IBPS PO and Clerk Interview Topics

Lots of readers are asking about what to and how to prepare for upcoming PO interviews. Today I am sharing 8 hot topics that interviewers can ask in interviews.
  1. Section 377 - Same sex marriages are illegal in India now 
  2. Functions of banks
  3. Devyani Khobragade case - Do you think Devayni was right ? She adhere to Indian laws while living in USA.
  4. Do you think Kejriwal will bring revolution to Indian politics ? If yes then how ?
  5. How banks can ensure safety of its customers security at ATMs ?
  6. What is the future of banking industry as more and more people are using Internet banking ?
  7. Do you think all social activists should become politicians after Kejriwal's success ?
  8. How India can tackle inflation ?

How to answer these questions

Give your opinion

Goal of these questions is check whether you have skill to make sensible opinion or not and whether you can take a stand for your opinions. You need to give your ideas along with facts. Don't make your answers long and boring. Just reply to whatever is asked.

Stay updated and read more

Stay updated by reading more and more. As by reading more you will have more facts to support your opinion at the time of interview. Read Indian Express or Th Hindu, whichever is easily available. 

Last but not least, complete your documents. IBPS officials quickly disqualify candidates with incomplete documents. Read my previous post to know more.

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  1. Thanks raman sir for the above post.its really helpful.It will be very helpful if you can throw light on the evaluation parameters in po interview,does work exp.carry marks?
    plz reply soon,as interview is knocking at the door

  2. is character certificate is essential for general candidate in the interview it is not mention in admit card

  3. Hi,

    In your 1st point, it should be 377-Same sex marriages are illegal in india.
    370 - it grants special autonomous status to Jammu and Kashmir.

    Sp please correct it so that there shouldn't be any confusion to the readers.

    1. Article 370 of Indian Constitution gives Special Status to Jammu & Kashmir.
      Section 377 of Indian Penal Code deals with Acts against Nature.

  4. you have mentioned same sex marriages as section 370, but i think It is section 377 of IPC.

  5. I think its section-377 of IPC which criminalises homosexuality..
    article-370 is related with J&K special rights..

  6. Respected sir
    i have got 91 marks in po3 general. How is my chances ??? and i have one more doubt for u that since i graduated this year on 19 june my result arrived but it is not mentioned in my marksheet and also not on provisional degree. So what i did is i got it written from my college bcoz result issuing authority in my case is my college itself . Is it more than enough or i have to do something else to prove my eligibility.Regards

  7. sir, as per my 10th certificate my name is katari gowtham and in ibps call letter it is gowtham katari . katari is my surname . is it okay ???

  8. Mr.Ramandeep,
    i have a small important doubt...i dont have my full name in my ID proof for IBPS P.O-2013 ..will that be a problem in the upcoming interview...????? PLEASE ANSWER ... ANY SOLUTION TO IT...

  9. In AP, names are recorded as X Y where X is surname and Y is the first name i.e, given name., so all my certificates have my name in that order. As IBPS asked first and last names explicitly, my names comes about as Y X in the application. Also I have ID proof as Y X. So should I carry an affidavit to the interview with me or is it not needed as there are no spelling mistakes/shortened abbreviations in my name given in the application?

  10. Hi Ramandeep sir,
    In interview they ask a common question in starting "Introduce yourself" What should the ideal answer of this question. Pls give some examples...

  11. Hello Ramandeep, i want to ask you some questions commonly asked in interview...please provide me some answers for the same......why banks after B.E......use of an engineer in banks.........and why banks are preferred over post offices for savings account..

  12. By the way Same sex marriages are illegal by Section 377 not 370 as stated in the first point only RamanDeep

    Section 370 is about Jammu & Kashmir ..~


  13. sir, i am from ap. applied for apgvb. but there is no option like interview centre in the application.
    but some of my friends have that option in thier application forms.
    what should i do now? plz reply me sir.

    1. Same happened to me also
      Im also from AP
      The very first day I've applied for office assistants then I found center option
      But 4 days back I've applied for officer scale 1 but while I was applying for dis there is no center option
      I think this is a bumper offer to the people who have applied in early days of notification

      No problem they will choose ur center :-P
      By the way what's ur score?

  14. Hello Sir,
    How to handle these question? Can you please give the answer for que no 6 ?

    1. As more and more people are using Internet banking, banks requires less branch staff and more back-end staff. There is a strong need of skillful IT officers and developers who can make the system secure and reliable.

  15. hii ...i have done B.tech and i want to ask u that..i have misplaced my 6th sem dmc but i have provisinal degree as i hv not got original degree till now…so it will cause any problem during interviews?…and i hv also written the wrong date of passing graduation as it was 28 june but i wrote 1 june so i want to ask u that it will cause any problem??

  16. i completed my bteh in 2009 and worked for a start up company but left due to my personal reasons ,i dont have any experience certificates and i did'nt mention any experience in application now how should i answer for what i did all these days

  17. sir what factors can rise a hope for score below 65 cause 80+ in interview will not a easy task. So it would just be a gettng a experience chance for at least 30% crowed.

  18. Sir pls give ans for 5,7,8plsss sir

  19. sir plz give ur valuable answers for above questions sir

  20. really am surprised by the interview.....
    nothing to worry about interview...be cool

    please ensure that u have all semester mark sheet. that is necessary there.


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