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NICL AO Exam - Worst Exam Administration

Published on Monday, December 16, 2013
NICL is known for bad exam administration, this fact was proved in last last exam when question paper was leaked in Patna centre. In Ludhiana centre candidates were using their cell phones as I revealed in my previous post my exam experience.

I thought this time NICL will learn a lesson from their previous mistakes but they proved that they are not here to learn from mistakes. I appeared for NICL AO in Ludhiana. Examination centre was 3 kilometers away from my home and I never heard for that school, just how difficult it was for candidates who were coming from another cities. It was "Gyan Vidya Mandir - Ludhiana", I am unable to find this school in Google Maps. I was shocked to see that this kind of schools still exist in Ludhiana. Although I am not convent educated and went to a Government School (PAU Ludhiana), but I find Government schools much better than this school. This school was looking like a poultry farm just leave it as it's not my agenda here.

Strange things I noticed

Wrong questions and options

There were at least 10 wrong questions and answers in the exams. I still remember a simple equation, answer was quite clear but it was not in options. I thought its my mistake but after 5 minutes a candidate raised this problem to invigilator and then many other raised same problem. Invigilator clarified that many other candidates faced the same problem in the morning session and the coordinator will fix this issue.

Here comes the coordinator, a dashing gentleman in his late 40's, but his clarification was not so dashing. He said mark any answer and you will get marks if you attempt the question. It was a good news for all but after few minutes I found there were 10 wrong questions. Should mark answers for all of them ?

Exam was really very easy but I was confused whether to mark answers for wrong answers or not.

School kids were serving water

While in the exam I noticed a strange thing, school didn't have any staff. School kids were serving water, providing answer sheets, tea and all that stuff. NICL authorities standing knew all the facts but they acted as "Three Monkeys of Gandhiji". I felt ashamed to see all that stuff but I was helpless. It was Sunday and many students were in the schools. Don't you think NICL authorities could add a clause "No student of the school should be present in the school on exam day". I don't think school authorities would have any issue to follow this clause but NICL authorities don't want to take any responsibility.

Suggestions for NICL 

  • Proofread the question papers twice.
  • You should conduct online examination instead of offline mode. Cost of making an application is less than INR 3 lac and I think you have collected much more than that.
  • Don't try to save money while choosing examination centres as it costs a lot to candidates
I am going to mail this post to all NICL examination governing board members but I don't they are going to make any reply. As they already know that they are committing lots of mistakes while conducting the exam. 
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