asked.

Stay updated and read more

Stay updated by reading more and more. As by reading more you will have more facts to support your opinion at the time of interview. Read Indian Express or Th Hindu, whichever is easily available. 

Last but not least, complete your documents. IBPS officials quickly disqualify candidates with incomplete documents. Read my previous post to know more.
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